Kinti races through the town. Usually, she would  extraordinarily calm. At times when anyone else would be screaming hysterically, she would be analyzing. Being able to keep her cool save her a number of times. But now her extra sensitive ears had picked up something. Something unfamiliar. Something not human.

She raced to the beach and looked around. I must have imagined it, she thought sadly. She sighed. Ever since the cave-in, she had hoped against hope that someone had survived, some besides herself had gotten out of the town alive. She pinched the bridge of her nose to keep herself from crying. All of them, gone. The underground world of the Hisua, lost forever. She would never see another Hisuan again. Suddenly she saw something moving on the beach. She stared at it in disbelief. It can't be, she thought. But it was. It was a creature that was half man and half turtle. She watched as it disappeared into the building. Amazed, she ran toward the building and knocked on the door.

The End

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