The Way of the WarriorMature

With a clean swoosh the thick metal doors slid open. Gun fire split the air like the call of some ferocious daemon. Bullets ripped through metal, fragmenting, tearing, bouncing around the enclosed space of the decontamination chamber like angry hornets after their nest had been destroyed. After about fifteen seconds of heavy sustained fire a powerful voice shouted, 'CEASE FIRE!' at once the bullets stopped and the metal box of a room fell silent. Only the small tinkling of metal as the last of the spent shells danced across the floor. 'Where is he?' asked the same voice.

'After the elevators this is the only way into the labs. He has to come this way.' said another, far weaker, voice.

'What about the ducts?' asked another voice.

'Only lead up.' spoke the powerfully sounding leader. 'Rodriguez, Blake. Take point.' two sets of footsteps suddenly sounded, approaching the metallic room cautiously. As one unit the two men stepped into the room , one looked left the other right. Checking the corners. Nothing. Lowering their weapons the two soldiers spun a few times, then shrugging their shoulders turned to look out the open door.

'He's not in here.' Elseron dropped from the ceiling at that moment, his shoulders and legs had started to burn after supporting him in that horizontal position, fighting gravity with every passing second. Hitting the floor with a hard resonating ring Elseron swung his shortened axe, slicing clean through the first soldiers pitiful armour like it wasn't even there. Cleaving through fat, muscle and eventually bone. The severed limb hit the floor accompanied by a great gush of blood and a savage scream of pain from the soldier who dropped his weapon and collapsed instantly. With a yelp the second soldier jumped away from Elseron but he managed to grab him by the belt. Pulling him forward and rising to his feet the old Atlantean knight kneed the boy in his gut. Colliding with his gun, but even that wasn't enough to stop the force of the attack. Spluttering as the air was knocked from his lungs the soldier doubled over.

'FIRE AT WILL!' cracking his icy eyes onto the line of six soldiers all Elseron saw were their gun barrels pointing towards him. Gripping the boy soldier by the back of the neck Elseron spun him around to face his squadron whilst covering behind his armoured frame. Gun cracked the air once more. The boy shouted and began jerking horribly as the bullets hit his Kevlar vest, but the rounds still had enough force to pass into his chest cavity. Spinning his axe in his hand Elseron picked up the dying soldier with one hand and began the steady advancement out of the room, leaving the legless soldier to clutch at his bloody stump as his body went into shock. One small step at a time Elseron entered the stark white corridor as the bullets flew past him and dug into the corpse he know cowered behind for cover. Three...two...ONE! With a grunt of effort Elseron threw the body through the air, hitting the line of guns, sending three to the floor, and creating just enough of a distraction for him to reach into his mind and grab hold of his powers. They flow was still jaded and weak...but it would be enough.

Eyes tingling as the lightning passed over them Elseron slashed his axe down three times sending three crackling arcs of eldritch power slicing through the air. Crackling with power they hit their targets, one removed a head, the second cut him clean in half. And the third sliced the man down the middle, bifurcating him completely, the two half’s on his body peeling away like a banana skin. 'What the f*ck!' shouted one soldier who scrambled along the floor. Trying to move away from his friends head that had fallen at his side. A bullet hit his left pauldron bruising his shoulder, but nothing more. Elseron rolled towards the boy only to stop before him, grab his entire face in his hand and throw him across the polished floor towards his friend. The two collided with a hard crunch, hitting the wall sending a mix of both their brains onto the wall. Splattering across the dull white surface like some hellish Rorschach test. 'DON'T MOVE!' shouted the commander. Crouched on the floor like a pouncing predator Elseron looked to him, holding his gun in shaking hands, eyes wide with fear.

Elseron stood slowly. The lightning of his magic now crackling around the chains around his forearms and his sacred axe, the blue runes glowing faintly. But they were growing stronger. The commander stepped back. 'I SAID DON'T MOVE!'

'The floor below us is gassed. Where will they take Atlas now the facilities on lock down?' asked Elseron, voice contorting to bizarre otherworldly pitches, spinning his axe around in his hand. Judging the weight. Finding that sweet spot where both ends were perfectly weighted.  The commander shouldered his rifle and stared down its sight.

