Ancient Tricks for an Ancient DogMature

Rage boiled up inside him. Fuelling him. It obliterated everything. There was no day. No night. No past, present or future. There was only a boiling wellspring of pure, undiluted, god fearing anger swelling inside his chest. Fighting with clawed hands to escape and lay waste to everything in its path. That man! Why did he look familiar? Think you old fool, think! yanking against the chains the harsh screech of metal rung through the darkness, but nothing more. It must have been hours since Atlas had managed to destroy the camera in her cell, hours that could have meant more torture...With a primal scream Elseron pulled against the chains again and again. Hoping, willing the steel to break. But it didn't. And all he succeeded in doing was nearly tearing his shoulder from its socket. Atlas had looked awful. His gorgeous Princess was covered in ugly cuts, seeping burns and her arm was pinpricked with tiny holes where they'd been injecting her. Reaching back to grasp his magic Elseron still found that impenetrable iron barrier between him and it. With another roar he pulled with both arms, stepping into it. The chains tensioned with a clack! Then gave way slightly.

Elseron focussed himself and paused. Suppressing his rage for just long enough to hear the small sound of stone hitting the floor. Thousands of ideas rung through his head...but only one seemed the most likely. Breathing slightly faster than usual Elseron looked to the floor, eyes darting from place to place as he formulated the plan in his head. He had one shot...everything had to be perfect. As far as he could tell the scientists in the white lab coats gave him the serum every six hours, it didn't seem like it had been that long since the last one. So he'd need to wait. And hope his inner clock ran on time. Pretending to still be in a rage he muttered random obscenities under his breath, the chances they were watching him were high, he'd need to keep the act up. When he felt like three hours passed Elseron dropped to his knees, weeping, forced tears running down his face and dropping onto the concrete floor. 'I'm sorry...please...Zeus...I'll talk...I'll tell you everything. Just...just don't hurt her anymore...please don't hurt her.' he sobbed on his knees.

For what felt like fifteen minutes he continued the act until finally the sound of the door opening behind him shattered the darkness. 'Two sets of footsteps echoed around the room, one staying back by the door, the other approaching fast and soon Zeus's polished leather shoes broke into Elseron's eyesight. 'There there Elseron. Come now. Stand, a man as grand as you mustn’t be on his knees.' from the doorway the second set of footsteps approached him, the Guard stood behind Elseron and lifted him to his feet with a grunt of effort. Continuing to look like a broken man Elseron looked into Zeus's face, it was grandfatherly with lines around his hard brown eyes and a soft smile touching his wrinkled lips. A pair of spectacles sat on a blade like nose and a strange device was placed in his ear. 'There...that's better isn't it. Now. Are you willing to tell me what I need to know?'

'Y...yes. But only if you'll let Atlas and the others go.' whimpered Elseron acutely aware that the guard was standing two paces behind him in heavy boots and was probably armed.

'Of course. So tell me...what is the weapon?' the look in Zeus's eyes was one of ravenous hunger. Elseron looked at him; he could feel the barrier around his magic falling, slowly.

'I'll tell you,'

'Sir!' yelled someone by the door as sirens began to blare in the background.

'Not now!' Roared Zeus. 'Go on Elseron.'

'Sir the bears escaped!' shouted the man but Zeus didn't seem to hear, he was too focused on Elseron.

'I'll tell you...that when you use Atlantean steel chains. Make the bolts holding them to the ceiling Atlantean steel too.' Zeus looked horrified at his words and Elseron smiled and with a massive yell pulled against the chains with all his might. They tensioned. Then with a the loud crack of crumbling masonry. They fell. Spinning Elseron kicked out just as the guard raised his gun, deflecting the barrel to the side as he pulled the trigger. The gun shot cracked like thunder in the small room as the bullet ricocheted off the walls. Swinging his arm around in a violent arc Elseron smacked the young soldier across the face, the bones of his jaw splintering into a dozen pieces under his knuckles. His eyes rolling to the top of his head as he fell backwards. Red flashing lights shot through the darkness as alarms blared noisily, warning the facility of his escape. Pulling the chains Elseron discovered that as well as ripping them from the moorings on the ceiling he'd also sheared two links clean through, leaving him with about eight feet of Atlantean steel chains attached to manacles around his wrist. That’s a feet of strength even Dante would be proud of.

