Waking the DemonMature


                Stuffing the body of the guard into the stone box, he had proved useful in finding out what was going on with his companions. “Well, we need to find Eden and rescue Elseron and Arisa.” Dante looked up to Phaedos, wiping the sweat off his brow; the guard was barely small enough to fit into the box so Dante had to make him fit. “You track down Eden, I don’t know her scent very well,” Phaedos’ eyebrows came together, “I’m going to do a little scouting in the Palace. See if I can find where they are holding them.”

                “No. We can’t afford the cost if you or I get captured, we stay together,” Phaedos argued.

                “There is no point in us both going to find her. You heard the guard, they were about to interrogate the prisoners. Hopefully I can get in there and get them out before that happens.” Dante had never been so serious in his life. “We will need Eden to get out of here, I don’t know if they are coming back for us. I hope they do, and I hope they don’t at the same time.” Phaedos nodded in agreement at his statement. “I don’t want Melody or Atlas coming back and risking themselves for us warriors. Elseron will be furious if they show up again.”

                “Ok, I’ll go get her. Meet back here in one hour.” Phaedos took off to find the rogue princess.

                Popping his neck, Dante took off towards the Palace.


                Climbing up the side of the Palace walls just outside the court yard, he could hear noises on the other side of the wall. Staying quiet, Dante listened as he heard the sound of hits to a body. No, I’m too late. They’ve already started. Swinging his body up onto the top of the wall, he saw a sight that twisted his stomach into knots.

                Elseron was hanging by his hands, covered in blood and cuts. Dante knew no man could survive that, not even him, and he can heal almost instantly. Knowing his friend was dead, he dropped to his knees. There was so much blood on the ground, running down the cracks in the cobblestones. The man in charge was tossing Elserons axe into the air and catching it like a child’s toy. Closing his eyes in defeat, Dante inhaled and let out a sob.

                Opening his eyes, they let out smoke; Dante’s true form was coming to the surface. His eye’s glowed with the light of hell, the molten fury was evident. A growl came from his throat that sounded like it originated from the bowels of the earth. Dante’s skin began to boil and stretch, letting out a thunderous roar that shook the whole city; a stalactite fell from the top of the cavern, it crashed into the housing area crushing three homes. As his body began grow, Dante ripped his suit into pieces to get free from its confines, his skin was becoming dark, almost scaly.

                The boy in the blood stained shirt yelled out his men, “Shoot him down.” Arrows whizzed up towards him, they seemed to go around Dante instead of into him.

                Rising to his feet, he stood at nearly 20 ft tall. Unlike his normal form, he wasn’t hairy; this form is what he inherited as the bear of his generation. Leaping off the wall, the demon landed on two knights, crushing them into a pulp of metal of tissue. “Meet the monster you have tried to become,” the voice sounded like smoke from funeral pyre; a thick deep putrid sound.

                The man was terrified, backing away quickly, “Kill it,” he squeaked, “Kill IT!” the tiny man managed to yell. Guards and Knights surrounded him, and more streamed in from the Palace entrance. A knight behind the demon, threw a spear, hitting him right between the shoulder blades. It was liked hitting a cliff face, the spear landed on floor. The knight blinked, when he opened his eyes, he watched a molten claw fly towards his throat. The head of the knight landed outside the palace walls.

                The demon then did a massive swipe with his arm; crushing, crashing, and ripping through about a dozen men, killing them all. A soldier moved in and swung at his leg, Dante picked up his leg and stepped on the guard. The man who killed his friend was almost out of the court yard, grabbing up a guard he threw him toward the commander, the guard embedded into the stone wall inches in front of the man in blood stained white. “Where do you think you are going, my Prince?” asked the demon. The prince fell back, horrified at the carnage that was happening all around him. The demon was moving so fast, bashing a man at one side of the group, kicking 3 over the walls on the other side. He watched as the hell bear bit a man in half.

                After a couple minutes, the screams ended, and the demon stood there. Turning on Brax, the demon walked towards him. Feebly, the young man picked up a fallen sword and charged the monster. Dante picked up the charging prince, crushing him in his grip. Crying out, he pleaded, “Please, spare me. I only did what my father commanded of me.”

                “I see into your soul, you cannot lie to me boy. You are filled with so much hatred of your father, of the Atlanteans. Could you not be satisfied with your own rule, you would have been king in 100 years. You are guilty harboring wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony; all are the 7 sins that curse your soul. You are sentenced to hell.”

                “No, NOOOOOOOOO,” screamed Brax as the demon opened his mouth and swallowed him whole. The demon moved towards the palace to finish off the nobility.

                “Dante,” the word was a hoarse whisper. Looking over his shoulder, the demon saw the broken form of Elseron.

                “You do not belong in Hell my friend; I should not hear you now.” The demon Dante was puzzled by this.

                “I’m not dead yet, you fool.” These words brought Dante back out of the depths and back to his human form. Rushing to his friend’s side, he ripped the shackles off of his friend’s hands, laying him down in gore that filled the court yard.

                “You should be dead, I thought you were dead.” Dante was happy to see the old warrior still alive.

                “Get me my axe,” Elseron requested of Dante. Picking through the bodies, he found it not too far away.

                “You can’t use it old man.” Dante placed it in his hands.

                “From an old warrior to a young warrior, weapons never forget something important.” Saying those words, the runes on his axe began to glow. His tattered tattoos began to glow as well. This saved his life, but he was definitely not ready for battle anytime soon. “It also helps when you have someone flood you with magic. Now get her out of here.” Looking up, Dante saw Atlas at the gates of the Courtyard.

The End

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