Crawford Socrates

I gasped in horror, the cold air getting caught in my throat. I couldn't breathe. The wave just grew bigger and bigger as it approached me, I tried swimming but the current was too strong, I was getting swept...swept away.

"Come on, quickly!" I had yelled, my brothers and sisters had crawled along their bellies, their limbs flapping randomly, "come on!"

In a frenzy one by one my brothers and sisters were eaten by preying birds. Evangeline, Hermes, Georgina...all gone. One last sibling had been crawling towards me and become unnoticed. Just a flipper away.

"Come on Annie May!" my flipper had touched hers, she was safe. But then the current began digging its claws into me, pulling me into the sea no matter how much I tried fighting. I let go just as the last bird swooped down and picked her up. Because I let her flipper slip and was swept away

The memory haunted me dearly. I tried fighting back the tears instead of fighting against the current. A force crashed down on my body, useless against the stormy sea I was thrown this way and that. As a Chelotaur I could hold my breath for hours, I only wish I could hold my conscousness. My rough-skinned head crashed against the rocks of the ocean. My vision become a swirl of manic dark colours. I could feel my eyes drooping and my life slipping away, like Annie May's flipper along mine.

I coughed up the sea among other things. My eyes burned against the sudden blasting sun. I looked down to what I was lying on

"I'm...back on land. The first time in 24 years!"

The End

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