Welcome to the soceity, Aurora. Will you last among the many species existing in the hidden soceity right beneath the humans noses.

The Soceity, Aurora

There is a secret soceity, Aurora, mixed in to the human world. It consists of many species. These speices are all governed by a high council. consisting of three different species the eldest of all the intellectual magical species.
They have there own rules and even places to hang out. Which consist of the most exclusive clubs, any human who enters one will be killed in a heart beat. They even have there own protection system, Assassins.

Rules (Aurora soceity rules)

  • No Human can know the existance of the other intellectual species
  • No killing for pleasure or sport. Legal in some forms like ordered assassins
  • You cannot kill other species from the soceity.


Rules (For story)

  • No adding without my permission, give me bios first.
  • Only one character of each species.
  • No just humans with powers.
  • No killing other characters without authors permission
  • No drastic story changes without permission. If you do one without knowledge I will inform you.
  • This is set in a fictional town on earth, the speak english no name


Characters (Each person different Species)

Name: Alula Millerbeth - CrystalRose
Age: 16 years (Her age is frozen)
Looks: She has pure white hair, cut short to beneath her jaw. Bright fair grey eyes, open and full. Strong cheekbones, very pale skin. Athletic build and standing at about 5"5. She has slightly pointy ears. Has a marking of a fox with five tails on the lower part of her back, small but clear.
Species/History/Power: She can see the footprints of life. The changing colour of aura. She can call on the magical elements in latin.
Born beneath a completely full moon but has no mother. She was found by a lake, with nothing covering her but thin white glowing blanket wrapped delicately in it, at dawn.
Under a the light of a moon her form changes to a snow white fox with five tails, each one represents one of the main magical elements (earth, water, fire, air and spirit). She changes form then cause under the light of the moon that are of the world is refreshed (wiping the footprints of life).

Name: Art Franz - CalebNight
Age 15 ( ages 1 year for every 5 human years )
Looks: Blacky Blond medium length hair with a side fringe, His eyes have a tendency to change colour each day depending on his mood, Stands at 5ft 11, Athletic build, but on the skinny side, Has a mark of a tiger thats sits on his shoulders.
Species/History/Power: He is the last of the Blue Tigers, He is over 200 years old, But chooses to take the form of a 15yr old, His powers are, Super Strength, Speed and He can also perform the psychic abilities of Telekinesis And a sniffer ( Basically he can tell where someone is by sniffing a object of the persons).
His tiger form is a sapphire blue tiger with white lightning stripes. He can transform as freely as he likes. He's angry, he senses danger to himself or the others of the group, he wants to play a practical joke and when he's around a girlfriend or someone he loves. Doesn't have any family, They all died.

Name: Ajalina Klion - Euraphrates
Age: 17 years
Looks: About 5'3", with a slightly muscular build. Wide brown eyes and blond hair, reaching halfway down her back. Pointed ears, has a long mark down her back. Also has animal-like legs, with haunches and paws. Somewhat like a half-animal.
Species/History/Power: A Sphile, which is a creature that lives in the mountains. Ajalina grew very restless of staying with her clan and decided to fend for herself, so is now out in the wild, alone.
Sphiles have the power to control emotions of other creatures (not other Sphiles, though). The catch is, they have no emotions themselves and cannot feel physical pain either, so many Sphiles have scars.

Name: Kresthyn - Mr.Fisherman
Age: 18 (He ages 1 year for every 3 human years)
Looks: Black skin, blindfold, but you can see a red glow behind it where his only eye is. Bald. Normally wearing a black coat and has a hood up, and a cape.
Species/History/Power: Shadowstalker, can shadowmeld and has enhanced speed and senses. He can also turn his arms into blades. He was born blind, but he had very good senses. When he turned 10 he became an assassin, the only thing he could think of doing and the only thing his blindness and senses could actually be of use to him.

Name: Crawford Socrates- EmeraldBull
Age: 24 (Can live up to 140 years so has the youthful looks of a fourteen year old)
Looks: (Human) Tanned rough skin, curly light brown hair that flops down when wet. Quite skinny but very muscular arms from swimming.
(Turtle) Aquamarine shell covering all of torso. Dark shade on top, light shade for underbelly. Human arms have rough skin texture and end in turtle flippers. Wrinkly neck but not from age
Species/History/Power: Chelotaur. Half man, half turtle. This gives him amazing swimming speed, rather slow walking speed and brilliant resistance. Hatched from an egg on the Galopagos Islands where his mother was killed by poachers. He was the only hatchling to make it to the water. Recently discovered Aurora after spending the rest of his life avoiding human discovery

Name: Cassandra - Lexiehar
Age: Unknown
Looks: Elegant fish tail with indigo scales that do not stop at her hips but scatter up her next and appear in various places of her cheek bones. Her ears are pointed, her eyes are fully black and she has sharp pointed fangs.
Species/History/Power: A "real" mermaid.
Appeared on the shore two years ago with no previous memory, brought to a lab and experimented on by a mad scientist called Croydon. He did terrible things to her that haunt her still and made her who she is. Eventually he made the mistake of getting inside the water to do things to her and she drowned him. By draining him of his blood she was able to take on her human form and escape from his lab. She stayed in this form for one year until all the blood consumed was used up and she returned to the water. She has to consume human blood to become human.

Name: Vanessa Atom - AutumnMay
Age: 15 (one for every four)
Looks: Blondeish-brownish shoulder length hair that she keeps in two plaits. Just under average height and slender figure. A few freckles around her nose. Has a star-shaped birthmark just under the left corner of her right eye. Bright blue eyes. Appears to have silver eyeliner on (she doesn't) and has very long eyelashes. Has silver stars all the way up her left side. Soft white wings which she hides making invisible to humans.
Species/History/Power: Is an Angel. Was born on 29th February and as a result her physical ageing process is four times slower than a humans. At the age of five she was found to be emitting a soft silver glow while she slept. Nobody except her knows the reason for this. Her wings show to humans only when the sky is completely clear except for the north star, or when someone is in danger.

The End

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