'FREEZE.' I need to get to her! Elseron roared as he tapped into his magic. In the blink of an eye the soldier’s gun crackled with energy before being torn from his hands. Floating in the air by unknown means the device began dismantling itself until only its components parts were dropped to the floor. 'Jesus Christ.'

'Were will they take her!' asked the old knight stepping forward. The commander drew a combat knife from his side and lunged. Almost lazily Elseron side stepped the attack, cut the man’s hand from his wrist with his axe then pinned him to the wall by his throat. Choking the scream before it could escape. 'Tell me!' Noting a look in the man’s eyes and a flick of his jaw Elseron shoved his free hand into the man’s mouth and pulled out the fake tooth, crushing the poisonous capsule beneath his fingers. 'I'll give you a quicker death than that tablet...or I can make you suffer. I can boil your blood with a thought. Or I can incinerate you in the blink of an,' raising his axe to his throat Elseron looked deep into his terrified brown eyes. 'Where will they take her.'

'There's a dead vault argh! On the lowest level, one way in one way out. Bomb proof walls. They'll take her there I swear just please don't kill me.' spat the commander.

'I never said I wouldn't kill you.' Tapping into his power Elseron took a page from Arisa's book and burnt him alive. Walking away as his horrifying screams rung through the air Elseron felt a sudden pang of guilt. He hadn't even thought of Arisa, or Pilot, or even Eden. His best friend’s daughter. He'd only thought of Atlas. My Little Princess...I don't know if you can hear me. But I'm coming! I swear to you I'm coming for you. A soldier shot from an open doorway. Not even breaking stride Elseron batted his gun away with a flick of his axe before bringing the gleaming blade down on his crown. Skull cracking in half beneath his skin the soldier dropped, convulsing, his brains slowly running down Elseron's axe as he walked. I'm coming.


Fenrir watched from atop his vantage point, the wind blowing through his long mane of hair, arms folded across his chest. Watching with a practised strategic eye as the newly turned legionnaires overran the government facility. Revelling in their new powers. In truth half of the untrained pups died before they even reached the fence. Gunned down by the machinegun turrets that sat every hundred feet around the perimeter in highly fortified lookout towers. It didn't matter. This was chess. And one never sent the king in first. No...that's what the pawns were for. 'Sir they're being slaughtered!' shouted a worried looking new-breed. 

'Would you like to join them!' hissed Fenrir glancing over his shoulder at the boy, who immediately crumpled beneath his gaze. 'Then hold your tongue!' turning back to the battle just as a large group of his wolves stormed into an aircraft hanger only to be blown up Fenrir tisked. With the new-breeds his numbers were close to five hundred, they more than outnumbered the soldiers in this part of Hive. But how they could still be being beaten! 'Send in the next wave, tell them whoever brings me the head of the general will earn a sizeable reward.' The boy nodded before running down to the main body of his army. Soon a fresh wave of blood drunk new-breeds were screaming across the open distance, some in naked human form. Others in wolf form. He couldn't call them wolves really. They were just...cannon fodder.

'These people are our pack Fenrir and you send them to their deaths!' grunted Erik with a great deal of pain to his voice.

'They are pawns Erik. Just being bitten by a Blood Claw does not make you one. A place must be earned.' Fenrir mused as he watched the fresh wave leap over the fence and into the facility, two took out the nearest turret towers. These look slightly more hopeful.

'They are our,' shouted Erik.

'Try me anymore you old fool and I will send you in to lead them!' Fenrir roared, interrupting the ancient wolf who looked like he was about to explode. But, as always, Fenrir had trained him well enough for the old wolf to stand down. 'Good boy. Do not worry Erik. No true Blood Claw will die today if I can help it. You!' he spat to a scout. 'Any sign of another entrance.'

'None my lord.' A shame. It would make things slightly easier.

'Send in the next wave...'


