The Best Laid Plans of Mice and MenMature

Elseron stood, spattered in the blood of his latest kill, watching with uncaring eyes as Melody butchered a scientist. Fangs tearing into flesh as easily as Elseron would a hunk of steak, after about ten minutes Melody sat up, panting, blood drenching down her chin from the pinkie organic lump that she chewed slowly. Savouring the taste. 'I think I love her.' Dante whispered making Elseron smile slightly.

'Who was he?' he asked loud enough for Melody to hear him. She stopped her chewing and looked back, looking strangely self-conscious, as if she had forgotten the others were there.

'Someone who needed to die.' she whimpered.

'Fair enough.' Breathing deep Elseron looked to each of his knights, once he gave the order, once he sent them to their assigned location...there wasn't any going back. Do or die, Dante said that once...Do or die. 'Are you all ready?' he asked looking to each of them. All with their new weapons to hand, Arisa wearing a simple Atlantean steel breastplate, the others wore some armour as well, with Eden wearing the most. Almost in full plate. A gleaming sword strapped across her back. To Elseron, stood here, now. None of them had ever looked more grand, more like Atlanteans.

'We're ready Elseron,' Eden smiled placing her hand onto his armoured shoulder.

'Thank you...all of you...for doing this.' choked Elseron as the emotions swelled up inside him. Each just smiled at him, 'You four you know what to do!' he addressed Eden, Pilot, Dante and Melody, they nodded quickly before running down the corridor. Elseron found the Russian cat sat against a wall. Picking him up by the scruff of his neck the Lord Commander smashed him against the wall, 'Listen to me and you listen well. You are going to accompany Arisa down to the bottom level, make sure she gets their safe and enters the ducts safely. After that you come back up here, find us in Zeus's office and await further orders.' he said quickly. 'Understood?'

'Yes.' Said the simple looking Russian.

'Good, anything happens to her. I'll feed you to Dante piece by piece.' dropping him Elseron left the cat to scramble back to his feet. Turning to look at Arisa he couldn't help but feel she was out of her depth, no matter how old her mind was she was still a twelve year old girl...she had by far the most dangerous part. Breaching the lowest level on her own that would be crawling with soldiers, find her way to the elevator shaft after cutting the electrics...'Arisa...'

'Eh hem,' she coughed elegantly. 'It's Lady Arisa now you know.' she giggled. Elseron laughed.

'You don't have to do this...'

'Yes I do Elseron. You and the Queen, Atlas, you gave me a voice, a way to control my powers, you gave me a home...and...a family.' she said the last words shyly. Elseron smiled.

'And a new dress.' Arisa giggled more at her words.

'That too. I'll be fine Elseron. See you at the bottom. Come on Kitty!' With that Arisa turned and ran, faster than he had ever seen her move, the Cat struggling to keep pace behind her. Spirits protect her...Elseron thought drifting a hand to his axe. I'm coming Atlas...stay strong my darling...I'm coming!


Fenrir was getting impatient with these pups! So many were already dead! At this rate none would be left to take the facility. Biting hard onto his fingernails while pacing back and forth Fenrir watched the wolves entrench around a compound, moving slowly, cautiously. BOOM! The RPG sent hunks of flying Lycan off in every direction, a blast mark of blood seared onto the dusty desert floor. 'I tire of these things failure!' Fenrir barked, stopping dead in his tracks. 'The Pawns are failing, time to send in a Knight.' turning Erik looked up to him with impassive eyes, hands clasped respectfully behind his back. 'You will lead the next wave Erik! Get me into that...'

'SIR!' some soon to be dead pup interrupted.

'WHAT!' bellowed Fenrir.

'Sir,' coughed the runner as he kneeled on the ground before his Wolf God. 'Scouts...found...another...way in.'

'What?!' asked Fenrir feeling a fresh wave of hope wash over him.

'An aircraft transport...end of a test runway...lowers...and raises...planes...into the base.' This information might just save your life boy!

