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Elseron stood beside his new knights. Holding his sacred weapon in his hand, staring above the carnage at the thick steel door that was slowly buckling with harsh screeches from the force of the Lycan bodies firing against it. Dante had climbed up the lift shaft and already dismembered Lycan bodies were thudding lifelessly to the hard ground behind them, but if their numbers were anything like the ones down here...not even the Great Bear could hold out for that long... Elseron felt a gentle hand touch his as Melody stepped beside him, her face as cool and neutral as he hoped his own was. Eden stood in full armour, Atlantean sword still sheathed across her back, holding onto Pilot's hand with a calmness of a couple that had faced the darkness a thousand times before. The Guardian was acutely aware that at this time, facing the greatest fights in their lives, was the time the leader gave a rousing speech. Spouting words like a warrior poet that would give his soldiers hope and cause them to fight with a re-found vigour. But nothing came to him. He'd said everything that needed to be said, apart from this... 'It has been my life’s honour, to fight beside all of you.' he felt Melody's eyes flick onto him as well as Eden and Pilots, but they said nothing. The doors buckled.

A living tidal wave of rippling fur, glistening claws and drooling teeth poured into the huge circular space. The first line of wolves crushed beneath the weight of the rest of the pack that clawed at each other, wanting to be the first to get a kill. Time slowed. Elseron felt his axe handle expand, taking it in both hands he watched the wolves leap forward with gleaming claws, some jumping to crawl across the ceiling. He heard Melody's whip unravel, the blades at its end gleaming briefly. Then he saw something through the tide of wolves. A silver haired Lycan. Twice as big as the others, roaring at his underlings to urge them forward. With a mighty battle cry Melody, taking a lesson from Dante, took the offensive. Her long elegant limbs crossing the gap between them and the wolves in seconds. Elseron followed her as Eden and Pilot ran to either side, ensuring the Lycan's didn't flank them. Tapping into his magic the chains around his forearms ignited in crackling lightning. He felt the micro-filaments crawl across his face as the power consumed his axe, runes of his axe glowing brighter with every step he took towards the roaring Lycans.

Melody lashed her whip down. The red leather wrapping around a Lycan's neck in mid air, pulling hard she snapped its vertebrae with a practiced motion. Then Elseron lost sight of her as his world was consumed by the opponents in front of him. Nothing else existed anymore. Only the battle. Only the wolves and him. Ducking a pair of gleaming claws Elseron hacked and slashed cutting limbs from flying Lycan's as easily as he would cut a hunk of steak. Acting with conscious thought he just let his military training control him. Running on the instincts of three centuries of battle experience. Cutting arms from shoulders. Calf’ from knees. Breaking bones with his fists. Turning Lycan's into nothing but piles of smoking ash with his magic. But it was useless. Every enemy he cut down two took its place. Soon he was completely surrounded. Wolves hissing and roaring with pure animal fury as they waited. Elseron stood, already panting; the Grayscale was coursing through his system more than blood now. Forcing the cough back Elseron felt a set of claws tear across his back. Roaring in pain he dropped to a crouch and spun.

Axe blade singing through the guts of dozens of Lycan. Their entrails falling onto the floor in great fleshy lassos. The wolf that had cut out jumped back at just the right time. Elseron's axe doing nothing more than cutting several long hairs from its stomach. Dropping to one knee Elseron listened to the odd sounds the wolves were making. They were laughing at him. Atlas's face flashed in front of his eyes. His little girl scared and alone in her cell. He wouldn't let it end like this. As a wolf stepped forward he took another grip on his axe. A scarlet and silver dart slid along the floor in front of the wolf. Quicker than Elseron's eye could keep up with. The wolf froze. Looking down where a cauterised wound gave his stomach a crooked smile, the smell of burning flesh and boiled blood seeping up the wolf fell back. Dead. The dart returned. Stopping in front of Elseron. Arisa smiled at him. Pale flesh covered in small cuts, tiny chest plate bloodied with the life force of her enemies, hair writhing and twisting above her head like living flames. 'Sir Elseron.' she curtsied with a wicked grin. Flipping the knife around in her hand. 'Seems it's my turn to save you.'

'Quite. DOWN!' Elseron roared. As one Arisa ducked, running under his arm, as Elseron stood, swinging his axe round in a mighty arc to decapitate the wolf that had made a lunge for the small vampire. Three wolves lunged at him. Dodging the first Elseron side stepped the seconds claws, smashing the wolf on the back of the head with the flat of his axe. Knocking it out cold. The third sliced him across the armour on his shoulder. Claws ripping huge scratches across the plate armour. Before he had a chance to retaliate an inferno of orange flames erupted around the wolf. Its dying howl echoing around the huge room like a sound of a spirit in hell. He and Arisa butchered wolf after wolf. Occasionally catching glimpses of the others as they fought. We can't keep this up. 'Arisa!' he shouted as they stood back to back, staring at the line of wolves around them. 'Do you know where the Vault is? Atlas's in there!'

