Melody's ChoiceMature

Melody stared at Atlas with her mouth gaping open. But unsurprisingly someone beat her to it.
“What? You can't do that, you're people need you!” The scowl on Elseron's face showed he mirrored Phaedos' words. Atlas studied them in turn, her eyes open and warm. She shock her head a little with a small smile. She truly believed she should do this.
“We're not children yelling just because we can Atlas,” Melody said calmly and her eyes widened. Admittedly her wording might've sounded a little unfair to Atlas but she was a little mad.

“If anything, you're more fit to rule than anyone. And I don't say that because I like you, I say that because I know you. I've seen how dedicated you are to your people in every course of action and decision since I met you. No one, I repeat. No one, could do this job better than you.” Somewhere in the middle of the rant Melody had stood up and stepped closer to Atlas. Everyone including Atlas was watching her. But Melody refused to feel embarrassed in the slightest as she met Atlas' honey eyes with her icey blue ones.
“I respect your opinion and I appreciate you're kind words, but-” Atlas began.
“Ah, jeez. A but shouldn't be in that sentence Atlas,” Melody said. But she could tell by gazing into Atlas' eyes that she was determined.

“Well, maybe you want to step down. But I doubt you're people will let you do so easily,” Melody said with a non-committal shrug. She knew a losing battle when she saw it. Though the glint in Elseron's eye told her he would continue being a solider in this instance. She looked over her shoulder to Will who was watching like a complete outsider. Melody knew she and Dante could stay here in peace quite happily, but what about Will? He didn't know anyone, he didn't even know himself if Melody was being honest with herself.
“I thank you for the offer to stay here, but me and Will belong on the surface. There are still things we both need to do,” Melody said and she saw Will lower his head.


There she goes, Will thought, burning with internal anger. Being a bigger person than him. he knew in that look why she chose not to stay here. he hated that. This place was where she belonged. She was beautiful, not tainted like he'd been so sure of when he'd first saw her. She deserved to be here, with these people who had done a damn-sight more than him to protect her.
Will would've been happy to return to Earth, knowing she was here. It might not be easy at first but he'd get by. He usually did, though he knew he had a long way to go in terms of getting used to his new strength and ability. He shuddered as he remembered the pain of the first change.

What would happen now? These group of strangers were the only people he knew from this weird world. Did he want to get involved in it anymore than necessary? Will shock his head.
“Thanks,” he whispered towards Melody. She beamed him a smile and shock her head slightly. As if the possibility of her not staying with him was a ridiculous notion.

The End

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