Profile 2011-2012 (for further reference)

I'm a Roman Catholic, and I'm in my church band, which I love. My faith (which is ever-growing) influences my writing, I suppose, but I'm not trying to directly impose my faith on those who won't be imposed upon. However, I warn you in advance that I will pray for you ALL, so be afraid!

I'm not brilliant at music but I take it very seriously. I play guitar (acoustic, electric and bass) and euphonium (look it up, it's like a smaller tuba), not to mention valved trombone and bugle, and I'm teaching myself [real] trombone, tuba and accordion.

I've always been dead nuts on writing and especially names, even though 'dead nuts' is probably very poor English. I also love words, and will read a dictionary with my tongue lolling greedily in my mouth.

I love dancing in the rain, jumping haybales, conjugating French verbs, blowing grass, writing essays, whistling, factorising quadratic expressions, reading sociology books (yes, I put all of this on my work experience application form), making family trees, serenading the neighbours and swinging in cyberspace with my epic cousins.

One of my favourite things to tell people is don't worry about making a fool of yourself. If you're a clumsy potato like me, don't be afraid to trip up et cetera. It's better that people see your real always-making-a-fool-of-self so that they know what you're really like.

I adore just about any sport when I'm doing it. I love the running around, and the contented feeling afterwards when I'm hot and sweaty. Another thing is that I don't feel quite satisfied unless I get a bruise or aching muscles or a really nice scar after playing sport. Just a theory. Anyone agree?

Love Muse, Them Crooked Vultures and the Foo Fighters. (Somehow everyone seems to imagine that I listen to Bach and Beethoven...not sure where that comes from because I am most certainly the screaming guitars type.)

I practically never let anyone see any of my writing because I'm subject to timidity. I prefer to keep in the background. For the same reason I'm not the type of person who will make the first approach. And I also hate playing high solos in windbands.

Extreme apologies to just about everyone else on this site but I am not a Harry Potter fan. Nor am I obsessed with Twilight and vampires and that sort of thing. Nor am I on Facebook, which I do not regret.

Things about my appearance, if you're interested/freaky enough to want to know: I'm quite lanky (I like call it slender and sylphlike, but I guess I have to face the truth sometime), I have small feet and long fingers with short nails, a mane (of hair, though I'm no lion, despite being a proud Leo (though fed up of being the youngest) (pray excuse the double brackets)), and I can raise one eyebrow at a time.

I'm not pretty. It would be nice if people could tell me I was with any truth, but I'm doomed to disappointment over that. Looks aren't everything, people say. Yeah, well, whatever. As long as I look myself, it doesn't bother me. It's other people not looking themselves that I don't like.

The End

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