Face of the EnemyMature

'What?' roared Fenrir to the full room of his pack members. 'How can all of them have been taken!' he boomed. Rage and fury swelling up beneath his flesh, the beast within him was itching to get out. I must have her!

'They must have been special ops my lord, they killed power to half the city just to take them in the dark. They repelled down from the roof and swept every floor, the killed dozens but we saw them carrying each of them from the roof and piling them into Juggernaut trucks.' said a useless ginger wolf from the crowd. Fenrir cracked his neck involuntarily. A habit that often took hold of him when the beast tried to break free. Soon...I promise. He soothed it.

'Did you follow them?' he asked the shivering Legionary at the foot of the dais. This snivelling human one of thousands who wished to become Lycan's and members of the Blood Claws. The human nodded. 'Where?' hissed the Black wolf.

'A facility in the desert. Just two air craft hangers.' Fenrir froze.

'They took them to Hive. That's above top secret and Omega level security protocols.' Erik said pointlessly.

'If I wished you to state things I already know Erik you would be well suited for the task.' said Fenrir coldly, darting his eyes to the old gray wolf that stood ever so dutifully at his side. Over three hundred faces stared up to him as he stood, running a hand through his long black hair, trying to think of a way to get the whore queen. I need her. More than anything she is the one we need!

'What of the Bear?' asked Erik. The human nodded.

'Him too.' In a quieter voice Erik said only to Fenrir,

'If they took him they would massacre our pack. Your brother is,' roaring a savage primordial roar Fenrir smacked Erik across the side of his face with such force the old wolf flew from his feet and crashed into the wall with a crunch. Landing on the floor like a discarded rag doll, drifting in and out of consciousness.

'You ever call him that again. I'll eat your heart in front of you.' boomed Fenrir with only a modicum of calm in his voice. Breathing Fenrir closed his eyes. I need more pawns. More pieces to impose of my enemy...Fenrir looked to the Legionnaire. Pawns. 'Rise boy.' uneasily the puny human rose, he wasn't worthy for the gift Fenrir was about to bestow upon him. But he needed pawns. Lunging at him Fenrir pulled his head back in one quick jerk and sunk his fangs into the boys flesh, finding the jugular vein through nothing but animal instinct. Activating the venom glands Fenrir injected the golden, metallic tasting liquid into the boy’s body, at the touch of the alien venom the boy’s body began twitching and jerking. But more and more Fenrir poured into the boy. Until the two quarter sized glands were empty, at that point he dropped the writhing wolf cub and licked the hot blood from his lips. 'Bite every Legionnaire we have and bring them to Hive! TODAY IS THE DAY WE TAKE OUR DESTINY!' roared Fenrir changing into his colossal true form and howling a howl the whole city must have heard, it was a howl of a God about to make its ascension.


Snapping awake the clanking of chains greeted Elseron as he woke. Thrashing violently at the shadowy enemies that had cast themselves into his dreams. As his mind un-blurred and his training kicked in Elseron realised his hands were chained above his head, the chains links were an inch thick and each one individually welded together. All around him was darkness. Impenetrable, suffocating darkness. The one source of light was hung above far above his head but was large and bright enough the span the huge distance and illuminate him. Surrounding his partially naked frame in a halo of pure illumination. Somewhere far off in the distance a scream bounced around the darkness like some twisted poltergeist. It was impossible to tell who it was. Even what sex it was. But he prayed it wasn't Atlas. Please Spirits...hear me...keep Atlas safe. After that Elseron's training kicked in, he remembered himself stood before the roomful of straight backed knights. Explaining to them how to behave in situations of capture. Take note of your surroundings, pay attention to every detail of every moment, look and listen even when they think you broken beyond the realms of mortal men. And never lose faith.

Looking around his prison Elseron saw nothing. Except the light and the chain. So he focused on those. The light was large and powerful, the diameter of the circle of illumination that surrounded him said that the light was around twenty to thirty feet above his head. Planting his feet he pulled sharply on the chains, just once.  The sharp ring that shot out from the pristine metal cascaded around the in the darkness for little under three seconds. The rooms high ceilinged with moderate width. Groaning Elseron forced himself to look up at the light, in hopes that he would see something that he could use, but the light was too blinding. Tears soon filled his eyes and he was only able to see up six or eight chain links before they were swallowed by the darkness. Blinking away tears he focussed his attention next onto the chain. As far as he could tell it stretched all the way to the ceiling, if not the ceiling then very high up on the wall behind him. Twisting his head round to an uncomfortable angle Elseron noticed the sheen that covered the links when the light struck them correctly. Pearlescent blue. It can't be...this isn't possible.

'We found long ago that the only thing that can really hold an Atlantean,' spoke a deep powerful voice from the deepest recess of the shadows.  'Is Atlantean steel.' Snapping his head round Elseron looked into the darkness as the figure emerged. Well dressed, polished shoes, silver belt buckle, gold cufflinks, silk tie, wrinkled hands. The footsteps flew up to meet the ceiling as he walked, his face kept in the shadows. The man slowly encircled Elseron as he stood with his arms strained above his head, staring into the darkness in front of him with religious verve. 'I am Zeus.' Elseron laughed. 'Is something...amusing?' asked the darkened figure as he stopped directly across from Elseron's left.

