Vampire's FightMature

Arisa felt her strength ebb away, drained in the attempt to get her friends out. She could feel the lack of energy in her veins. She felt weak, like she did so long ago, before she became a vampire. She dared not protect herself with fire, afraid to burn out the last of her life, but a small, weakened vampire armed with a single knife was no match for the wave of wolves.

That old fear washed over her, the reek of dog all around her. She could see the jaws snapping shut, see the blood lust in their eyes. They would eat her if they could, rip her apart like she was nothing more than a scared rabbit.

She fought as hard as she could, snapping neck, slicing throats when she dared get close enough. She tired to hold her own along side her friends, the bodies of her victims piling up around her.

They just kept coming. More and more of them. Where did they end? How could there be this many? So many stinking, slobbering dogs.

She felt her desperation fuel her fire, the flames making her skin hot. Her eyes glittered brightly with the power behind them. She knew it was a risk, but it was one she had to take. It was the only way she could help.

As the flames cut through the wolves, she laughed. She felt powerful, despite the feeling of her energy disappearing. She smell of charred flesh hit her nose, bringing a cruel smile to her lips. Let them try and eat her now.

The flames died around her, a ring of ash surrounding her. She fell to the ground, her body shaking. She was tired, so tired. And they were still coming. She was done. She had done all she could have. She would die now.

"Oh no you don't..."

Arisa looked up. "Erik..."

"I'm here to repay what I did... And I can't do that if you die on me. So get up." He pick up the little vampire, lifting her to her feet.

"I can't..."

"Yes, you can... now get up."

Arisa bared long, sharp incisors, the smell of blood hitting her nose in a fresh wave of carnage. "Let me go. Now, you stupid dog."

Erik shifted, holding out an arm. "You need strength, I need closure. Don't fight me, Arisa."

Arisa growled before biting into his flesh. The taste of his blood was foul on her tongue, but it was substance, it could keep her fighting. Why in the world did she let this wolf save her after he had hurt her so bad in the past was a mystery to herself, one that she would answer once they were in a place away from these mutts once and for all.

The End

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