Art Franz

" Mum, Dad where are you "  I call, swatting the smoke with my paws, Its a thick black smoke, I'm guessing the forest men have found our hiding spot.

" Art, Son over here, quickly " My father calls, I see him, a blooming red stain across his neck, I knew he would die soon, I rush over , placing my limb under his for support.

" Dad where is mum " I ask, He breaths heavily, Blood dripping down on to my blackened fur. Its starting to get very hot, I feel slightly ill, But i have to fight it, For mum and Dad.

" Son its your mother, You need to leave, The forest people, They killed her " My father sighed, He was losing the fight, I let him down gently as he breaths his final breaths. I feel the tears roll down my face, As i close his eyes with my paw. Then it all happened so fast, A big explosion, I run quick.....


" Whoa " I yawn, Pulling the covers away, I pull myself from the bed, I try to wake myself up, with a quick slap round the face, Yes i know it sounds daft but hey. I pull the blinds covering my windows open, To let in some light. 

" Good Morning World " I smile, I head for the kitchen, Looking for my mug, which somehow is stuck on the top of my shelf. I pounce onto the fridge to reach the mug, I think to myself "Man I'm getting rusty". I clean the cup out, Then refill it with some Red Bull, Nothing like a energy drink to get you started.

I settle down onto my beanbag, To watch my favourite program of the morning Top Gear.  But something bothers me, I look at my tiger mark on my shoulder, Its burning up, But its changing colour, Oh boy and I thought today was going to be a good day....



The End

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