Heart Doesn't LieMature

Dante; TheBear73

Heart Doesn't Lie

Word Count: 1,008

                A familiar scent was on the air, a scent he had known from the time he had been born. A scent he once strove to be like, now he meant to rip its throat out. “NICOLAI!” Dante went into frenzy; his bear form erupted through his skin like water bursting through a dam.

               Let me have him, I could do such hideous things to his body,the Demon whispered in his mind.

                “Not this time Demon, I want to enjoy this.” Dante’s body was reaching a height of up to 15ft tall. Turning in the direction the wind told him his brother was in, he charged forward, crushing anything in his way under his massive feet. A pitiful excuse for a lycan leaped into the air, claws bared, Dante swatted it out of the air like he would a fly. The lycan flew 100yds through the air and crashed into an ancient oak standing at the edge of the battlefield.

                Coming up to the top of a low hill, Dante saw his brother Nicolai standing 10 yards from where he stood. “Oh how anti-climactic. I wanted the Commander of the knights first.” Nicolai let out a sigh. “Have you come to lay down your life so we can start the curse anew.”

                Letting out a primal roar, Dante shrank back to his massive human form. “You won’t survive this time Nicolai. It’s time you pay for your crimes. I am your Judge, Jury, and Executioner.” A massive shudder rippled through Dante as he tried to contain his rage for a few more moments.

                A laugh came bursting through Fenrir’s lips, “You, Judge, now that is hilarious. I am a God, I am above your judgment.” He ran a hand through his hair, “I guess you can try your hand at trying to kill a God. I have wanted to end your life for a long time.” A giant wolf came bursting through his skin, “Face your God, for I AM FENRIR!”

                His brother had certainly grown, but so had Dante, “It’s time that you die, Fenrir.” With the uttering of that accursed name his own form burst through his skin. The clashing of the two titans shook the earth around them. Claws were flying faster than any eye could track. Dante was fending off all of his brother’s attacks, but he was slower than Fenrir; stronger but slower.

               Left, right, duck, swipe, jump back, now bite,the demon was coaching from inside his skull.I don’t feel like dying again yet. If you won’t let me do this, I’m going to give you the edge. Jump over him.Dante crouched for a split second then sprung over top his charging brother. Using his elemental power he changed direction in mid-flight and sunk his claws into Fenrir’s lower lungs. Pulling with all his might, Dante ripped the bottom ribs out of his brothers back.

                Whirling around, Fenrir sunk a clawed hand into Dante’s diaphragm, ripping down he opened up Dante’s stomach. Turning his back on Dante, he saw Fenrir had already healed the massive wound caused to him. Fenrir hopped forward on his hands and kicked Dante backward towards the edge of the chasm.

                Looking up, he saw Elseron sprinting toward him from one direction, and his beautiful Melody looking at him from another. Step back; I need a moment to heal you. I think he has made a pact with a demon. Dante took one more step back and plummeted over the edge of the cliff. The demon went to work quickly, he could already feel his muscles stitching back together. As he turned over to watch the ground come at him, the Bear turned back into the man.

                “We need to hurry, they won’t last very long against him.” Dante summoned his elemental powers and brought himself to stop inches from the ground. “How do we kill him and keep him that way? I’ve killed him before, but he still breathes.”

               You must rip out his heart; that is the only way to end a pact between demon and host. You are good to go. We must make quick work of him.

                “Easier said than done,” picking a path of assent, Dante got ready to get out of the chasm. Leaping up from pillar to pillar, Dante made his way up the cliff.

                Pulling himself up over the edge of the cliff, he saw Elseron lash out with his axe and catch Fenrir in the calf, but as soon as the axe head left flesh he was healed. A backhand sent Will flying into the cliff wall crashing unconsciously in a heap. Elseron received a quick heel to the chin that launched him into the air. Melody moved like the wind, she was on his back and slit the wolf’s throat from ear to ear; Dante had never felt more proud in his life, he taught her that.

                Fenrir grabbed her and threw her towards the cliff. Before he could think, Dante was in the air catching her before she went over the cliff. “What do you think you are doing? You’re strong, but he’s a whole different kind of monster.”

                Opening her eyes, she looked at him with disbelief. “I… I saw you go over.”

                “I won’t die that easily.” He gave her a quick kiss on the end of her nose causing her to let out a slight giggle.

                A beastial laugh sounded out, “You just don’t know when to die do you brother?” Nicolai stood in front of him.

                “Brother?” Melody was puzzled.

                He set her down, “I’ll explain later,” Dante turned his attention to his brother. “How exactly did you find a demon to make a pact with?”

                “I made a deal with the most powerful demon, Lucifer. He gave me more power than I could ever dream of, and in return I must sow chaos in the world. Oh the beautiful CHAOS!” his brother became the demonic wolf yet again.

                “Elseron,” the old knight looked his way. “We need to rip his heart from his chest.”

The End

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