After leaving Alula, I thought back. My life before all of this, i was treated well, my mother didnt know about me. She didnt know much about my father either. After she gave birth to me he never came back, I lost all respect from my father. Which is why, when i was 15, i killed him.

Becoming an assassin was easy work, my senses worked to my advantage and firstly i started off killing targets. The humans didnt know what i was, but they knew that my father wasnt human. After killing him, i felt no remorse.

After finding out that i my fingerprints left nothing on the register, so they couldnt identify me. I needed to go into hiding, i was still an assassin though, i needed the money i just didnt do it as frequently. I never leave a trace.

The woman Alula asked about, knew about me, and the whole Shadowstalker race, she even knew where we were hiding. She couldnt of been allowed to live. Since there are a few of us, there was no certainty that i was going to be chosen, but i was. It made me happy to know that I practically saved my species from alot of hassle.

I was running along the rooftops, taking breaks in the shadows to watch people walking by. As i got home, i went to sleep as I am a nocturnal man.

The End

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