Alula - Active

I get up packing together my bag about to head on my journey to Sunrisen one of Aurora's exclusive clubs. I constently visit there having it once been my guardians and now legally under my name but run by Itilia... uh, granddaughter of Rionight the head of the coucil, eldest living of species yet only looking mid-thirties. He's a dragon.... well, he can be but he choses a human form.

I then change my mind remembering Kresthyn's visit this morning. How he warned me about to hold my tongue around her. Blabbing again to grandpa again I guess. Although she gets no where with it. I am respected coming from the fact my species were the first to exist and one hasnt been born for many years since 5000 years ago. No idea how I was born then. Aparantly from the moon and ones only ever born in times of need.

I head towards the river stopping by Histancetra's a request items store. You ask for something she get it. I get to the rivers mouth and sit on the ledge of the wall. Cassandra bursts through the surface and I toss the bag down. She catches is smiling. "I could of just found a fisherman" She says ripping into the bag and glupping down the human blood. I try to hold my distaste but fail causing her to laugh as her body goes human.

"Adducet eam aqua ad labium" I mutter. The water brings Cassandra up to the ledge and I hand her some clothes. "Now that I'm finished here. I will leave you to your pondering" I rise to my feet and I'm about to walk off when Cassandra speaks causing me to stop.

"I would enjoying finding that club of yours this time" She says. I freeze and spin round on her.

"I've told you were it is" I say simply.

"I'm never allowed it" She says smiling at me having finished changing into her clothes. She puts a hand on her hip and smiles cheekily.

"Thats not my problem" I say then walk away heading towards the centre of town. I go to the graveyard and kneel down at my guardians gravestone. The flowers I had caused to grow there are thriving, framing the stone with nice precision. I smile stroking the petals. Then tears begin to fall down my face and I let my head drop and the tears fall.

The End

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