The Final FightMature

The Final Fight

Excruciating pain lanced down his spine as Fenrir ripped his claws through his shoulder, those shiny ebony talons scratching along the bone of his shoulder blade with a quick jarring motion. Bellowing in pain Elseron spun and brought his axe up, aiming to take Fenrir's head with the blow, but the wolf was too fast. His axe whistled through empty air, clunking into the stone beneath his feet as exhaustion and extreme pain washed through his body. Panting like a tired dog Elseron stared at the wolf that crouched in front of him, sliding across their arena on all fours, moving with purposed efficiency around the old knight. Of all the beasts Elseron had seen in his lifetime, of all the hell spawned horrors that had battled against him, Fenrir was on a different level. For the most part he looked to be an ordinary Lycan, albeit an eleven foot tall one with arms as thick as trees and claws as long as Elseron's forearms, but it was those eyes. Something in them sent chills down his spine, burning red with diamond pupils something behind that stare reminded Elseron of an evil he had only ever seen once in his lifetime. It was a darkness he thought banished many many millennia ago. But clearly he was wrong.

Cut his heart out...Elseron nearly laughed. It's hard enough landing a spirits damned blow! Taking his axe in both hands he stared at Fenrir, his ivory fangs dripping with silvery saliva as he growled menacingly at him, his claws digging into the solid rock beneath their feet expectantly. Mirroring the colossal wolves movements Elseron wondered where Dante and Melody where. That momentary lapse of concentration nearly lost him his life. Fenrir lunged. Quicker than anything Elseron had ever seen. So much so that the only thing the Lord Commander could do was drop to the ground, pressing his body flat against the scorched stone as Fenrir flew over him. The midnight strands of his thick fur tickling Elseron's back he was that close. Springing up quickly Elseron watched Fenrir land, his massive weight shaking the very earth as he skidded to a halt before the edge of the pit Dante had fallen down. Digging his mighty paws into the earth a huge block of solid rock broke apart from the main body, causing Fenrir's back left leg to momentarily hang in open space. Just when Elseron was about to charge a black blur flew passed him. The flaming red tresses of Melody's hair billowing like a battle standard as she ran at the colossal Lycan.

Springing up as gracefully as a dancer Melody aimed to drop kick him in the ribs. At that speed with as perfect a technique as she had that kick would have broken through a solid brick wall. But Fenrir didn't even budge. Melody crashed against his side like a fly hitting a windshield. Her crumpled form dropping to the floor beneath Fenrir, who seemed to only register the attack when Melody screamed. 'NO!' Elseron cried as the beautiful young vampire tried to scramble to her feet. Sprinting towards her just as Fenrir swiped her with the flat of her paw she went spinning through the air like a rag doll thrown by an angry child. She was flying towards the edge! Diving onto his stomach Elseron skidded across the floor, she disappeared from view. Stopping just on the edge a dart of pearlescent blue caught his attention and Elseron snapped out a hand for it. Holding the exposed leather of her whip the weapon wrapped around his hand several times before the blades cut into his flesh. Screaming in pain Elseron watched her hang in open air from her whip, the depths below her still a mass of roiling flame as the facility beneath their feet exploded. 'Hold on!' Elseron seethed through clenched teeth. He loved Atlantean steel, but f*ck it hurt!

A twisted laugh sounded from behind him. 'Oh Sir Elseron, ever the chivalrous one.' Fenrir's voice said as he stepped towards the edge. Naked in his human form of slicked with deep crimson blood. 'Never could help yourself around a damsel in distress could you?' the bloodied man smiled as he placed a foot onto his lacerated shoulder. Roaring in pain as Fenrir's foot turned into a clawed paw Elseron struggled to remain conscious, all he saw was Melody, swinging from her whip like a strange pendulum. 'Ironic really, that that which made you famous in your world is the cause of your death in this one...' The world went fuzzy; a warm darkness crept across his vision. 'Like all the others fall before a God.'

