Alula Millerbeth

16 years ago....

"George! George!" A calling yells. But I dont understand the words. How can I at this point? I am a baby. A very incredible baby mind you. A women rushes over to me bundling me up into her arms. "Its a baby" The women gasps shocked.

"A what?... A baby? Next to the lake" A young man runs over. This must be George. He gasps at the sight of my light grey eyes staring open up at him. I blink then squirm. He's weird his bright frizzy orange hair is wild and untamned.

"We need take her back to warmth George" The women says.

"But Mary... She's just human" George says.

"I dont believe she is...."

I blink and open my eyes to the sight of the street below. My fox eyes arent strained to pierce through the dark. I look up to see the sun about to rise, to bleach out the rays shining back of the moon giving it its magical element, bleaching the moon from the sky.

I shake my fur out and my tails flick out behind me. My four tails each to there own magical element. I shake these commen thoughts from my head and spin round running across the building top, seeable for the moment. "Umbra tegi" I whisper. I instantly feel shadows wrap around me having spoken the words for it in latin. My calling tongue.

I jump from one roof top to the next avoiding creating to much of a noise till I arrive back at the roof before I need to jump up to my balcony. "susita mihi aeris ad labium" I whisper. Then I jump up and land on the ledge just as my form changes with the loss of the moons rays. I land on my feet easily, use to the constant change of forms on short notice

I open the door and walts inside to the apartment locking the door behind me. I go straight to the kitchen and pull together a cup of tea, no milk with two sugars. I spin on my heel to face Kresthyn.

"Here to kill me" I ask calmly sipping a big of my drink. He smiles slightly his blindfold tight and secure obviously. His arms are folded and are not blades.

"Not tonight I believe" He says the hint of a smile to his voice. I do notice though that with his light mood and the small drop of blood on his shoulder her has a had a kill tonight. Custom.... a she. I guess.

"Who was she then?" I ask sipping my drink again. Kresthyn chuckles slightly and I shrug before walking past him and tapping the spot of blood on his shoulder. I slip the finger into my mouth tasting the blood and my wolf senses activating causing my ears to sharpen even more. "Hmm" I say sitting down on a armchair.

He follows by sitting on one opposite and watching me presisly. "Videris amissis tangere" I say with a smile. Kresthyn shakes his head.

"I wish I knew more of which you speek but I have learned those words. I am not losing my touch, Alula. I'm just not being tested" He says sitting back.

"Questus vestri piger. Your getting lazy" I say translating it for his benefit out of generousity. He shakes his head and rises.

"I am not Alula. But you might want to watch your tongue next time around Itilia" He says simply. I raise my eyebrow.

"A warning from her... she's getting lazy too" I mutter. Kresthyn laughs then leaves with no goodbye or note of farewell. I moan heavily allowing my body to settles from its tense persision finally. "Questus est haec vita difficile"

The End

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