Arisa trembled on the table, her fiery hair dirty and matted as it lay pooled around her childish face. They had drawn blood, poked and prodded her, burned her with UV rays, and still she had kept her mouth shut. They had injected her with what felt like liquid fire, burning her from the inside out, but it only enraged her inner flames. The first round of scientists had become charcoal within seconds with her first dose. They had been trying to test her for her age. They had committed suicide before they ever knew it.

She had been toyed with and tortured, tested and tormented for hours upon end. She had slowly healing cuts along her flesh, her dress in rags. She had marks on her skin from the UV rays, the burns blistered over with angry red welts. She was healing so slowly, like a human. She was beaten and broken at the hands of a human with a needle, but she never gave them what they wanted. Never would their secrets pass her lips.

When the alarms sounded and all hell broke loose, Arisa felt a steady calm settle over her. She knew they would escape. Maybe not all of them, but the important ones would be free.

Explosions and gun fire rang through the halls, the smell of fresh blood tickling her nose, a sharp hunger hitting her senses. When had she fed last? Had it been days? Weeks? She didn't know, time passed all the same in here, day was night and night was day, no rhyme or reason to her senses. But the blood smelled rich and lovely, her fangs throbbing in her mouth. She needed to feed. Badly.

She was ready to spend the rest of her days here if she had to. She was nothing but baggage to the others, they could escape faster with out her. Atlas mattered, not her. They had a better chance with out the child vampire.

Arisa smiled. "The bear is loose." She laughed, the cruel sound echoing off the metal walls around her despite the rumble of gun fire. "Oh poor, poor humans, no hope left for those that attempted to contain us..."

As a wave of pain shot through her body, she gritted her teeth. The hunger was trying to take over, to wash her in blood lust. Her throat burned, her skin fevered and tight. Her incisors lengthened and sharped, viciously long and cruel. She could smell fresh blood, not far from her prison. She hissed in annoyance, pulling at the chains that held her. Instinct told her to fight, to feed.  The carnage was coming closer, the beast that created it not far behind.

Find Melody... She silently prayed, wishing they could hear her. Find Melody... Leave me...I'll be fine...

She didn't matter. She never had.

(( I kinda tried to cover the time I missed, but i couldn't think of anything to really make a dramatic scene with her.... soooo tell me what you think....^-^))

The End

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