Nameless MuttMature


Will felt like a nameless mutt being sent to the slaughter amongst a waiting statistic. The smell of blood reached his nose straight away, acidic and making him want to gag. He tried to stay outside, knowing if he entered that building he would definitely die. How did this happen? Just what had Melody gotten herself into?! He raged quietly.

But the mass of furred bodies around him pushed and dragged him towards the large metal doors. If he tried to fight he'd surely be crushed by the vast group.

Is it true that the Bear is at the lift entrance?

Wills ear twitched as the telepathic thought passed between two wolves nearby. The odd form of communication between wolves was something he'd have to get used too. Honestly he wanted nothing more than to return to being human and to forget the past few days.

Who's the bear? He wondered, but he had a feeling he didn't want to know. The question had been thought with a strong sense of fear. The taste of it mixed with his own, causing his body to visibly shake. The door was getting closer now, soon his eyes would be invaded with the carnage as well as his nose. The sounds of ripping flesh and canine screams reached his ears and he felt them instantly droop against his neck in an attempt to block the relentless noise.

Will felt a sigh of relief leave his body as he saw no one inside. Torn flesh, muscles and bone littered the room. And the blood stained the walls a dark, morbid colour. The wolves were attacking another door and space was even tighter than outside. Will could see some wolves exploring the other walls, searching for another way in. He turned and fought the crowd and reached a far wall that the wolves weren't paying attention to. A ventilation shaft greeted his gaze and he ripped at the metal as quietly as he could. He still didn't know if he could really trust these guys.

He entered the shaft, careful not to catch his skin on the sharp parts of metal pointing towards him. As he crawled inside dust instantly surrounded him and Will had to fight back the urge to sneeze and tell the others what he had found. He poked his nose out the opening and spotted a nearby box. It was difficult to shift it across the opening in his wolf form but he managed it without being noticed. Glad that the entrance was concealed well enough he faced the narrow tunnel that slanted upwards. He hoped he found Melody soon.


Melody felt her body relax when she saw Atlas. Then the panic rose when her ice blue eyes moved to examine phaedos' bloodied state. It was the kind of distraction she needed, rushing over to help support him. Because her mind was wondering way too easily onto Dante and weather he was okay. She wished she could barrel through all the irritating dogs outside. She was sure if she put her mind to it, she could tear them all to shreds. But another part of her mind, the rational part still left. Argued that even if she could, more would replace them.

“What happened?!” Melody asked, but she felt her head turn away from Atlas, not even thinking to register her reply.

“-stening? Melody!” Melody's neck snapped round to look at Atlas, her honey eyes a mix of hurt and confusion, not to mention the dark circles of tiredness.

“Sorry” Melody murmured. She swore a familiar scent had reached her senses just then. But what would he be doing here? How would he even get here? Unless he was working with the people who kidnapped them, or worse with Fenrir's mongrels.

The End

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