Auto-Summarize of Unedited Copy Of LEGACY!

So, in 33 words:

Kian nodded.

            Kian gasped.

            Kian awoke.           “Kian! Kian groaned. “Kian! Kian smiled.

Kian nodded. Kian smiled fondly.     “Lord!             “Kian. “Kian!             Kian nodded. Kian whispered. Kian smiled suddenly.         “Kian? Lord? Kian nodded. “Lord!”

Anyone would think I had only one character! Hee hee :) Now, this time I'm going for 1%-ish which is around 600 words. I think you'll find it amusing anyway, even if it takes a while to read.

            Nodding, Kian set off.           “Yes, Lord,” said Kian nervously.      “Your … house?” said Kian. Kian muttered that it was nothing. Kian shook his head. Kian’s eyes grew wide as comprehension hit. Kian was lost and said so. Núadu smiled.

            Of course Kian remembered the Don Dorcha. Kian interrupted, confused. Kian nodded.

            Kian muttered something inaudibly.

            Kian gasped. Kian was despairing.     “Yes, Lord,” said Kian. Kian nodded meekly. Kian was astounded.

            Kian was sweating. Kian could look no longer. Núadu’s belt.

“No!” shouted Kian.   Kian awoke.           “Kian! Kian, you can’t do this.           Kian hung his head. Kian groaned. Quietly, hesitantly, Kian began to speak.

Kian shook his head, uncomprehending.        The Lord exited the tiny cottage, leaving Kian helpless. Kian glanced at it and grimaced.

The thought chilled Kian. Kian asked her. Kian wanted to say. What if it affected Kian’s dancing?          Kian was bored. “Thank you!” said Kian.         “Kian!             Kian started in terror. “Do not be ashamed, Kian! Kian smiled.

            “You’ll be fifteen, Kian. Kian nodded.          “Don’t be afraid, Kian.           “I’m here,” responded Kian.             “No,” said Kian.         “Don’t talk like that,” Kian begged. Kian could not stop himself interrupting.

Kian jumped to his feet, worried.       Kian nodded, wiping away the tears. Kian went up onto the hillside.

            Would it be as Lord that Kian faced him? Panic threatened, but Kian subdued it. Equally sarcastic, Kian bobbed his head. Kian smiled fondly. Kian took a calm step forward.         “No,” Kian replied. Kian was on firmer ground now.    “Bring it on,” Kian says mockingly.   Kian looks sadly down at him. I’ve changed a lot, Kian thought.             Holding his breath, Kian turned around.

            “Núadu! Kian gushed in excitement.             Yes, Kian had changed. Kian bounced up and down.             “Please don’t!” cried Kian in alarm. Kian blushed and hung his head. Kian asked quietly. Kian was aghast.             “I’m about to answer you, Kian.” Kian nodded sorrowfully. Wildly, Kian looked around. “I’m not a coward,” Kian protested. Kian’s voice wobbled slightly. Kian took a step back.

            “Kian, it’s night time.             “Lord! “What’s happening, Lord?”

            “Kian. I mean, Kian.”             “Núadu. Kian said happily, seating himself. “No, please, call me Kian!”             Kian looked up in panic.         “Kian!             “Yeah, I’m fine,” Kian told him.        Kian nodded. Niamh should be here, thought Kian. Kian did not hesitate. Kian hoped not. Patrick, Kian remembered his name was. Grief threatened to envelop Kian.

Kian could be trusted.

            “Goodbye,” said Kian. Kian knew that for sure. “Where is Kian?”

Kian sighed deeply.    “My Lord.” Kian was dragged along the cobbles.     Kian was kneeling on the ground.             Kian’s eyes flickered open.     Kian had no answers. Kian whispered.          “No,” Kian whispered. Kian asked, somewhat terrified. Kian closed his eyes, tense and frightened.        Kian could not stay to listen. Kian could no longer remember. Kian decided that the time had come. Kian smiled suddenly. “We need you, Kian!” Kian asked, worried.

            Kian pondered Maggie’s frightened words carefully. Dizzy, Kian squeezed his eyes tightly shut.

            “Kian? Lord? Kian looked perplexed, and then remembered.

Kian started in surprise and horror.

            “I will, Kian, on one condition.” Kian nodded. “It’s me, Kian!”

            The Spirit shadowed Kian like a puppy.         “I was,” Kian replied. So different from Kian himself. Kian told him quietly.     “If you say so,” Kian replied coolly. “Remember me, Lord.”

            “Siofra?” said Kian. You could have mercy, Kian.” Kian ignored him.

            Three days later, Kian woke. Suddenly, Kian felt inordinately tired.

“Lord!”           “Um … good morning,” said Kian, unsure.   Kian cleared his throat nervously. Kian, you’re the Lord!             “Of course, Kian.” Kian, don’t die, please, don’t die.”         “No, Kian, please!”

The End

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