Liquid SilverMature


Melody tried to lift Her eyelids, but it felt like an impossible task. Whatever they had given her, it had been powerful. She could barely remember what happened, one moment she was on the roof talking to Eden. Then bright painful lights. Then blackness. And now she was in a stark white room, clinical smells found her nose alongside something else.

Blood has been spilled here, she realised with a sickening certainty. She tried to sit up but it was hopeless, she was chained to the bed and one swept of the room revealed the metal counter on which sat torture device's she'd never even thought existed. Her line of worrying was interrupted when the door opened. The man had scraggly, greying hair and large, horn-rimmed glasses. They were shaded, preventing Melody from seeing his eyes. The other feature she noted was the long, white lab coat.

“Nice to see your finally awake, dear” He said, a grim playing across his face. Melody knew on no uncertain terms that this guy was bad news. Melody had to rein in her panic and keep a neutral expression. She also had to find out just what the hell was going on.


Will and the rest of the hotel customers and staff were gathered downstairs. The hotel owner was lying – badly – about how last night had been a drill for a new government project. And whilst Will believed those people had been government. He didn't believe for one second it was a drill. He had just psyched himself up enough to investigate upstairs when the power cut out and the men came barging up his corridor, telling people to stay in their rooms, or else. In a drill, people don't say “or else”.

Will didn't need to look in the rooms Melody and her friends had been staying in to confirm their disappearance. The splinted and destroyed doors were evidence enough. But he had no clue how to find them now. He knew his last option was to ask the lycans. They'd properly laugh at him. Or the worst case scenario was that they tried to kill him. Well, Will had taken that risk many a time, why should now be any different?


“It's been a while since they brought me such a young specimen, might make a nice change of pace to things don't you think?” The man said as he flipped through pieces of paper on a small desk.

“But as always, their rather vague on details, can you tell me exactly when you turned dear?” He asked, his back still facing her.

If I could only break these chains....Melody thought, but she couldn't, her body was weak, weaker than it should be. What did this guy do to her? All she seemed to be able to do was worry.

“Answer anytime soon. I can of course implement means to ensure you speak, but lets avoid unpleasantness for as long as reasonably possible”

for as long as reasonably possible? Melody had a feeling she didn't want to ask what he meant by that. Melody knew she had to stay silent, be strong. The others won't give in, so neither could she. A small half sigh, half laugh left the man's dry lips

“Well...Looks like I'm going to have some fun” The man picked up a syringe, it's contents shining under the florescent light.

“I can determine your age by how much of this it takes to make you scream” He said, walking over to her.

“I think I'll start with a small dose. Don't worry. Your healing abilities should ensure you don't die”

She opened her mouth to speak. I'm not this brave she realised. I just want to be left alone. He made a tut-tut sound.

“Too late dear” He dove the needle point into her wrist and fire poured into her veins. The scream tore from her throat instantly. The liquid silver raced through her body, burning every vein as it went and it didn't take long to reach her throat and leave her mute. It branched out, attacking her organs. She fought back another scream as it reached her stomach. She knew if her body didn't heal quickly acid would join the silver. All she had now were her internal thoughts, that and the never ending pain. With every slow, weakened beat of her hurting heart, the silver did more and more damage. And soon even thought was lost to her as unconsciousness saved her.

“Wow! your the youngest I've ever been given. This will be fun indeed!” The man exclaimed excitedly just before she was taken under, and Melody knew, this was only the start of her troubles.


He waited at the regular bar, but no one he recognised walked in. Something really big is happening he realised. Good thing I've known from day one where they all hang out. Though the idea of entering their den made his skin crawl. Isn't there someone else who I can go to for help?

Author Note: My vampire still have beating hearts, but with slower beat per minute. Hope that doesn't mess with the story too much :)

The End

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