'It's on no schematic.' pointed out Erik with narrow eyes.

'Hanger it leads to, holds top secret...spy planes. Kept off the plans for secrecy sir.'

'It's raised now yes?' the runner nodded. 'Then how do we lower it?!'

'A command key, typed into a computer in the control tower.' Fenrir spun. Looking over to the four story air traffic control tower, Lycans clearly killing the men inside. Fenrir smiled.

'You have this command key?' again the runner nodded. This will be my finest hour. This act will lead to my ascension of man to GOD! 'Send the wolf with the command key into that tower and keep the base attack going, send the pups and a third of the Blood Claws to the landing strip to lead them. After they descend we will enter...well done runner. You will be the first to drink the wine of Atlantis tonight!'


Zeus's office was lavish beyond belief. Oak panelled walls, antique renaissance furniture, paintings from some of the finest human artists to ever have lived and shelf upon shelf of antique books. A Guttenburg Bible taking pride of place on a central pedestal on the left hand wall. The carpets Elseron dripped blood onto were plush and comfortable under his feet while his desk was a strange mixture of brushed aluminium and polished oak. His knights stood behind his desk in front of a third bookshelf, their equipment for infiltrating the lowest levels in a massive burlap sack at Dante's feet. 'What's the problem?' he asked them on his approach.

'No elevator.' Pilot said dryly. That can't be...Elseron thought as his heart stopped beating in his chest for a sharp moment.

'Trust me it's here.' He said looking around.

'There's no scents in this place Elseron,' said Dante. 'He must have sprayed everything before leaving. He could have had his old arse plonked in this chair five minutes ago and I wouldn't even know it.''s here. Elseron said scanning every inch of the desk with a keen eye, reading every book spine that smiled out to him on the shelf behind Melody.

'This man thrives on secrecy,' his said more to himself than anyone else. 'It's his shield. Nothing about him from his appearance to his office is as it seems,' scanning a book one stood out to him. 'Zeus had one wife, Hera. And four Goddess lovers, Callisto, Ganymede, Europa...and Io. Hera caught her husband with Io but in an effort to disguise his lover Zeus turned her into a Hera created a Nat to pester Io forever.' Elseron grabbed the book and pulled. It fell into his hands easily.

'Your deductive powers astound me Elseron,' Pilot said sarcastically. Elseron ignored him, feeling the odd weight to the small book. Opening it the hidden button quickly revealed itself, carved into the pages, pressing it the bookshelf snorted with the quick release of pressurised gas and slid first forward, then to the left. Revealing a silver door etched with the golden thunderbolt of Zeus. Elseron smiled.

'What's the book.' asked Eden, he quickly passed it to her. 'Jupiter and it's moons? I don't see the connection.'

'The names of Jupiters four largest moons. Callisto, Europa, Ganymede and Io.' explained Pilot. 'Very good Elseron. Now we simply wait for the twelve year old vampire to cut the power cables all by herself.'

It seemed like hours stood there. After prying the door open Dante had easily lifted the elevator higher into the shaft, until the springs and counter weights in the roof were touching one another. Creating a good six foot gap between the bottom lip of the elevator and their open doorway, beyond that was nothing but the pitch black of the empty shaft. Nearly four hundred feet straight down. Elseron swallowed as he looked over the edge, waiting for the power to be cut and the backup generator to kick in. That would take care of the Elevator's drop brakes, but not the bombs that lined the walls. If any of them downstairs saw the elevator descend they'd blow the shaft, decimating the lift. 'Are you sure about the sensors?' asked Elseron looking to Pilot.

'Yes Sir Elseron. Do not worry my side of the plan will hold you just focus on your own.' resisting the urge to punch his lights out Elseron noticed Dante looking troubled, the Great Bear looked to him.

'The Cat should be back by now...' as he said it Melody checked her watch.

'He's right...they've been gone ten minutes. He should have m...' A figure crashed through the office door. Elseron spun. Drawing his axe out of instinct. But it was the Russian. Bloodied and battered almost beyond recognition, his eye swollen almost completely shut.

