Crawford- new place

I cough up yet more water as I rub my aching head, my turtle powers managed to heal the wound...I never knew I could do that

I try standing up, something I have never done before. Chelotaur legs are unlike any other legs. They are quite stubby with two flippers which act as big flat toes. After falling over in the hot sand for a few minutes I get the hang of walking.

The sand between my flippers brings back memories of my siblings death but this brand new place takes my mind away from my worries

Buildings of all sizes were sprung around this place whilst some tower above me others are the size of sand castles were Chelotaurs inhabit. These buildings co-exist with the plants that make this place look fresh and beautiful. I quickly notice in this eutopia no two people are the same, everyone is unique, different and unlike any beings I have ever seen.

"Lets go into Sunrisen" A horse with human legs announced to his snake-skinned friend

Whilst pondering upon what the duo were, I noticed more odd fellows heading into the same building

"Hmm...I might just check it out and maybe find out where I am"

The End

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