'I've met Gods...' he said softly. Looking into the space were the darkened figures face must have sat. 'You don't deserve the name you've given to yourself.' the figure chortled before resuming his walk, circling him like a shark circling an injured seal.

'And what of your name? Are you deserving of the name given to you I wonder.'

'My names Dante.'

'Oh tut tut tut my friend. You must try harder than that!' said the man almost sounding playful. 'Your trained bear proved incredibly difficult for my men. But we have known of his existence for several years...but it is yours my friend that interests me.'

'Santa Clause.' spat Elseron remembering the strange name that Dante had said back in the hotel. The figure laughed again.

'It matters not if you wish to tell me. We have several very useful ways of making someone talk...but for this question however I need not resort to such primal tactics. No, your name is Elseron.' Elseron's skin seemed to freeze at the sound of his name dripping off this beast’s tongue, it sounded so wrong, as if it had been somehow defiled. 'The Stalwart Shield of Atlantis. Are you impressed?'


'Such a shame. Becuase you should be. This entire facility is a top secret research centre. Developing everything from new weapons to faster battle jets. But I do run more...unconventional, shall we say, experiments on some of the half breeds and lesser beings that inhabit this world. This includes several dozen Atlanteans that made the move from your world to ours...they were all like you. Broad. Strong.' stopping again directly in front of Elseron Zeus seemed to look at him from the darkness. 'But they all talked eventually...' boiling rage filled Elseron and he found himself reaching for his magic. Wait! he commanded himself. I still have magic...they don't know...Forcing calm over himself Elseron pulled away from his powers, he could kill this man with a single flick of his finger only to be shot down outside. He needed to be patient. To buy his time. The element of surprise was the only card he could play right now, but it had to be played at the right time! 'That's where we got so much Atlantean steel. Melted down from their weapons or armour...we've never been able to smelt our own though rather frustratingly.'

'I feel so sorry for you.' breathed Elseron trying not to look at the well dressed figure.

'Don't be. We have a wealth of information about your city. About you, your Queen, Atlantis's defences and its peoples. But...the one thing we couldn't get a straight answer from...' he said continuing his walk. 'Was where is the weapon?' What?

'What?' Elseron croaked disbelievingly.


'It’s Sir Elseron, actually.'

'I apologise. Sir Elseron, one does not just sink a city the size of a continent on a whim. Nor can any natural disaster do such great acts of destruction, so...the only logical explanation is something you created. Something you used on yourselves to kill each other. That sunk your city!' in a break of his insane ramblings Elseron very nearly laughed. 'Sir Elseron, tell me where the active Gatekeepers are. And where this weapon is...and you can go. All of you. Unharmed.'


'I am giving you a onetime offer Sir Elseron, tell me, a weapon of such magnitude will create world peace! No country will attack us when we have the technology to sink entire continents. This country will become the greatest super power this world has ever known!' that time Elseron did laugh. Great, booming, heartfelt belly laughs. 'What's funny?' whispered Zeus. His voice like ice.

'You are so like children, everyone wants the biggest stick to fight with because they think that makes them strong.' Zeus stood silently as Elseron laughed.

'Very well. Mr Grecko. If you will.' a second figure shot from the darkness. Before Elseron could even react to the sudden movement a syringe was plunged into his neck. Roaring in pain as the searing formula pulsed deeper and deeper into his bloodstream with every beat of his heart Elseron fell to one knee. Jarring his left shoulder badly against the chains that held him upright. Kicking out in his mind at the cast iron barrier between his mind and his powers Elseron winced in pain. Muscles burning. Against the serum. 'A gift we aquired from our Encantos brethren.' spoke Zeus smugly. 'Remember this Elseron; I am always one step ahead of you. I know everything and I see everything. And I know you!' slowly the muffled footsteps of the man named Grecko exited through a hidden doorway in the darkness, and soon Zeus followed him.

'What? No torture. You disappoint me.' hissed Elseron through the pain.

'Do not patronise me Elseron. You are a warrior whose whole life has been dedicated to war. You have most likely seen more battlefields than any other man alive, this makes you difficult to torture as years of discipline shields your mind and centuries of pain have made you all but immune. But it is not your pain that weakens you...' with that Elseron heard the door close and no more footsteps could be heard in or out of the room. Thrashing against the chains with all his might Elseron screamed and yelled but they wouldn't yield. Soon he was left as nothing more than a coughing old man. A sickly taste flew into his throat and he quickly spat. The substance that hit the floor was thick and black, it was blood...looking down he saw the tiny line of Greyscale had now spread. Great cracks of gray broke his skin, reaching in every direction across his body like the fingers of death itself. He didn't have long...A bright light flashed awake in the darkness. The huge screen flared into life. Showing Atlas sitting on a chair with her hands behind her back. A huge Titan of a man with her, a red hot poker in his hand. His scream combined with hers as he thrashed agonisingly against the chains. Hers was a scream of pain. His of unquenchable, god shaking rage!

The End

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