Art: Work

I pull the hood of my hoodie up as i brave the freezing wind, I close the door of my crib as i like to call it, Leaving a note on the door for the post-thing.

" Morning " I call out to anyone who could hear, I get a few waves as i set of for work a Patrosandro's Book Shop .  I climb onto my battered bike realising that i'm going to be late. Working is what most the animals do, They don't like to sit around and be inactive, Unless your a sloth.

Its a half hour bike ride to Patrosnadro's, the shop contains books for just about every topic that you could possibly think off, Also some dark books and super rare books ( which i can't touch).

I leave my bike behind the store, hoping that Patrosnadro doesn't see me, I managed to sneak into the locker room. I changed as quick as i could into my uniform, The stores black shirt, my skinny jeans and battered converses, i flick my fringe from my eyes before heading out to face Patrosnadro who has his back to me balancing a huge pile of books in one hand and holding the step railing with the other.

" Good morning Art " Patrosnadro called, not turning to face Art, I cringe ( I swear he's got eyes in the back of his head ). I move over towards him, He gives me a quick tap on the head.

" Art, You really must get a watch " He laughs. I look at him, a grin suddenly comes to my face, and i haven't got a clue why.

" I know " I sigh, I skulk off towards the counter where a pile of books is waiting to be shelved. The note on top reads: In alphabetical please, Patrosnadro. 

I head off towards where the books belong ( In the alchemy section ). I love this next part because i get to go into my tiger form, I'm not exactly on the big side because i'm so skinny, I can leap between the shelves with out knocking them over.

I transformed, i shake my fur briskly before getting on with the job, I furthest i've managed to leap is 15m from a stand 22m from a run, I leap in between the shelves, propping the books into place with my paws. I'm done in five minutes, Just in time to hear the door open. 

" Hello, Welcome to Patrosnadro's, I'm Art, How may i help you " I ask politely like i'm told to, I appear round the corner to a regular to our store, I can't remember her name, But i know her face.

" um you have the book i ordered" she stutters, I smile i know exactly what's she going on about, I jump the counter and head to the reserved books section, at the top of the shelf lay the book: Awakening the cursed. i clamber back down to get her to sign for the book, She signs for the book before scuttling out the door.

I lean on the desk, bored, tired....I never said work was fun....

The End

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