Vampire's FireMature

Arisa felt the palace shake around them, the servants screaming in panic. She could hear the roar of Dante, it had to be. The others were back for them. They could get away. They could be free of this place.

The little vampire rushed for the door, ducking beneath flying arms. She had to find Elseron.

"Not so fast, child!" A guard snarled, gripping her by the hair as she attempted to slide past him. She screamed in pain as he lifted from the floor. "You are not escaping back to them, not now, not ever." He tucked her under his arm, carrying her through the chaos.

"Let me go!" She raged, wiggling and kicking in his grip.

He laugh, adjusting his hold around her waist. "No use, child, you can't get away, even if you did, you would be killed on sight."

Arisa's eyes burned, flames flickering at her fingertips. She was tired of being underestimated, tired of being called a child in this strange place. She had been taken away from her friend's side, ones that risked their own lives for her's. She would not sit by and let them leave her behind.

"What the...!" The man dropped her as the heat grew under her skin. He watched her, in fear and in awe, as she stood up, her eyes glowing like brilliant flames, all gold and orange. Her fangs glinted in the fire light flickering a in her hands, her hair a mess of bright ginger curls around her face.

"I... am not.... A CHILD!" She screamed, her curse bursting from her skin, hungry red flames eating every thing they touched, destroying the kitchen with in minutes. "You and your kind have put me and my friends through enough hell! BACK THE F*CK OFF!"

The solider was swallowed by the flames, his body turning to charred flesh, and soon, ash. Any living person that was still in that area was incinerated, leaving behind nothing but soot on the floor. Her fire burned so bright, so ferociously, it was hard to believe it all started in a little vampire's body. Nothing would be left when she was done.

"Arisa..." The soft voice brought those burning eyes to a door way, an image rippling through the heat waves. Those long brown curls whipping around her face in the hot air that surrounded the flames, those blue eyes sad and kind. "Hey, calm down."

Those amber eyes just stared, the anger and flames consuming her mind. She didn't recognize the voice, the face. This place was going to burn, burn like the hell it was.

"Arisa, breath... come on now, we have to get out of here..."

"This place needs to be destroyed, to never live to see the next day... I could do it.. i could burn it to the ground..." Her voice was deep and raspy, not that sweet tone that was Arisa's, this was the fire inside.

"We need you Arisa, come on!" The girl picked her way through the flames, shielding her face from the smoke. "Arisa, please!"

Melody. The thought broke through, those amber eyes returning to normal. "Melody!"

"Come on!" The young vampire coughed, reaching out a hand for the girl.

The fire was out of control, burning away everything it touched. Arisa couldn't stop it. It was unleashed, a monster that would refuse to return to it's cage.

Grabbing the girl's hand, she ran, escaping the heat and destruction. They had to get away before the fire consumed everything. They rushed down that halls and out the palace doors, back into the clean air.

Pausing, Arisa looked back. "Elseron...."

"He'll be fine, he'll get out in time...."

The fire looked small from here, simply contained to the kitchen. She could hear people as they tried to dose the flames. She prayed they would succeed, just in case her friends were inside.

"Let's get out of here..." They ran for the gates, hoping they hadn't been left behind.

The End

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