Disrespect in CaptivityMature


                Picking her torn body up in his arms, he sobbed into her blood streaked hair. “Serena, what did I do to give you this fate?” Dante was overcome with grief he collapsed. Letting out a roar that shook the foundation of his home, his brother stepped out from around the corner.

                “You were born; she was just unlucky to be with you.” His brother looked down at him, his long hair falling over his shoulders. “Your daughter was quite delectable.”

                Looking up, Dante’s grief was replaced with rage, pure unbridled rage. “NICOLAI, I WILL RIP YOU APART LIMB FROM FUCKING LIMB.” Standing his eyes started to smoke and go red.

                “That isn’t my name anymore, its Fenrir now,” Nicolai snarled. “Oh good, bring out the Demon, THAT’S what I’m here for.”

                His words sunk deep into Dante, bringing him back from the brink. “I won’t ever give you that privilege. You are not father, and I am not our uncle. But I will let you die by my hands; I heard you were bitten, let’s see what you can do.” Both men clashed together in a primal form.


                Snapping awake, Dante let out an earthquaking roar. Thrashing and about to go bear form, he felt the pricks of spikes pierce his skin. Looking around, he took in his surroundings. He was in a room made out of white marble tile and stainless steel. His arms were held directly out to his sides; his hands were in some kind of cuff, he tried to pull his hand free but as he did knives started to cut off his hand at the wrist. He had an oval ring around his chest with spikes less than a quarter inch from his skin, and a collar was around his neck as well with spikes just out from his skin. If he were to transform, he would die. “You might want to hold onto the bars in the cuff, or you’ll lose your hands.” Dante’s world started to rotate as he was brought to a standing position inside of a gyro-like machine. “You’re such a fine specimen, the only bear mutation in the world.” A little pencil-necked little man stood in front of Dante, blonde curls falling into his face. “I’m going to see what makes you tick, big man,” snide look on his face.

                “You look like the kind of guy who can’t find himself a good piece of ass,” Dante couldn’t help but taunt.

                “You were having a nightmare. Let me see, you said why, Fenrir, and,” he paused, “Oh right, Serena. Now let’s put these words into together. Why is for why did Fenrir do it. Fenrir is the leader of the Blood Claws in Northwest Washington. Oh and Serena was your fiancé, whom you killed one dark and stormy night.”

                “Watch what you say little man, I’ll enjoy snapping your neck.” Dante wasn’t happy about his predicament.

                “So how do you like my little contraption?” he waved his hands at the machine Dante was constrained to. “I designed everything specifically for holding lycanthropes of any kind. The spike rings so that you can’t transform and get bigger without killing yourself.” Walking to Dante’s side, he placed a long slender bony hand on the capsule that contained his right hand. “These are my pride and joy. Once your hand goes in, it can’t come out. At least not without removing it; you see, the design is very simple. The triangular knives, when empty, close to make a “seal,” but as soon as your hand goes in, the knives ease forward and let you in. If you try to pull your hand free, they close on the wrist and off comes your hand.”

                “You sound so proud.” Dante’s voice was so sharp he could have cut atoms. “Now, let me guess, you’re going to ask me a question, I’m going to say some smart ass comment, you’re going to start to get frustrated, I’m going to get a laugh, and then you’re going to bring out the toys. Can we just skip to the fun stuff?”

                “My name is Uriah…”

                “Can I just call you Urine for fun? It seems to suit you so much better. Especially with that piss colored hair.” Grinning, Dante watched his desired effect took over the small man. “Ok Urine, let’s cut the chase. Tell me what you’re interested in, so I can figure a way out of this machine.”

                “You are not going anywhere Dante. Since we are giving each other nicknames, how about I call you Bobo, like the trained circus bear I saw as a child.” Dante watched as Urine reached into his lab coat and then with quick motions, made three long slashes in Dante’s lower ribs.

                Laughing very loudly, “Is that what you want to know, how long it takes me to heal?” The scientist nodded. “It takes a moment,” the wounds sealed before the blood began to ooze out of the cuts. “See, you can’t hurt me.”

                “Oh we will see what I can do to you,” the mad scientist started slicing skin open all over his body. Before he could make a new slice, the last one was already healing. After of about ten minutes of this, he began to tire. Opening a drawer in a cabinet behind him, many weapons came out on a tray. Picking up a short club with long nails in the top, “Now let’s test just how fast flesh recovers and if your bones reset.”

                Bored of this game, Dante had decided he had had enough. Summoning his elemental power, he sent a strong burst of air into the cuffs, forcing them open he slipped his hands out of the cuffs. Grabbing the rings he broke them open and stepped out of the machine.

                “What, how, that isn’t possible.” Urine was terrified and backed up, tripping on the side of the cabinet falling on his ass. “You’re a lycan, not capable of magic,” he stammered as he crawled away from the encroaching Dante.

                “You should have done your research a little better, my mother is an elemental magic user. She gave me some minor power over air when I was banished.” Dante leaned down and up the feeble man by the throat. “I know what we can do to test your precious creation,” Dante spun the gyro-machine so the cuff was straight up and down. Sticking Urine’s head into the cuff, “I suggest holding onto the bar.” Letting him hang there for a minute fighting to keep himself up, Dante grabbed his leg and gave a quick tug. A scream rang out just as a headless body fell to the floor. “Well I’ll be damned, it does work.”

                Turning, Dante strode toward the door, it required a key card. Going back to the corpse, he grabbed Uriah’s key card and walked out the door. Knowing this wouldn’t be easy; he just hoped he wouldn’t need the Demons help. Stepping into the hall, he looked left and right, the hall stretched on forever in one direction, and ended about 30 ft the other way. He needed to find his friends, but most importantly, he couldn’t lose her, he couldn’t lose another love.


*I wrote this in the middle of the night, If I don't make any sense let me know and I'll be sure

The End

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