Dangerous ThinkingMature

Arisa didn't know what to do, what to say. Witnessing what Pilot was doing to Elseron, it was shocking and amazing. And Atlas was safe, back with her father, her family. Back where she belonged.

Now to get out of here.

She could smell the wolves as they fought at the door, could hear those cruel calls. There were so many. And Dante was out there alone with them.

Arisa remembered the look in that silver wolf's eyes, that flash of surprise. She knew those eyes, but how she could not place. She knew they were from a distant memory, one that was buried deep in her mind.  She wanted to remember, just so she had a reason to kill that wolf.

"How are we going to get out of here...." She murmured to herself, her voice low enough she hoped no one else could here. She hated how scared and weak she felt. They had risked their lives for Atlas, every single on of them. And now they were trapped. Surrounded by stinking, drooling wolves, one of their own separated from them.

She twirled the little dagger in her hand, looking down at the flashing silver blade. She could feel her inner flames, twisting and turning, waiting for her to summon them to the surface. She was a living bomb.

An idea sparked her amber eyes. Maybe she could hold them off. She would survive the flames, they couldn't harm her skin. Maybe she could buy the others some time.

She looked up at Atlas, the beautiful Queen watching her guardian. She was the one that mattered. Get the Queen out. Get her home safe.

"I.... I think I can get us out...."

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The End

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