Auto-Summarize of Unedited Copy of MEMORY!

I'm going to start with doing this in 20 sentences. [pause] Having done so, I can now officially state that this is my best Auto-Summary EVER!


Oona. “Oona!            “Oona?            “Oona.             “Oona!            “Oona?            “Oona.             “Oona?”             “Oona! “Oona.”          “Oona?”          Oona. “Oona!             “Oona?            “Oona?            “Oona!”             “Oona!”           “Oona.”           “Oona!”           Oona. 

That is genius! Now, in "100 words or less", we've got:


Oona. “Oona!            “Oona?            “Oona. Oona laughed gratefully.

            Oona finished reading.           “Hello, Oona. “Oona!            “Oona? Oona laughed suddenly. Oona laughed.

            “I’m Oona. Oona groaned. Oona smiled happily.      “Well done, Oona. Oona shrugged. Finally – Oona’s turn.

            “Oona. “Oona, you’re mad. Oona’s heart plummeted. Oona argued.            “Oona?”          “Oona! “Oona.”             “Oona, I’m sorry.”      “Oona?” Oona paused.           Oona. Oona replied briefly. “Oona! “Oona?             “Oona?            “Oona!”           “Oona!” Oona scowled.

Oona sighed.   “Oona.” Oona’s smile vanished.

            “Oona!” called Ella. Oona shivered.   “Oona!” “Oona, what’s happening?   “Oona, please.” I’m Oona. Oona nodded. Oona shrugged. Oona grinned.        “Change!” called Oona.          Oona ignored it.

Oona continued.

            Oona. Oona pouted.

Do you know something? I think this character might be called Oona.

The End

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