Clearing the HangerMature

Clearing the Hanger

Dante; TheBear73

Word count: 1,403

The crushing bone reinforced just how strong Dante truly was. Looking around, there were no more lycan around him; a foot step at the end of the hallway caught his attention. Ivan stepped around the corner, drenched in blood, “I see you’ve been busy.”

                “I don’t know how you deal with that little girl. She kept calling me Kitty.” Ivan rolled his eyes, “Do I look like I’m from KISS?” Ivan looked over the carnage in the room, “You sure know how to kill don’t you.”

                “It’s a gift I swear.” At that moment they heard the sound of metal ripping breaking from down the tunnel.

                “Hanger breached, prepare for lock down.” A robotic voice sounded out. The doors to the elevator shaft slid shut with a locking click.

                Dante barreled into the 6 inch thick titanium doors, they didn’t give an inch. “NO!” he roared at the doors, “I CAN’T LEAVE THEM DOWN THERE.” He beat his fists into the doors till they were bloodied masses where his hands should have been. Sinking to his knees, Dante wept for his friends, for his love, the only thing he had left in this world.

               You know I can help you get down there. But with hands like those you won’t be of much use.The demon healed his hands.Your friend won’t be safe from our wrath though.

                “Ivan,” turning to his new friend, Dante told him, “It’s time for us to part ways. Make your way to the surface and go home.”

                “You can’t possibly do what I think you’re going to do without help. Let me help you.” The Russian truly wanted to help. “I owe you my life. That is not a debt easily repaid.”

                “Remember when you killed me and I came back from hell.” Ivan nodded, “It’s about to get much worse than that. Go home, find your family, and tell them about the Bear that gave you back to them.” Ivan nodded and turned and left without another word.

               Can I have some fun now?

                “Yes.” The whites of his eyes became instantly black and his iris’s turned molten from the fires of hell. Smoke rose from the hellish eyes as his skin turned into scales and the body morphed into a hell bear. With his molten claws, the demon melted the doors in a single slash. Stepping into the shaft, he fell the few seconds to the ground, landing with a cement cracking thump. Dante’s consciousness found his friends, they were moving towards a blast door, Good.

                “You know they will be fine,” the demonic hiss sounded out of hell bear. “Your brother is not in the fray, but that won’t stop us from killing them all.

               What a shame, I know he’s here somewhere.

               “I will grant you the pleasure of killing him yourself, but for right now, it’s my turn.” With that the demon moved faster than the mortal eye could track until he was in the middle of the mass of bodies. Stopping on the now corpses of three lycan’s, a roar that sounded from the depths of the earth silenced the mass. The horde then turned into a frenzy, half trying to get at him and the other half trying to flee to anywhere they could hide.

                Summoning his mother’s gift to him, Dante caused tornado like winds to keep the horde inside the hanger. No escape. That was when the massacre started. The demon ripped through ranks of mongrel wolves. Those that weren’t instantly decapitated or ripped in half screamed out in pain, because their wounds were cauterized instantly preventing bleed out. A wolf jumped at his back, phasing out of the physical world, the demon spun and ripped the soul out of the attacking lycan’s body. Turning the soul over in his hand, he crushed it and tossed it to hell, another for the boatman. Phasing back into the physical world, the lycan’s body still in the air burst into flames.

The towering demon rose to his full height and let out a wicked laugh; he towered over the lycans surrounding him by at least 10 feet. Sending out a massive kick, he knocked one into the air, teleporting to the point he could spike the body into the ground. When the massive paw made contact with the broken body, it morphed into a burning fleshy napalm bomb. When that ball hit the ground, an explosion killed several instantly, but the inferno caught another dozen on fire. The dead were quickly beginning to outnumber the living.

He ripped through most of the remaining lycan. When only a few were left, a large silvering wolf stepped forward to challenge him. Both Dante and the demon knew who this was, “I should kill you this time rather than the other way around like it was last time.” The demon’s face twisted into an ethereal snarl.

Let me talk to him. He has a lot of explaining to do before we kill him.

The demon rolled his eyes, “Fine.” Then pointing at the silvering wolf, “You’re lucky I don’t kill you now, someone wants to talk with you.” Dante took back control his body as he shifted back to his human form. The winds that kept everyone in the hanger died down and the few wolves left alive rushed for the exit with their lives left intact, all that is, except the older man now standing a few feet from Dante.

“Hello Erik. It’s been a long fucking time.” Dante was cold to his father’s old friend. “I heard that pitiful excuse of my brother took the clan away from you, and this is what he turned it into.” Kicking the severed head of a fallen woman toward the older man, “Disgusting, I remember when I was young. The clan was strong, powerful, and refined. This is a pack of wild dogs.”

“Fenrir is far more powerful than any turned lycan in the history of our race. He easily defeated me…”

“Nicolai, his name is Nicolai.” The name dripped with venom.

“Nicolai defeated me for the right to rule. Right after he murdered your father and sister in cold blood.” Dante’s skin rippled from containing his anger.

“My mother? Did he kill her too?”

“No, she was gone before that; she died of heart ache with the loss of you.”

Dante heard the door unlock to the shelter. “Surrender now and I can guarantee you won’t die immediately, maybe even spare your life.”

“I accept, on one condition.”

“Name it.”

“If I am to die, Arisa is the one that kills me.”

NO, that is my privilege, he killed me and your uncle.

“I accept the terms of your surrender.”

You Bastard!

“Dante?” a small voice called out to him. “You killed them all?”

“DANTE!” Melody’s voice rang out. “Is he out there? Is he alive?” She came sprinting out of the room, tears streaming down her face. Melody came to a halt at his feet, cocked her arm back and smacked Dante firmly across the face. “Don’t you EVER do that to me again,” she then jumped up and threw her arms around his neck and planted a huge kiss on his lips. He held onto her as she wrapped legs around his waist. Pulling back she whispered to him, “Don’t ever leave me like that again.”

“I can’t make any promises, but I’ll try not to.” He held her tight. After a few moments, he saw Elseron approach. Setting her down lightly on the ground, “Sir Elseron, this is Erik, former leader of the Blood Claws. Now your prisoner of war, he surrendered with only one condition.”

“That is?”

Arisa stepped out from around Elseron, “Arisa is the one who gets to kill him if he is to be executed.”

Before she could say a word, a howl sounded out load and clear from the hanger doors. Another group of lycan's were on the assault, trying to bring forth the bear from within, Dante couldn't do it.

You better not die, cause you're lycan form is useless right now.The demon paused, Now you could always just let me take control again, but you know what that entails.

"No," Dante growled at the demon in his head. "Looks like I'm doing this the old fashioned way." Picking up a pipe as long his arm, he tapped the jagged end against the concrete floor.

The End

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