Won't be Beatin'Mature


                Pulling on the chest piece, “I don’t know how you move in this stuff. I can hardly bend.” Dante didn’t take it off out of respect for his old friend.

                “Better get used to it if you’re going to serve on the Royal Knights.” Elseron was the most serious he had ever since meeting him in that rain filled alley so long ago. “You have 30 minutes to get the girls and get to the office.” The elevator dinged and the doors slide open, the elevator lost power after that. They were only a floor up but it was out of the gas chamber. “I’m going to really kill Zeus this time.” There was a computer station directly across from the elevator, Elseron walked off as Dante tapped in a few keys. Using what little computer skills he had, Dante pulled up a map.

                Dante looked at the schematic of the compound, Melody was 4 floors up, and the elevators were now out of commission. Looking for the stairs, he scratched his head at the layout, the only way to get to the next floor was at the end of a corridor, there were no stairs, but there were air ducts between the floors. The only thing he could think of was a containment measure so an escapee couldn’t reach the surface very easy. Sighing, Dante headed for the nearest duct work.

                 Reaching the 5th floor, he was greeted with a hail of gunfire. He eyed the doorways down the hall, all the doors were open. Dante could survive several gun shots as long as none found his brain or his heart; he just couldn’t take them all at once. Trying a really gutsy move, he backed up, ran, dove, and rolled into the room to the across the hall from him. The metal chest piece didn’t prevent him from rolling and was thoroughly impressed.

                The walls of the rooms were not very thick on this floor, they appeared to be more for office’s than laboratories. Charging the wall to the next room, Dante crushed right through it onto a guard. The guard brought up his gun, grabbing the barrel, Dante pushed it to the side as a 3 round burst went off. Reaching for the combat knife on the guard’s belt, Dante sank it to the hilt in his neck. The guard had 4 grenades on him as well, two flashbang and two fragmentation grenades. Using a flashbang, he tossed it into the hall. Plugging his ears and hiding from the shock, he saw the flash and heard screams from the gaurds.

                Moving into the hall, he quickly immobilized the guards. Smashing one across the face, he crumpled like a sack of rocks. Moving to the next one he landed a destroying kick to the side of the knee, a scream sounded out as the guard collapsed. Moving down the hall, Dante just beat the rest of the guards to the ground, they were all dazed and confused. Entering the duct work, he got up to the next level. Opening the door, there was a strong sent of tiger and human that wafted in.

                Dante entered the hallway cautiously; there were no guards to be seen. Using his air magic, he scanned for bodies in the hall. There was one person on this floor, and he just began to stir. It stood up from its position on the floor and moved towards the door, “So you’re the big bad bear that has all of the guards scared for their life. I am glad you came and found me. I haven’t had any true competition in some time.” The voice had a thick Russian accent, “My name is Ivan. Unlike you, I was not born or turned, I was engineered. They have been trying to replicate the process by giving humans the lycan gene.”

                “Let me guess, you’re a tiger.” Ivan raised his eyebrows at the blunt statement.

                “Yes. How did you know?” Ivan was curious to know. “I have never been told what I am, just that I’m lycan.”

                “Most lycan’s haven’t been to the zoo. That and I have an extremely strong sense of smell.” Dante was not impressed. “So are we going to this or not?”

                “Very well.” Ivan shifted into his lycan form, deep orange and black fur covered his body. He didn’t get that much bigger than he was already, but he did grow a tail. What interested Dante the most was Ivan’s eyes didn’t gain any yellow. In fact, his eyes didn’t have any yellow; they went from a human type to a feline style eye. This must be the difference between natural and synthetically created.

                Let me kill him, the demon whispered in his head.

                No, I will not give in to your corrupting power like my uncle did. Dante argued with the demon.

                Fine, when you die I will just move on. The demon had lost this battle more times than anyone cared to count. I still don’t understand why someone as powerful as you won’t take control. Of all the lycan’s I’ve been with, you are the most deserving of my power.

                Shut up. I’m not going to let you trick me. Dante shut the Demon out of his head. “I don’t like to brag, but there is only one lycan who has ever survived a fight with me, and he won’t survive the next. I won’t be beatin’.” Transforming into his monstrous bear form, he let out a challenging beastly roar. “If you stand in my way, I will have no choice but to kill you.”

                Letting out his own jungle roar, “I am trained, I am faster, and I am more deadly than any you have ever faced.” With that said, he leaped through the air faster than Dante could track. Colliding, Dante was on his back and Ivan raked his claws across his face. Sinking his claws into the tigers sides, Dante threw him over his head and was back to his feet.

                “So you’re faster than most, but you aren’t the fastest.” Using his own incredible speed to his advantage, Dante crashed into Ivan sending them both through a concrete wall. As they rolled through the next room, Ivan brought his feet up and launched the massive bear into a wall, causing Dante to slide down the wall and land on his head. The tiger pounced on his exposed back and sank his claws into Dante’s lower lungs. Letting out a blood filled roar, Dante sent a massive elbow into the side of his opponents head. He coughed up a mouthful of blood, his lungs were in shreds, and he would die without a moment to heal. The synthetic lycan attacked again, this time going for the throat. A slender claw found the jugular and cut through half, Dante was dying.

                Falling to his knees, Dante went back to his human form. Pulling off the chest piece Elseron had given him, he tossed it aside, “If I die, I die comfortably.” Blood ran down his chest from his mouth and neck, and with every heartbeat a spurt of blood decorated the white walls. The darkness encroached on his vision.

                Falling forward on his face, the demon said to him, You fool, you didn’t need to die. With me we could have killed him before he made his first leap through the air.

                I will not give you more power.

                Believe it or not, I like you. You’re the first to deserve my blessing since the first of your kind made the pact. Shadows in the room began to collect around Dante’s body. Not knowing what was happening, Ivan shifted back to his human form and watched as his own shadow disappeared and fled to his fallen opponent. You are too weak to ignore my assistance now. You will not die now. With luck I’ll be with you for a long time. The shadows sucked into Dante’s body, gasping like he was just dumped into an ice bath.

                Scratching his head, Ivan wondered if he had killed his foe or not. He blinked and Dante was gone. Blinking again, he was four feet in the air being held by his throat. Dante’s eye’s were black pits with iris’s the color of molten lava. The hand around his throat got crushingly tighter, “Stop,” he managed to choke out.

                “And why should I do that,” the voice was other worldly.

                “I can help you,” the hand loosened enough to let him get a breath. “I am a prisoner here. They bought me from Russia as a guinea pig. I have no loyalty to them, with you I can escape.” Holding up his hand, “Look,” revealing a bar code on his wrist. “Would they do that to someone who came willingly?”

                Releasing him, Dante took back control of his body, “If you’re lying to me, I’ll send you straight to hell.”

                “Judging from what just happened, I believe it.”

                “Tell anyone, and I’ll rip the tongue from your mouth.” Dante was dead serious. “I need to get two vampires from the next floor up. I could use your help.”

                “To be a free man again, I’ll help you take on God himself.”

                “No need to go that far. You do not have my trust, but you are a true warrior. You have my respect.” Picking up his breast plate, he put it back on. “Let’s go.”

               "What is your name?" Ivan inquired.


The End

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