Melody raced past Pilot, a feet she never thought she would pull off, tearing at guard after guard. She knew in the back of her mind she was supposed to feel guilt at their deaths. But her white hot rage had no use of such a silly impulse. All it knew was that the world had betrayed her yet again. That fate had decided to throw her another blow. Her brother was alive. And he despised her. She couldn't blame him. She was responsible for their parents death. Maybe she should become the monster he clearly thought her to be. Maybe he should finish what her out-of-control vampric instincts had failed to do months ago.

She effortlessly tore down another guard and reached for another only to find herself in a empty and now lifeless room of the palace. Blood and ripped bodies surrounded her. Had she done this? Her rage yelled “NO! They started it!”, but its voice had lost it's strength. Melody felt guilt wash through her. And realised that this was why her brother could never be right. She felt guilt. A monster surely has no emotions such as this. She held that gut-wrenching feeling close to her chest.

Her thoughts became distracted as the wall nearest her grew warm, she reached out to lay a pale hand on it and pulled away with a yelp, the blackened skin healed quickly, but she knew there was only one person who could cause this. She pelted from the graveyard of a room and into the next room. Arisa looked otherworldly, surrounded by flames that licked lightly at her skin. Arisa's attention was trained on a pile of ash. The fire seemed to move with a life, an angry one. Melody knew Arisa was moments away from letting the fire grow. She could tell in the way the flames coiled back, as if readying for a huge release. Melody struggled against the smoke and heat.

“Arisa...” she murmured. When Arisa didn;t respond she said her name louder, followed by a sharp, “Hey, clam down” remembering that just moment ago she had been an uncontrollable and dangerous mess. She had to snap Arisa out of this and fast. Arisa held her gaze, not wavering towards Melody.

"Arisa, breath... come on now, we have to get out of here..." Melody said pleadingly

"This place needs to be destroyed, to never live to see the next day... I could do it.. I could burn it to the ground..." Arisa said, her voice cruel and harsh, like the flames that flicked worryingly close to Melody. With a deep breath Melody fought against her fear of the flames and moved closer to Arisa. Forcing her mind to ignore the pain, to numb it.

“We need you Arisa, come on!” Melody yelled, hoping to pierce through the angry fog surrounding the child.

“Arisa, please!” Melody shouted with her being, Arisa had to come back to her sense and fast. Melody could feel her eyes watering from the fire around her. But wouldn't give up. And she was rewarded when Arisa turned confused eyes on her. Arisa looked child-like again, terrified of the unknown.

“Melody!” She said as realisation dawned on her. Melody quickly moved closer and took Arisa shaking hand.

“Come on!” Melody said as she led Arisa to the doorway. Debris was starting to crumble from the ceiling and Melody had no intention of being nearby when it finally caved.

“Elseron...” Arisa whispered, her eyes wide and frightened.

“He'll be fine, he'll get out in time...” Melody replied, hoping he and Dante were both safe.

“Let's get out of here...” Arisa said, speaking both their thoughts. Melody scoped Arisa up into her arms and ran. Aware that the fire was chasing them through the building.

They stumbled out of the building, struggling against the smoke that tried to smother their lungs. Melody could hardly see, her eyes were stinging too much and her first reaction when a warm body was to pull away until Dante familiar scent washed over her. She knew it was silly to savour such a moment when they were in so much danger but she rested against his chest for a few seconds before moving to help Dante pick up Elseron. Who – though healed – was still worryingly weak. They took one of his arms each and continued forward.

“We need to hurry back to Gabriel” Atlas said, she looked close to fainting. Guess using her magic had drained her a lot, Melody thought as she grasped Arisa small hand with her free one. They followed Atlas' instructed and ran back to Gabriel.

“I hope Pilot and Eden are okay...” Melody whispered with a final glance at the building, the smoke billowing, staining the cavern's ceiling pitch black.


The tremor was small, barely noticeable unless you were purposely resting a hand on the wall to feel for it. He had saw an odd glow on his ceiling and when h went up to investigate he found only empty rooms. It wasn't hard to break into the rooms and riffle though the little belonging. He was actually frustrated by the lack of useful information. The moment he felt that tremor he headed upstairs. He had no idea what he would find, the belonging and number of rooms meant a large party, this he knew. But what each person actually was he had yet to know.

The End

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