Something to fight forMature


Melody had never seen so many heads of silvery hair fly by her into battle. She turned to Dante and smiled.

“Ready?” she asked, not even trying to hide the mischievous glint in her eye.

“Always” He replied. They followed the soldiers, Dante roar proving as powerful as any thunderstorm and Melody moving quickly, cutting skin as precisely as lighting would cut a tree. The smell of her enemy blood covered her smoked stained skin. She was littered with scars and bruises and she was pretty certain her hair was a mess. A year ago she would never have imagined her life taking such a turn. But meeting all of them, Atlas, Arisa, Elseron, Pilot, Phaedos, Eden and most importantly Dante. Has been worth it all. If that stranger hadn't found her and completely changed the course of her life. Well, she doubted she would be as happy and free as she was right now. She was still sad about her parents, and that guilt would last forever, but she'd found her brother and at this moment in time as she could hear the last of the battle cries. She was fully content.


He could feel his confidence waver as he watched the bloodbath unfold. His blue grazed over the death until they landed on Melody. He hadn't seen her smile like that in a long time. Pure happiness. He couldn't decide if it bothered him that she smiled like this when in battle. Or if it was just a result of the fight nearly being over.

“I didn't turn you so you could cower while others fight!” Will jumped at the sound of Eric's voice. He'd temporarily turned back to human and not a spot of his skin was clear of blood. Will stuttered for something to say, but knew there was no excuse. When will thought, he sneaked. A open battlefield like this? He had no chance.

“Fine then, be pathetic” Eric snapped when Will didn't reply, his disgust all too clear. Eric quickly turned and ran, becoming the vicious wolf as he did. Will shivered against the cold wind. He'd been messing up a lot lately. He blamed Melody for something out of her control. He'd joined the wrong side ignorantly. And everyone was right.

“I'm a coward” he whispered to himself. And with the shame of those words spoken aloud burning his mind to shreds. He turned and walked away. The least he could do was leave Melody alone now.

“Where are you going?” Will jumped at the sound of the male voice and turned to see shocking emerald eyes. But like Eric, he replied before Will could.

“I see, your sister got all the spirit then” he muttered, a statement rather than a question. Will couldn't argue.

“Even when she wasn't good at fighting, she tried. But I guess she had a reason to, can't you think of one?” Pilot's words came out harsh. The man rejoined the battle before Will could process his words.

Something to fight for? Will stared down at is sister. She didn't need his help or protection anymore. He continued to walk away and wished his sister a silent good luck with everything. Then he caught site of Dante. Well, he thought, I have no clue if that guy is actually good enough for her. And like that Will rushed into battle, fighting by Dante so he could see if he was capable of protecting her, even if she didn't need it.  

The End

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