Melody: Fresh AirMature

Melody always knew Arisa was powerful, but it wasn't up until that moment, when her small frame became alight with hell's fury, that Melody realised just how beautiful and magnificent she truly was. Arisa in that moment reminded her of a unforgiving goddess of flames. She wasn't a little child anymore.

Melody felt Dante's strong fingers curl round hers and grip tight, as if he was scared he could lose her forever.

“We need to go. Now” his strong voice made Melody focus her blue eyes on him. Melody didn't try to question or argue, there was no point. She glanced behind her as Dante pulled her into the shaft. Will looked less confused but still out of sorts. When this was all over they were going to have one long talk about everything. The shaft induced a certain level of claustrophobia, but she shook it off, concentrating on putting one arm in front of the other, crawling along the hard, dulled metal surface.

“What are we going to do when we escape?” Will asked from behind her. No one really answered, mostly because without Atlas, they couldn't come up with a plan. But also because the others didn't know or fully trust Will yet which Melody supposed was understandable.

“A decent bath would be nice...” Melody murmured, causing the others to stutter half-hearted laughs. At least there was always humour.

“Not long now” Pilot called back, the sound of wood being smashed reached Melody's ears. She angled herself slightly so she could see Will who just shrugged. Melody smiled in spite of herself. Even if Will hadn't meant to protect them, he had done so. They crawled out one by one, Dante's hands reaching for her the moment they were stood up, Melody tried and failed to think of words to reassure him. So she just kissed him briefly on the lips and locked gazes. Hoping the message would be strong enough that he would stop worrying.

“So your dating my sister?” Will's voice rang out, interrupting them. Melody opened her mouth to speak but Pilot got there first.

“I really don't think this is the best time to play the overprotective big brother act”. Will's mouth snapped shut but he still sent Dante suspicious looks. Seeing Arisa's dancing flames from the back really didn't do her justice Melody thought. She could see sweat breaking out on Atlas' forehead and hoped her shield wasn't struggling.

“We need to leave before they notice us” Dante said, it wasn't hard to sneak past the wolves and outside. It felt like an age since any of them had breathed in actual fresh air and it was all Melody could do to stop herself from gulping in the stuff and concentrate on the situation at hand.

“They'll be others out here no doubt” Eric spoke for the first time. Will flinched slightly at the sound of it, causing Melody to glance a analysing look between them. She made a mental note to ask them both questions later.

“We need to wait for the others first” Pilot said, everyone nodded in agreement. Melody sat down on the soft grass, staring at the half moon intently. What if they didn't get out before sunrise? The only cover for Melody was a building she had no intention of seeing the inside of ever again.

The End

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