Crawford: At last

I meekly push open the door, my abnormally muscular arms send it nearly off its hinges and crashing into the wall. Every head turns my way, the many eyes summing up my abnormal appearance. Yet again, no two people are the same. In my mind I dub this place 'Snowflake City'.

Everyone soon resumes to thier conversations and drinks as I feel a soft hand tap my hard shell. I try to spin around but my new found feet cause me to stumble over.

"Are you okay?" the person asks. I stare into her blue eyes, or rather her birthmark just under her right one. How unusual.

"I'm fine, I'm just...lost. I don't know where I am?"

"You're at Sunrisen" she chimes in her songbird like voice

"No! I mean what is the place...this Island"

"It has no name. We just live in a society, a society called Aurora" she bites her lip for a second before "Would you like a tour of the place?"

"That would be nice"

She grabs my muscular arm and lifts me up, slowly but surely I follow her. One little foot at a time.

The End

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