Fun on the RooftopsMature


                Pulling his bulk up onto a low ledge on the inside of the mountain, he overlooked the entire city. Scanning the city, he saw Phaedos disappear inside a home on the east side of town. The Palace was on the opposite side of the cavern from him to what he thought was the south. For being a city inside a mountain, the air didn’t smell bad. Tasting the air, it was the cleanest air he had ever experienced. He knew it was getting close to the time for him to leave and meet back up with Phaedos.

                Walking to the edge of the cliff, he thanked his mother for her parting gift when he was thrown out. Stepping off the edge, he fell for over 100 ft before he summoned his mother’s elemental power, buffeting the air around him and slowing his descent so he landed on his feet. Sprinting off in the direction he had last seen Phaedos, scaling walls in moments, and leaping over crates in the back alley’s he was using to move through the city.

                “STOP!” Dante had just cleared a wall as a patrol came around the corner. They were between him and where he was going. Charging them, he close lined the nearest guard, causing him to land on his helmet. Without stopping, Dante rushed the other two guards, grabbing them by their throats, he pushed them across them the road and into the far side of the alley. Smashing them into a wall, he climbed over it and ran along the roof tops of houses and shops. Dante was thankful they were all the same height and the city was uniform. He hadn’t used his mother’s power so much before, he used it to clear the distances across streets, and the homes were close enough he had little difficulty making the gap.

                He knew he was closing in on the area he had last seen Phaedos. Smelling the air, it was strong behind a door in front of him. Pushing through the door, he was met with the sight of a man who looked just like Phaedos, only he had long hair. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOME?” the not Phaedos bellowed at him.

                Pulling off his mask, “You’re not Phaedos.” Dante was shocked.

                “Well what gave you that idea,” looking Dante over, “You are a lycanthrope, Yes?” Dante nodded at the question. “Tell me, why does my brother keep such low company?”

                “I’m no lowly wolf, I’m a bear. Hunted by my own kind, I met your brother through the service of the Queen of Atlantis.” Dante stated with pride, “You must be Alexiares. I am Dante.” Putting out his arm in greeting, “I apologize for barging in like this, I smelled Phaedos in here so I came right in.” Alexiares took his forearm in acceptance. “I take you will not come to help save Atlantis?”

                Raising an eyebrow, “Save Atlantis, Anicetus didn’t say it was to save the Great City.”

                A small child came around the corner of the hallway, rubbing his eyes, “Papa, what’s going on, who is this man?”

                Rubbing the boys head, “Go back to bed Romulus. Everything is fine.”

                “I’m sorry; we knew you had a wife. We did not know you had a child-”

                “Children, we have twin boys; Romulus and Remus. You put me in a predicament stranger. I don’t think I can help you by leaving my family.”

                “I won’t blame you. I must take my leave.” Warning bells started sounding throughout the city. “And there’s my queue.”

                Slipping back out the door, he pulled back on his mask and took off toward the main gate. “Phaedos,” Dante called over his mic, “Where are you, I’m just now leaving your brothers place.”

                “What were you doing there?” Phaedos’ voice came back.

                “I watched you go in and so followed you there. I didn’t see you leave. Where are you?”

                “They’re introuble… heading… main gate.” Phaedos’ voice came through in broken static. At least Dante was heading in the right direction.

                Sprinting back across the roof tops, he saw a bunch of knights circling around Phaedos. Ripping off his mask, he launched himself off the roof at the knights. Letting out a thunderous war cry, Dante swan dived into four knights, taking them out. Rolling to his feet, he looked around as the rest of the knights were laid out across the ground.  “Thanks for the distraction.” Phaedos brushed off his arms. “We need to find them, something isn’t right.” Phaedos found a way to scale the city wall and Dante followed him up to the top of the wall. They made it to the top just in time to see three figures in the distance disappear.

                “Shit, we’re stuck here.” Dante stated the obvious.

                “I only saw three.” Phaedos pointed out.

                “That means there has to be some of them left in the city. We need to find them.”

                “Atlas made it out atleast.”

                “I can’t smell Melody or Pilot anymore. Which leaves Elseron, Arisa, and Eden still here; I love Search and Rescue missions.” Dante grinned.

The End

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