Rounding a corner Elseron heard a bullet scream only millimetres away from his ear. Ducking instinctively he raised his axe ready to fight but found the man being choked to death on the floor, a pale long limbed woman around him. Her legs locked in place around his torso and her arms cutting deep into his neck, stopping the flow of oxygen. His twitching suffocating form fired again sending a bullet drilling into the floor before he finally fell limp. The woman released her vice like grip and lifted her head, her umber brown hair smeared with blood. 'EDEN!' Elseron shouted in joy. Her liquid gold eyes found him, a smile touched her face. A figure appeared behind her. A scientist with a grizzly looking syringe in hand, its hyper thin needle glinting in the light. Three centuries of training pressed against his skin. Breaking into a run Elseron grabbed one of the small blades he'd tucked behind his chains and flicked it in his hand. Holding the gleaming metal blade in his hand he flashed his arm upwards. Releasing the blade at just the right moment. It took less than two seconds for it to hit its mark. The scientist dropped to the floor, the syringe smashing into a million pieces, the blade sticking in his right eye.

Reaching Eden Elseron pulled her quickly up from the floor as the contents of the medical device spilled onto the floor, smoking gentle. 'Thank you.' Eden whispered. Without warning she hugged him. Wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. 'I'm so glad you’re safe.'

'Why shouldn't I be?' scanning her Elseron almost gagged in revulsion. Layers of skin had been flayed from her arms in long thin strips, she was bruised beyond belief on her face whilst three sets of four, long, parallel cuts covered her arm, shoulder and left thigh. 'What in spirits name happened to you! Did you fight a tiger.'

'Something like that.' she said retrieving the Atlantean knife from the scientists eye. It was only when he looked to her hand as she reached for the knife that the ring finger on her left hand was now nothing more than a tiny bloodied stump. Lancing pain shot through Elseron. He fought to remain upright, staggering away from Eden as great spears were shoved between his ribs. 'Elseron!'

'Stay back!' he choked. Throwing a hand up to her as he fell to one knee. Coughing until his throat bled the pain eventually passed but not before he'd coughed up a great amount of tar like blood. Looking down to the black lines that intersected his tattoos he felt a small piece of hope fall away.

'Elseron what is that?' Eden asked softly, her bruised face panic stricken.

'Don't touch any of're a vampire. I don't know if it'll infect you because of that, but I don't want to take that risk.' wiping his mouth with the back of his hand he stood, taking a single shaky breath before an immeasurably strong force collided into him. Hitting the wall hard Elseron just had enough time to turn but cold, powerful hands quickly clamped around his neck. Pilot's face was that of death itself. His eyes black lightless orbs. The skin and flesh around them black and sooty, fanged maw clacking together as he strangled Elseron. ''s me.' the vampire hissed loudly at that and squeezed tighter. Eden suddenly threw her arms, almost lovingly, around Pilot. Whispering into his ear.

'No my love...he's our friend. It's Elseron...look and see my love.' as his hands softened Elseron thought he saw a brief flash of emotion through those coal black orbs but he couldn't have been sure. Either way Pilot gently lowered him to the floor, removing his hands carefully. Again, Elseron was horrified. He was riddled with bullet holes, cuts, bruises, his left arm was broken and slowly healing itself and it looked like he had been burned horrifically down the right side of his face. Eden whispered to Pilot, probably saying more telekinetically that Elseron would never hear, all through this Pilot's face remained vacant. It was disconcerting. He would have given anything to see that smug look pass over his features again. 'He's been shot...the bullets are still inside him. If we don't get them out soon they might get infected. Can I borrow,'

'A knife will take too long.' Elseron said remembering a machine he'd passed on the way here. 'Does he trust me.' there was a brief silence before Eden said,

'Yes.' Leading them away Elseron soon found the room, Pilot remained outside with him while Eden cleared it and began kicking the machine into life. Acting fast Elseron removed each bit of armour and his makeshift weapons, leaving them by the door until he was just in breeches. Eden lead pilot into room before retreating back out, making sure to press the activation button before leaving. Elseron watched the mechanical bed rise then slowly enter the hole in the middle of the M.R.I. It'd happen soon.

'This is going to hurt.' Elseron said grabbing Pilot, who in return placed his long nailed hands against the small of Elseron's back.

Pain lets one know you're alive. A dark voice said in Elseron's skull. The machine flared into life and Pilot dug his nails into Elseron's back painfully, drawing blood. A harsh yell shot from the Vampire as one by one the bullets were ripped from his body.

The End

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