'Elseron's escaped! Lock off this sector!' shouted a pained voice from the floor. Elseron turned. Zeus was on the floor clutching his bleeding leg.

'We can't sir! The bear is loose! He's...wait wait!' a terrible roar shot through the communication device in Zeus's ear as he scrambled away from Elseron, 'It's him! Shoot to kill! ARGH! ARRRRRGH!'

'Security! Come in!' Zeus shouted, panicked. Whipping his left arm around the silver steel chain whipped through the air, wrapping around Zeus's neck several times, choking him of air. Elseron pulled hard. The old man lurched through the air before colliding with the floor hard, smashing his nose with a sickly crunch! Hauling him towards him Elseron lifted him up by the collar when he was close enough, lifting him three feet into the air.

'Where is she!' Elseron hissed.

'You'll never escape!' Zeus choked as the chain blocked his airway. 'You're all going to die here.' with a sickly smile Zeus shut his mouth, then with a strange movement bit down on something. When he next smiled one tooth was missing.

'NO!' Elseron roared tightening the chain with a hard tug, trying to stop the poison dripping down his throat. But it was too late. Zeus foamed at the mouth and began convulsing horribly, after only a few seconds he was dead. 'DAMN YOU!' Elseron yelled spinning the man upside-down his arms before throwing him into the floor with all his might. His skull splitting open like a watermelon. Pulling his chains the two ends flew through the air before he caught them in his hands. It wasn't his axe, but Atlantean steel chain-whips were better than nothing. Footsteps echoed down the corridor beyond the door. Spinning Elseron moved towards the doorway, careful to keep his body pressed against the wall. A gun poked out of the opening. Grabbing it Elseron pulled its owner through the door. The stumbling solider shouted for just a second before Elseron's knee collided with the top of his skull, compressing his spinal column and killing him instantly. Barrelling out the door Elseron released his chains and whipped them around his body as four guards staggered backwards in shock.

Before they could even pull their triggers Elseron flung his chains outwards, the gleaming metal wrapping around two of their guns. Pulling them out of their grip Elseron fired at the closest one, pressing his shot gun against the soldier’s chest. Head butting him hard the solider crumpled as his nose broke under Elseron's forehead, grabbing him behind the head Elseron pulled downwards while firing up with a knee. Before the corpse even had time to hit the floor Elseron had moved to the second, wrapping his arms around his neck and snapping it like a twig. By the time he was dead it had given the last two enough time for one of them to draw his combat knife from his belt and the other to retrieve his gun, which was slowly being levelled. It was strange fighting humans. They were so slow and clumsy. It was like fighting children. As the one with the knife lunged with the gleaming blade held out in front of him Elseron sent the chain of his right hand flying through the air. It found its mark and wrapped around the gun slingers arm. Pulling hard the soldier staggered forward and twisted so he was facing his team mate. Who was too slow to react and as they crossed path the blade sunk deep into the gun slingers chest.

Elseron flew forward pushing with both hands onto the soldiers impaled body, forcing the knife deeper and deeper. The other soldier screamed but Elseron punched him in the throat quickly, breaking his hyoid and watched as the two fell to the floor. One with a knife in his heart and the other drowning in his own blood. Only then did he take the time to actually examine his surroundings. The main lights were off as huge red beacon lights flashed on the walls and sirens blared through the ceilings. The walls of this seemingly never ending corridor were dyed a pinkish colour in the bloody light, hundreds of doors lined the walls but all seemed locked and disused. Wrapping the chains around his forearms so they didn't rattle behind him Elseron steadily moved along the corridor, checking every door he passed. When he reached a T junction between his and another corridor Elseron peered round the corner to see several soldiers clearing a room of scientists who clutched to files and loose pieces of paper like they were made from gold. 'Move move move!' shouted the soldiers as the ushered the scientists down the corridors towards a set of elevators.

'Where's Demetrius?' asked one of them.

'Back in the command centre for this floor. He's waiting until it's all clear before flicking the gas on.' responded another, as he said it his hand lashed out pointing down the corridor.

'Do you think that'll stop it?'