'Wolves!' he shouted.


'Wolves, zere are volves in zer the floor below us!'

'On level three?' confirmed Elseron, the Russian nodded.

'Zey must av' found a new vay into ze vacillity!' said the Cat between ragged pants.

'Could they have tunnelled through?' asked Melody.

'Not through bombproof concrete, not so fast.' said Dante before stopping, straining his hearing. Gun shots echoed through the stone, coming from above. Followed by savage roars.

'They're here...' almost on cue the power to the whole facility died, leaving the room in darkness before the eerie red glow of the backup lighting replaced it. Bathing them all in a red glow. 'I owe that girl one very pretty dress.' Elseron whispered to himself. Running over to the shaft he looked down into it. A claxon sounded in time with the thrumming red lights, but in the darkness green beams shone out in an intricate criss-cross pattern. 'Get ready!' he bellowed allowing the three Vampires to move to the door. Each carrying three massive rolls of nanothread they maglocked the huge wheels of rope onto the metal panels above the elevator door, Pilot stood in the centre, Eden and Melody at his sides. All tying the length of cables around their waists. 'Thirty seconds!' Pilot said looking at his watch. Running over to Eden while Melody briefly and passionately kissed Dante Elseron placed a hand on her shoulder.

'I'm sorry.' he said taking her off guard. 'I'm sorry about your mother, and you're father, I'm sorry you were lost for so long. I'm sorry I...I'm sorry I couldn't find you.' Tears grew in Eden's eyes and she quickly jumped and hugged him, her armour making the manoeuvre tricky.

'It doesn't matter you didn't find me then, we're all together now. I wish I knew you as good as my sister Sir Elseron, I wish I could know the man behind the axe.' taken aback by her poignant words Elseron didn't know what to say, her eyes seemed far off, almost dream like. 'Five...four...three...' Pilot counted down. 'NOW!' Leaping into the darkness the three elegant creatures twisted themselves before swallow diving. Watching them fall in slow motion Elseron and Dante stood with baited breath. The laser field was still active, if Pilot was wrong...if the transition between the main supply and the backup didn't happen when said. The bombs would detonate.

'Come on baby, come on baby you got this! Come on!' Dante chanted. Thirty feet from the first laser. Twenty, fifteen, ten! The shaft darkened as every electrical device in it died. Including the lasers. Allowing the three vampires to freefall through the air without worry of the bombs. 'THAT'S MY GIRL!' bellowed Dante with a whooping laugh. Elseron smiled but remained focus. The back-lag from the power cut had hit this place last, just as Pilot said it would, that meant it would fall onto the backup generators last as well. A single minute between changes by his calculations. When the smoking reels of rope-thick nanofibre eventually stopped their turning Elseron and Dante looked to each other, gun fire cracked below them. They had one minute to hit the bottom, kill all the guards and secure the guard station before the backup generator kicked in, if it took any longer than a minute it would allow them to blow the shaft. Stranding all of them. 'Last one to the bottom buys beer tonight.' said Dante with a roughish smile. Elseron smiled back. Wrapping their hands in chainmail they each locked a reel of rope and grabbed hold. Elseron drew his axe and let out a single breath before jumping into the darkness.

He fell faster than he could imagine. Air battering his face with huge icy fists. His hair billowing around his face. The heat from the friction between mail and rope burning the skin on his hand. Dante fell beside him, roaring and changing as he did. Lights strobed past him. Each one marking ten feet. The bottom could be seen now. It rushed up to meet them. Cracking into his powers Elseron felt the way of the world change. The two warriors hit the floor like armoured comets. Cracking the shaft walls. Elseron landing into a crouch. Axe in hand. Blue lightning crackling around the weapon, around his hands and chains around his forearms. From his eyes. Looking into the corridor that splayed out before him Elseron roared a ferocious war cry before hefting his axe and diving into the battle. Time to save his Princess...time to save his daughter.

The End

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