Revenge is sweetMature

Arisa could feel the tension in the air. They would be leaving all to soon for Encante.  She knew the risk was high, she had heard it all to many times. But if it was where they needed to go then there was no choice was there? She knew the feeling all to well.

Encante. Where was that? As long as she had been around and there was some where she didn't know? That seemed almost impossible. Of course, she hadn't known that Atlantis was still around either.

She watched Elseron leave Atlas's room. He seemed so tired lately, so worn out from everything going on. So much lay on his shoulders it seemed. She wished she could help him.

"Elseron?" She walked up to his side, looking up into his face.

He smiled at her slightly. "Hello Miss Kayne."

"Are you alright? You look tired... Maybe you should rest?"

He shook his head. "I'll be fine, don't worry." He walked away down the hall, leaving the little vampire alone in the hall.

He worries me sometimes.... She thought, a frown plastered across her childish face. This trip was weighing on him.

Looking at the growing night out the window, she smiled. She needed to hunt.  Who knows when they would be back for sure and there was no need for her to cause issues when they got there.  Now was the best time. She may not have liked the idea of going off on her own, but it was for the best, the others shouldn't have to babysit the child-vampire.

Heading out of the hotel from the lobby, she pulled her coat on tighter over her red dress. There would be humans out tonight, it was a perfect night for parties. But that would also mean lycans. Her steps faltered. If something happened to her tonight, would the other put this mission on hold? She hoped not, this was too important.

The smell of alcohol was heavy on the air as she walked down the streets, her shoes clicking on the cement with her sharp steps. Hopefully there would be a drunk laying on the street some where, one that wouldn't even notice if she took a bite. That way it wouldn't be a fight. Nobody wants to deal with a vampire twelve year old.

The streets where crowded with people, loud and obnoxious voices assaulting her ears. Nobody took any notice of the little red head. That was just as well, the bear wasn't there to protect her if she got into something she couldn't handle.

She hated being so weak. It fueled her fire, made her burn. She was a vampire, a hunter, so why was she cursed to be hardly stronger than an average football player? It's true she was stronger than a child, but if even if she had to deal with an average man she was done for. It wasn't fair.

She passed an ally way, the smell of the two 'hiding' beside the dumpster making her smile. That would be an easy kill. One drunk and one high, she could over power them both. Not that she wanted to. Who knows what they carried in their blood. Ick. But laying not far away was a scent she wished she could forget.

That man, the one from the night Dante had found her. He had lived. He wasn't in jail. How unfortunate. For him.

Walking through the trash, she looked down at the man, a childish smile on her lips. "Are you ok?" She asked sweetly.

Those beady eyes looked up at her, a hunger burning there. "I am now."

"Sit up, your getting dirty..." She reached out a hand to help him, she couldn't help the vicious anger that threatened to explode from her skin.

"Can you help me? I am sorry to say I have no use of my arms...." A pitiful smile crossed his lips, a horrid attempt at asking for pity from her.

"Oh, of course!" She grabbed him by the shoulders, setting him up against the brick wall. "What is your name?"

"Zack. You know, you look just like somebody I used to know?"

Yeah, I do, you freak, you tried to rape me not long ago.... She bit back the sharp reply. No need to be cruel. Not yet. "Is that so?"

He nodded. "Yeah... breaks my heart to think about her..."

I bet it does... "I have a question for you, Zack."

"Ok, ask me...."

Arisa smiled crouching down beside him. "How did you lose the use of your arms?"

His eyes darkened. "A beast of a man took them from me. Just like he took her."

"Took who?"

"My girl, the one I loved..."

"And what did this girl look like...."

"Just like..... You...." Fear took hold of his face. "Where is he?"

"Oh hush... your fine...." She smiled wickedly, leaning close to him. "He is home...."

He seemed to relax a bit. "So what do you want with me?"

"Oh nothing.... Just my revenge...." She grabbed his head, pulling it to the side. "Nobody messes with me!" She bit down and twisted, ripping open the soft flesh. Go to hell where you belong!

The End

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