The hardest word to utter.Mature


“I....I think I can get us out...” Will heard a young girl's voice utter as he neared closer to a grate. He kept as quiet as possible when peering though the mental grid. What he saw wasn't what he expected, though what he expected he had no clue. Their all looked exhausted. The beautiful women he'd seen Melody with was there, her once beautiful, luscious white hair now a tangled, dirtied mess. Melody herself was helping a tall man with shaggy blond hair stand. He looked like he'd been through the worst of all them. Will didn't know what to think of the man who had black fog escaping his lips every breath. The one who had spoken couldn't have been older than twelve years old, though one glance into her otherworldly amber eyes made him think her older for a split second. Everyone of them were concentrating on the small girl, waiting for her next words.

Then Will slipped slightly, his claws making a high-pitched screech noise as he fell out of the vent shaft and into an uncomfortable canine heap on the floor.


Melody wasn't thinking normally. She was thinking in frozen images and senses. The wolf on the floor. The smell so similar to her brothers. Elseron raising his axe, a deep roar leaving his throat. The axe was suddenly in front of her as she put herself between them. Voices yelling at her from all sides.

“What are you doing?!”, Elseron.

“How did it get in here?”, Phaedos.

“Get out of the way Melody”, Elseron.

“Should I burn it?”, Arisa.

“Something about him feels familiar...”, Atlas.

“Melody! Let Elseron crush it...or I'll take care of it”, Pilot.

Then yelps of pain. The lycan was changing. The sound of bones cracking reached her ears. The sound was sickening, she could tell this hurt him. He wouldn't have wanted this. Whoever forced this upon him would suffer. Atlas let out a surprised utter when Will stood up, shivering.

Melody gestured to the dead body. Will got the message and stole the cloths. She knew there were still a tidal of questions waiting. That the only reason they were holding back was that Atlas had properly sent them all a look. Though how Melody could begin to explain this was beyond her. She still didn't understand how he was alive, though she was grateful.

“What happened?” Melody asked, her voice sounded more strained and angry than she meant it to. She still hadn't decided how she felt about her brother and his new attitude, and now this? She didn't know what to think anymore.

“You disappeared and I wanted to find you. I tried asking some of the lycans I of them wasn't too nice” Will said the last part with a bitter laugh. A grimace touched his face as he remembered the experience Melody assumed.

“And why were you trying to find me? Decided to kill me?” At the sound of the word kill she felt everyone else go on edge. She wondered if Will even knew what the people behind her were capable of, much worse than she, she guessed.

“No” he said, looking down at the floor uncomfortably, “To apologise” He murmured. Melody choked out a shocked noise and a small laugh.

“Go ahead then” She said, crossing her arms and trying not to jump up and down with joy. Will whispered a single word, barely audible even with her vampire senses. Melody raised a single eyebrow at him and he let out an annoyed sound. God, it was like they were both angsty teenagers all over again.

“Sorry” Will forced the word between his lips. But he'd said it. Melody pulled him into a giant hug. She knew there was lots of explaining and that everything just  got more complicated, but she didn't care. She had one less thing to worry about.

“Did you see the bear?” She asked and Will shuddered.

“No, thankfully, from the sounds of it if I had I would've been dead” He replied. Melody took that as a sign that Dante was okay for now. But they needed to hurry up and get out of this forsaken place.

“You had a plan Arisa?” Atlas asked, echoing Melody's inner thoughts.

The End

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