'I f*ucking hope so cos' I sure as s*hit aint' fightin' it!' shouted another as they reached the lifts, the metallic doors shutting behind them. Dante. Sprinting down the corridor with the chains wrapped around his wrists Elseron passed a huge laboratory, a greenhouse filled with luscious plants, an armoury (which he briefly checked for his axe or armour but found only empty gun racks), and finally he reached a large circular room with a vast glowing computer processor in the centre. The huge square lump of black metal radiating a vast amount of heat and the hum of its cooling fans could be heard even from the balcony Elseron had emerged onto. It appeared eight corridors including his own joined this room, opening onto the steel and glass balcony, down with the huge black cube several scientists scurried around it shutting down computers and collecting files while two soldiers stood either side of a small table, two silver keys hanging around their necks. Jumping down Elseron once again released his chains and brought them both down onto the heads of the soldiers, they swore and backed off as the nearly unbreakable steel split the flesh of their skulls, but they remained standing.

Flashing both make shift whips through the air at the same time they wrapped around their heads like coiled snakes. Pulling in wards with all his strength the two soldiers flew forwards, the top of their heads colliding with each other, splitting in two with a smattering of blood. Screams filled the air as the scientists banged on the doors of the room trying to escape. One ran at him with a syringe full of some strange chemical in his hand. Elseron simply grabbed his wrist, crushing it in the process and broke the scientists arm. He screamed and hit the floor, clutching his broken limb to his chest. Scanning the room Elseron saw a nearby computer still alive, but every time he tried to access it a small infuriating box appeared denying him access. Where's Phaedos when you need him! Elseron wrapped the chains around his forearms again, the blood running off the links and onto his skin as he loomed over the cowering scientist. 'Code!' he said simply, but the scientist remained stubbornly silent. 'Do you know how many bones in your body are left for me to break!' he warned. The man with a bald head and watery yellow eyes quivered but didn't speak. 'Very well.'

'WAIT!' he roared just as Elseron moved to stamp on his femur. '334529! Please don't hurt me.'

'No promises.' Elseron hissed as he keyed in the pass code. A display of the facility popped onto the huge projection, it was nine floors each one more security heavy than the last, the circular floors were connected only by a single metallic shaft that lead to the surface and all other floors. That's the elevator shafts. Looking to a data file a huge roster of names popped up, he clicked something, then something else.

'ARGH!' he yelled frustrated at the stupid machine. Picking up the scientist Elseron thrust him over the keyboard. 'Where are my friends!' the scientist quickly keyed in something when another projection popped up. The girls were on the third level, Elseron, Dante and Phaedos were on the eighth level. Pilot was on the seventh with Eden. But Atlas was in the ninth level. 'How do I get there!' he asked pointing to Atlas's designated cell.

'O...o...only from an elevator from Zeus’s office on the second level.' stammered the petrified man.

'You wouldn't lie to me would you?' hissed Elseron making the scientist cower.

'No no never, please just let us go.'

'What do you do here?'

'We study Homonus Nocturna species, testing them.'

'Homonus Nocturna?' Elseron paused. 'Vampires.' A scream shot through the room as a black clad guard flew over the balcony, over their heads and back over the balcony on the other side of the room before colliding with the wall with a hard crunch! Dante lumbered into the room in his huge hairy bear form, dozens of bullet wounds already healing. His orb like yellow eyes softened as he saw Elseron and he shrunk back into his human form.

'Glad you could join me old man.' he smiled. 'Found this, thought it might be yours.' A silver glint shot through the air and Elseron fired out a hand, his axe seaming to find his palm. It's handle felt so comfortable, its weight so perfect. He felt whole.

'Thanks. I've got a present for you too. These people,' he said thrusting the scientist forward onto his knees. 'Experiment on vampires.' Dante froze, a wild rage billowing up behind his speckled eyes. 'His girlfriend's a vampire.' Elseron added tapping the scientist on the shoulder. 'Don't be long. Phaedos is here somewhere, then we need to get the girls and Atlas!' moving off down a flight of stairs the schematic said lead to corridor that housed Phaedos's cell Elseron just heard Dante's savage roar. Followed by dozens of high pitched screams.

The End

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