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Melody felt her breath catch as she watched with a mesmerised horror as the all the lycans that had moments ago been chasing her fell down. She looked around her and met her brothers eyes, confirming this wasn't some strange hallucinations.

DANTE!” Elseron's yell reached her ears and she'd never moved so fast but she was too slow, she watched with watering eyes as Dante stumbled back and fell. She lunged, reaching a hand over the edge but she grasped air. Strong arms pulled her back but she didn't register the words they spoke as she kicked and fought against them. She needed to go down there, she needed to find Dante. She couldn't leave him. But her cries eventually drowned down to a helpless whimper. What had she been thinking just moment ago? She'd be so certain, so settled. It was as if some force had heard her line of thought and chose to step all over it and throw it into oblivion. She couldn't see anything properly anymore as her vision remained blurred. She felt someone's hand gently move her face away from the edge and against a warm chest.

Melody...” Will's voice trailed off, causing his chest to vibrate from the sound. But they both knew there was nothing he could say. Will knew next to nothing about Dante. He hadn't been there when he'd saved her life that very first time. When she'd been so lost and depressed she was certain letting herself starve to death was the answer.

'Ser Elseron...' She heard Fenrir say, completely oblivious to her and Will presence, 'We meet at last.'

'I'm going to kill you mutt!' Elseron's roar reached a part of Melody's soul. And she recalled the horrid things Fenrir had done. She wondered at what point he'd stop caring for others.

'That's funny, because my plan was to come here and kill you and kidnap your little bitch of a queen. In truth I wanted to kill you first before my whelp of a brother, but the Gods saw otherwise.'

She watched the confusion cross Elseron's face.

'He never told you...' Fenrir said, enjoying the moment with a sickly smile, 'My darling little brother never told you were shared blood, how interesting.'

'You're lying.' Elseron spat, his fist clenched tightly at his sides.

'Tut tut tut. Elseron, you're a smart man. You know it’s true.' Fenrir replied, that smile not going anywhere. Melody could feel a white-hot anger beginning to reach boiling point within herself. She wasn't crying anymore. And she could feel Will's own body growing as tense as hers.

'For every God in the world there is always one prodigal son, one person overwhelmed with jealousy at the others powers. Father loved me more, he knew what I was, he saw me for the God I am! But loved her little baby Dante. Nobody could hurt her boy despite him being a freak! A monster. A walking, talking birth-defect that my father should have left out in the woods to die if he had any sense. But no...mother was far too fond of her little pet.' Fenrir carried on, pacing in a small circle and making pointless hand gestures. And all the while that smile. That stupid god damned smile that made Melody's fangs lengthen.

'I always wondered how much of a fight he would put up, but...he fell. Like all the others. None can stand in front of a God for long.' She had to fight the urge to laugh at him. He was closer to a devil.

'You are no God Fenrir; you're a rabid dog with ideas above your station. Nothing else.' Elseron replied, his tight gripping his axe and his stance changing.

'Stand against me if you dare, dog.' Elseron yelled and Fenrir laughed. She pulled away from Will then.

I remember when I first saw you” the words left her mouth as she moved closer, interrupting Elseron's next words.

I didn't even know you. But I could tell something about you was pure evil” She continued. Elseron and Will exchanged an unsure glance.

You took advantage of my desperation and led me to believe a group of innocent people were murders” Melody felt a small bubble of laughter leave her lips as she recalled her naïvety.

And that...that I could accept. Would've let you walk away if I'd seen you in the street” She said, stopping her random steps to turn and face Fenrir head on, a red glow in her eyes.

But for Dante” she had to stop herself from choking on his name and spent a few seconds regaining her composure.

For Dante. I am going to ensure you feel whatever he felt and then another hundred more doses of it you monster!” The scream was so raw that her throat hurt. And she felt Elseron and Will shuffle behind her. Elseron wasn't going into this fight alone. A quick glance over her shoulder told her that although Will was gulping, he too was in this fight.

The End

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