'LEFT!' she screamed. Jumping onto the back of a Lycan before plunging her knife down into his brain. Pushing out with his magic a dozen Lycan's were bowled over, Elseron had just enough time to see a dark corridor at the far end of the hall. A thick bomb proof door sitting open.

'Arisa tell the others to get there. Now! GO!' spinning he brought his axe down like a pendulum. Slicing a wolf that had dropped from the ceiling from groin to head. The two halves of its bifurcated body falling apart spilling its blood and guts across the concrete. Arisa was already gone. Hoping the small vampire was swift and agile enough to get to the others Elseron began hacking his way through the Lycan's. Doging and rolling on the blood slick ground if he was unable to block the attack. To his joy he saw Pilot and Eden already standing behind the door at the far end of the corridor. Melody suddenly appeared at his side. Pushing against his shoulders to deliver a flying kick to a Lycan's jaw. Dislocating it badly. 'Go!' Elseron said pushing her forward. Entering the corridor the wolves suddenly stopped and turned at the sound of a god like roar. The huge silver wolf cut a path for himself through the wolves. Nearly as tall as Dante this silver haired monster had to double over to walk the corridor. Claws a gleaming ebony black. Eyes hard malicious yellow. Juggling his axe from hand to hand Elseron prepared to fight. But again Arisa slid in front of him. Glowing red eyes staring up at the massive wolf, her knife in her hand held ready.

To his shock and awe the wolf faltered. Staring down at Arisa it stopped its hellish growl, an almost human emotion passing across its eyes. Without a word Arisa pushed Elseron back. 'Now!' she screamed. The great bomb proof doors slid closed in front of them, just before they closed Elseron saw a shape that looked suspiciously like Dante roar in the middle of the Lycan's. The silence the group fell into didn't last long as the wolves started their barrage against the door. 'That won't hold them for more than ten minutes.' gasped Pilot.

'Jesus Christ...Dante...' whimpered Melody grabbing fistfuls of her hair in her hands.

'He'll be fine.' said Eden breathlessly. 'Trust me.' Elseron saw a look pass between Pilot and Eden but he ignored it. He needed to find Atlas. 

'Which way?' he asked flexing his aching joints. It turned out to be a redundant question. They were in a square room with lead lined walls, only one other door, and a single perforated steel balcony placed alongside each wall. In the centre stood a huge cast iron cube. Its deadbolts five foot long and eight inches thick.

'You've wasted your time old man.' spoke a deep voice from the balcony. Gun shots fired out. Bullets skittering along the floor around their feet. 'She's not here!' Pressing the others against the wall Elseron looked out from under the balcony. The huge titan of a man stood at the far end holding a huge automatic rifle in his hands. 

'Where is she!' Eden called out causing another spark of gun fire around them.

'Dead...' said the huge bald man simply. Elseron felt his heart sink. 'Ran into the gassed floor with her little boyfriend. We glassed it just to be sure though...sorry.' with an evil laugh the huge man that had tortured his daughter fired at Arisa. Rage mixing with unquenchable grief Elseron felt the bullet stop in mid air as he bent the way of the world to his vision. The still spinning projectile stopping inches off Arisa's right eye. With a hellish scream Elseron contorted the way of the world more than he ever had before, melting the gun in the soldiers hand and burning the platform he stood on. Dropping his axe Elseron charged at the huge human who tried uselessly to get to his feet. Grabbing him with crackling hands the old Atlantean pushed him against the wall. 

'Where is she!' he bellowed. 

The ugly human just laughed. 'She called out your name as I tortured her you know.' Throwing him high into the air Elseron released one of the chains around his arm, firing the metal links after his body they wrapped around his leg. Pulling him back to earth with a sickening crunch Elseron set the chains alight, thrashing his body with merciless whips of the burning links. 'Where...is...my...Daughter!' he raged at the burnt out husk of a body. Still lashing the corpse.

'Elseron stop it!' someone said behind him. Rage and grief fueling him he barely heard. He wished he could bring this bastard back to life, just so he could kill him all over again. Kill the man that had tortured his baby girl so cruelly. 

'Where's my Daughter you monster!' he raged at the corpse.

'ELS!' spinning at the word Elseron's eyes met Atlas's as she stood in the second doorway, with a bloodied Phaedos behind her.

The End

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