Will Waited, surrounded by complete strangers. The difference between him and them, was they wanted this. They wanted to run into this death trap of a fortress. Were willing to risk their lives to be a part of the blood claws. He has just wanted to undo everything. He should have just gotten depressed and seen a therapist. He shouldn’t have become obsessed. Obsession never leads anywhere good. This was proof, He was about to die. he just hoped he could find Melody before then. At least he can apologise for being such a bad brother.


A smile grew across Melody's face when Dante stood up, he still looked as confused as when Elseron had yelled at him. She moved closer to him, leaning into him.

“My knight” Melody whispered, before stealing a few sweet seconds to kiss him. She felt her face grow red when she realised everyone was watching. Pilot looked bored whilst Arisa smiled widely. Elseron coughed to get they're attention.

“Let's go” he said. No one argued. They needed to help Atlas, she was the important one. They walked into the next corridor and unsurprisingly more soldiers were waiting. She noticed someone familiar cowering behind them. She felt a cruel smile spread over my face. She was going to enjoy this.

Melody heard Dante's beastly roar and Elseron's battle cry. she felt the heat of Arisa flames. But her mind was focused on reaching only one person. Dodging the badly aimed bullets had become second nature. The few who dared step in her path were easily brushed aside. He knew she was coming for him, she could see it in his eyes. He attempted to run away, but she easily caught him, yanking him back by his collar.

“Why so scared Yerik?” she asked tauntingly. His eyes were wide, his breathing unsteady and his heartbeat out of control. A heartbeat had never called to Melody so strongly.

“You managed to get away when all hell broke loose, including myself” she continued, glad to be the one in control at last.

“Did you really think you could get away with those vicious games?” she asked, he began to stutter but she silenced him by leaning in close to his face.

“You shouldn't play Yerik, not when your a sore loser and run” she felt her fangs lengthen as she spoke.

“Pl-pl-please! Don't! I-” He begged, pitiful and helpless, oh it feels so good to see him like this at last Melody revealed, For their places to be reversed.

“Say sorry and it might be painless” She murmured. His eyes widened further, stunned silent.

“No response? Good”.

Revenge never felt so perfect.

The End

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