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Tears streamed down the little vampire's face as the boy cut her flesh. She tried so hard to keep the scream from escaping. She was stronger than this. She could take the pain.

A fresh wave of pain shot through her as the prince added yet another cut deep into her flesh.  She felt the scream break through her lips before she heard it, her blood roaring in her ears.

"Tell me, Elseron, where is she!"

No, Elseron... She looked at that battered bloodied body. I'll be fine, don't give up! He wouldn't even look at her, he just started at the blood-soaked floor. He was strong, he could get out of here. He could save Atlas. Atlas was what mattered, not a vampire that was simply a risk.

It was because of her that he was her. If he hadn't protected her, he would have escaped with the others.

She wasn't going to die anytime soon, she just hoped Elseron realized that. She could heal quicker and last longer in this hell hole. This idiot of a prince had yet to realize that she wasn't a human child, that she knew of. She could take this.

"Tell me where she is!" Brax roared, holding the axe to Arisa's skin, those wild eyes locked on the old warrior. "Tell me or I'll kill her!"

Be strong, Elseron... The vampire pleaded, her amber eyes glimmering with tears. Silently she wished that cursed fire that resided in her heart for once would help her, for once would make everything go away. Those flames could burn away this place, destroy this boy that was hurting her and her friends. She could make it all go away. But the fire lay silent, doused by the fear and pain in this strange new place.

The prince let out a scream of frustration, throwing the little vampire into a wall, her body sinking to the floor in a heap of soiled, white fabric. "Tell me!" A sharp crack rang through the room as he hit Elseron again. "Tell me now!"

Elseron mumbled something between his swollen lips. It enraged the price even more, his hand leaving fresh marks on the warrior's face.

Arisa forced herself to her feet, watching the prince and guards. Maybe she could help him, get him free. If only she could be fast enough. Her body was sore and beaten, blood ran down her skin. But she had to do something.

As quick as she could, the vampire got to the table, grabbing one of the knives. She had to try.

Before she ever reached the prince, he whirled around, the flat side of the axe connecting with her face, sending her flying. She got up anyways, facing the prince with fiery amber eyes. "You won't get your hands on her!" She spat, her hands balled up in fists at her sides. She could feel her spark and start to simmer, the heat flowing through out her tender muscles.

The boy smiled at her, a cruel, wicked grin that made her skin crawl. "I will find her, with or with out you, girl." His leg connected with her side, he body crumpling. "You are no threat, you're just a child."

Arisa got to her feet once more, her eyes swimming with red and gold. She had to buy Elseron some time. "Try me." She charged the boy, her fist colliding with his stomach.

He grabbed her by the throat again, lifting her from the ground. "You will regret not cooperating, child." He snarled. Brax slapped a hand across her face, hard and sharp, her lip splitting from the force. He hit her again and again, marking her skin with red prints that would become bruises with time. Her nose was bloodied and her eyes were streaming with tears. She just wanted this to end.

The prince tossed her limp body to the guards. "Take her to the kitchens, teach her some respect." He snarled, turning back to face Elserson.

They carried her away, away from the pain, away from the blood shed. Away from Elseron.

Be strong, Elseron...

The End

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