Pain and HelplessnessMature


He had no other option. Now he was waiting outside the underground tunnels, hoping a familiar face would appear soon. It looked as if luck was on his side when a lycan approached from another street, it was one he'd spoken to a few times. The expression on his face though, glowed annoyance at Will's presence.

“What the f*** are you doing here?!” He yelling, failing to keep his voice low. Will opened his mouth to talk, but the Lycan held out a flat palm to silence him.

“Look, I know you want to know more about this world, but now is an extremely bad time” He said, emphasising and dragging out the word, “extremely”.

“Does it have anything to do with a group being kidnapped?” Will asked and the lycan shook his head and entered the tunnels. Will knew he was being stupid, he should just accept being shrugged off and left. Instead he followed him. That, it appeared, was a bad move. The lycan grabbed him by the neck, shoving him into the cold, hard bricks on the wall.

“Do you have a bloody death wish?!” He yelled, adding more pressure to Will neck. With a sigh of irritation the lycan released him. Will fell onto the floor, gasping for breath.

“Leave. Otherwise your going to get yourself killed” The lycan growled, glaring down at him. Will stood up, returning the look. but realised with depressing reality that it was pointless.

“Guess I'll find these 'Atlantis' people by myself then” Will muttered, turning his back and heading towards the exit.

“What did you say?” A male voice demanded. Will glanced back, expecting the lycan to be the source of the voice. Only to find it was a tall, imposing man with various scars and wrinkles covering his face.

“Erik Silverhair...” The lycan murmured, unsure of himself and darting worried looks in the direction of Will.

“Who are you, human?” Erik asked. Though to Will it felt more like a command. He dared not think what would happen if he ever choose not to answer this intimidating man.

“William Ellner” Will replied, he'd been introducing himself a lot recently.

“Any relation to that vampire, Melody Ellner?” He asked, spitting his sisters name in disgust. Will resisted the urge to gulp. Just what had his sister been up to? Pissing off the Blood Claws was no small thing.

“No” He said, hoping Erik didn't see through his lie. The eyebrows that were narrowed on him made Will certain Erik was going to call his bluff any second now. But instead a grin crept onto his face.

“Good” Erik said, “We need more legionnaires anyway”. Will opened his mouth to ask what he meant. But Erik cut him off as he lunged at him with an inhuman swiftness, his sharp lycan teeth slicing into Will's shoulder. As easily as a knife cut cheese. Will felt a loud yelp of pain escape his lips as he felt the cruel venom enter his bloodstream. The foreign substance moved through his body, bringing pain with it wherever it went. He knew in the back of his mind that he was yelling and crying out in pain, as wave after wave ripped through him. He felt as each bone clicked and cracked into a new position and as fur forced its way through his helpless skin. His mouth screamed as sharp fangs burst their way into existence. Then it all faded away, and Will was cowering on the floor. His whole body shaking from the experience.

“Welcome to the Blood Claws” Erik said as he walked off.


When she opened her eyes, her sight was blurry and she was aware that her cheeks were wet. She wanted to rip this man apart when she realised this. How dare he make her cry, make her feel helpless like this.

“Oh, good. Your awake” He said. Appearing as if from out of nowhere, with a wide smile. Melody wanted to tear that expression to bloody shreds and replace it with one of debilitating fear. She'd never felt such a burning desire to kill a human in her life.

“Something occurred to me. I never introduced myself, so very rude of me” He continued, rifling through a nearby tray. The instruments upon it looked anything but friendly.

“My name's Yerik, it's a pleasure to meet you. What's your name dear?” He rambled on as he ran his long fingers along each metallic item, looking at them as if they were precious, treasured gems. He finished on one very sharp and nasty looking one, with a grin forming on his face. A small “yes” left his lips as he picked it up.

“Don't make the same mistake as earlier” He added, and Melody fought back the urge to tear at her confines, knowing it'd be useless.

“Sandra” she lied.

“Hmm...pretty name” he replied moving closer to her.

“Did I forget to mention lying was a big no-go?” He asked. Melody opened her mouth to answer no, but all that escaped was a cry of pain as he drove the thin end of the mental object into her arm.

“You know what will happen when I twist this little bolt?” He asked. Melody didn't, but she had a feeling she had no choice but to find out. And she found out, the agonizing way. He twisted the bolt and she felt with gritted teeth, as the small circle of metal under her skin widened.

“No yells yet? That's no fun. This thing has a lot of setting though. I wonder how big a hole I'll have carved into you before you give in” He said, his voice manic and his mouth wasn't a grin anymore, it was something twisted that resembled one. But was far too evil to hold its name. Melody preyed for blackness to save her like last time.  

The End

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