Melody's scream ripped him back into reality. Finding himself halfway over the edge Elseron reached back and grabbed the ledge. The muscles of his decimated shoulder screaming in protest as he gripped with all his might. With his entire torso over the edge Elseron heard Fenrir laugh, a foot touched his leg. Then it was gone. A deadly roar accompanied the earth shaking feeling of Dante fighting with his brother. Come on you old fool! Fight! Pull her up! NOW! Roaring with the effort the old night hauled Melody up, wrapping the whip around his hand with a twist of his wrist. And inch by agonising inch Melody was drawn up towards him until the Vampire was able to grab his pualdrons and pull herself onto terra firma. Exhaustion. Pain. Suffering. Heat. Sweat. Elseron felt every possible emotion all at once as Melody pulled his battered old body onto the rock, leaving it panting uselessly on the ground. 'Elseron! Elseron!' the young vampire said hurriedly as she shook him in consciousness. 'I need to help Dante!' she said.

'NO!' Elseron shouted grabbing her wrist. 'No just wait.'

'Wait! Wait?! Elseron he's killing him!' she shouted fighting against his grip, sending even more pain lancing up his shoulder.

'We can't beat him with force, we need something else.' he said more to himself than her, bouncing up into a crouch Elseron tried to swim through the muddle of his mind and find the Genius tactician that had won more battles than any other General in history. 'Think!' he shouted to himself, watching Dante and Fenrir rip huge chunks out of each other with every swipe of their scything claws. Melody frustrated and angry grabbed at his hand and began unwinding her whip. 'Melody,' Elseron said as an epiphany struck him in the chest like a stampeding rhino. 'Melody how fast can you get to the others?'

'I'm not...'

'Answer me girl!' Elseron bellowed. 'I can kill him. We can kill him! But we need the others!'

'Forty seconds...maybe less.' she said yanking the blade of her whip from his hand. He didn't even register it, his mind was full of ideas. Strategies. We can do it...

'Get everyone you can! We need Atlantean blades too! Four of them. Go now! And hurry! We might not be able to last that long.' Elseron ordered. Melody's beautiful face nodded slightly before she took off like a bullet. Nothing but ash left in her wake. By the Spirits old and new and those that hate me...please let this work. Elseron thought as Fenrir roared in pain as Dante sank his teeth into his neck. Dante fought like nothing else, his pure savagery was tamed now by a warriors mind, Elseron wasn't sure if he could take credit for it...but still. It wasn't enough. Fenrir dislodged himself from his brothers jaws and elbowed him clean in the face. Knocking the massive bear unconscious. 'FENRIR!' Elseron bellowed at the top of his lungs. The wolf turned his head from his brothers prostrate body and locked eyes with Elseron. 'Leave my knight alone! Dog!' Fenrir growled viciously at the insult as Elseron stepped into the centre of their makeshift coliseum. Unclasping the plated pualdrons from around his shoulders, the armour pieces dropping to the floor with two loud clangs!

'You know something, Dog. I think you're just jealous of Dante,' Fenrir growled and dropped Dante's body and slowly turned to face the Atlantean Knight. 'Oh mummy loved him more than hoo.' Elseron antagonised. Planting the butt of his axe handle into the earth so it stood upright. Still walking Elseron smiled. 'I think you made your little pact for all this power because deep down, you really know that Dante is twice the man you could ever be. And twice as strong. You're no god're just a dog. Like all the others.' roaring a deafening roar Fenrir stood at his full height before Elseron.

'I will enjoy killing you,' his voice growled through the wolfs throat. 'As much as I will enjoy killing him.' He swiped. Flicking his wrists and tapping into his powers the Atlantean steel chains around his forearms dislodged, uncoiling through the air like metallic snakes Elseron held the massive links and whipped them around his body. The entire length of the chains crackling with ethereal force lightning. Striking Fenrir on top of the head the massive wolf backed off, allowing Elseron more room to swing his improvised whips. They were just long enough for him to hold the massive titan at bay. But not for long. Melody...hurry up! Elseron thought angrily. Ducking a swipe and punishing Fenrir by battering both chains against the back on his knee. Roaring in pain the wolf took to the offensive. Unable to go anywhere else Elseron ran towards him and skidded between his legs, the chains clanking after him like the bio-luminescent tendrils of one of the deep sea jelly fishes Atlas enjoyed watching when she was a child. Bounding to his feet a furry mass stopped him from falling backwards, Dante looked down at him with blood matting his fur, and a strange, almost gentle, look behind his eyes.

'ELSERON!' Melody's voice bellowed from across the small chasm that cut Elseron and Dante off from the rest of their army. Looking to her he saw Pilot too, and Eden, Arisa, Phaedos. Jory...

‘Time to end this. CHAIN HIM UP!’ Elseron bellowed across the silence. Whether they understood didn’t matter. They would soon. Flying towards Fenrir Elseron swiped one chain down, wrapping it around Fenrir’s left wrist. Bending the way of the world he made the links crush together, breaking his wrist and locking the chain solidly together. With the other end he launched it towards Melody. Pilot caught the massive link of shining steel like a flash, he understood! Ripping one of the swords from Arisa Pilot slipped the link over the blade before driving the sword deep into the earth, not stopping even when the handle hit the stone. Pulling against the chain Fenrir roared angrily. But it didn't break. Elseron smiled. 'Would you do the honours.' he asked Dante, throwing the second length of chain above his head for the massive bear to catch. Dante roared his delight and caught the chain before taking off. Grabbing his brothers other arm Dante elbowed Fenrir in the temple before driving the chain through his wrist, using his razor sharp claws to pierce flesh and break bone until the link passed clean through the other side. Pulling his hand free Fenrir's wound heeled quickly, leaving the link through his wrist. Dante tossed the other end easily to an awaiting Phaedos who caught it on his shoulder before placing on the ground for Jory to impale his pole-axe through the link.

Standing with his arms spread out as if he had been impaled on an invisible crucifix Fenrir roared in a combination of utter pain and rage. Pulling against the chains that held him the metal clanked and groaned, but held. Eden was next, appearing with Pilot like spectres of death the two vampires drove their swords through Fenrir's pawed feet before the wolf even knew they were there. And they were gone before the pain had fully registered. Pinned and chained Fenrir was stuck. No matter how much he pulled or roared or fought the blades held him in place. The chains held. Arisa appeared from nowhere. An inferno given human form the flames that danced around her body erupted from her hands in a great roaring jet of bright orange fire. It engulfed Fenrir who roared in pain. The smell of burning hair stuck in Elseron's nostrils as Dante spun on him, eyes locking together. 'One shot!' growled the massive bear. Nodding Elseron held out a hand and tapped into his powers. Then time slowed.

All in less than ten seconds Arisa vanished. The flames dying away to reveal a bald, red raw wolf slowly dropping to his knees. Before he fell Elseron's axe flew between his legs, the blade crackling with energy as Elseron brought it to his palm. Dante stepped in front of his brother and with two hands speared him in the chest. Fenrir roared in pain as Dante dug through his flesh. Blood pouring from the wound and matting Dante's fur. The axe handle landed in Elseron's hand, taking a running start he raised his arm and prepared to throw, shouting 'RUN!' to everyone that watched from beyond the chasm. With a hard pull Dante dislodged a gruesome amount of flesh from Fenrir's chest, tearing out fat, muscle and even the stark white bone of his sternum. Revealing the heart beneath. It was an ugly thing. Ashen black the veins over its surface glowed like strands of magma, every beat making the fire a little brighter. Before the axe left his hand Elseron put every once of emotion and feeling and power into the blade. He didn't know if it would survive what was about to happen. He remembered the day Ariel gave it to him. He remembered the faces of everyone he had killed with it. He remembered every battle, every training session.

He remembered Atlas practicing with it when she was a child, even though she was not supposed to.

He remembered how much good it had done, how much of a lifelong partner it had been to him. Then he released.

Time snapped back. The blade toppled through the air. Head, handle, head, handle.

Fenrir's wound was already closing, his fur already growing back. But it was far too late now. With an explosion of molten ichor Elseron's beloved axe pierced Fenrir's heart and sliced it in two.

The End

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