Easing his arm out from under her sleeping body, Dante pulled on his clothes. I’ve wanted her so bad for a long time, and she’s going to wear me out, he sighed. Melody groaned and rolled over into his warm spot. He couldn’t help but chuckle to himself, they were leaving in just a couple hours for Encante. He had never even heard of this civilization, Where is it anyway? He didn’t know, all he did know was that he would follow his friends to the ends of the earth.

                Pilot had been in the gym yesterday when he wanted to lift, and he wanted to bench one last time before they left for who knew how long. Heading down to the gym, he could hear voices coming from the rooms around him, some hushed, some loud. Entering the weight room, the scrawny guy doing cable weights quickly left. Dante found out why when he looked at the weight the man was struggling with, 15 lbs. Laughing heartily, he started adding weight to the bar, 225 lbs was what he figured he should start with; light, but enough that he could get a stretch with it. Repping out five times quickly, he added another set of 45 lb weights. He did 315 four times, a touch slower but still well within his limitations.

                Thinking to himself on what to do next, he decided to go big and added another set of 45’s. This he struggled a bit with, but racked it without touching into his powers. He despised using his powers when lifting, it’s no fun when you tap into super human strength. He decided he needed a spotter. Poking his head out the door, he noticed Pilot coming down the hall with a brown paper bag under his arm; smelt like cigarettes. “Hey Pilot, can I get a hand in here for a few minutes.”

                “What, the Big Bad Bear can’t figure out how to play with weights?” Pilot seemed amused by his jest.

                “Fuckin asshole, I need a spotter." Shaking his massive head, "Nevermind, I’ll go see if Elseron can help me.” Letting out a huff, Dante stepped toward the door.

                “Fine, I want to see how much you can do. Big man.”

                “I don’t think I’ll need help, but I don’t like doing over 400 without a spotter.” Dante couldn’t help but feel like a child asking for help. Walking over to the bar he put a 25 on both sides bring the total to an astonishing 425 lbs. “Don’t touch the bar unless I ask for help.”

                “You better not ask for my help,” Pilot sneered at him. “I’ll leave it on your chest.”

                “Good to know.” Dante grunted as he laid down under the bar. Gripping it firmly, he gave a little grunt pushing it off the pins.

                “Don’t tell me this is too much for you, just when I was starting to respect you.”

                “Shut up.” Dante growled. Lowering it slowly and pushing hard he got two more reps in.

                “I can do that,” the vampire snickered.

                “Have at it,” grinning at him, “I’ve got a beer for every rep you do.” Dante stretched out his muscles while he took position to catch when Pilot dropped it on his face. “Best beer I’ve ever had too.”

                “You’re going to lose it all.” He struggled to get it up, this impressed Dante immensely. Very slowly he lowered it to his chest, tapping his sternum, he dug deep and managed to get a set of 2 in. Gasping for air when the bar was on the pin, “I’ll take 2 please.” A smirk was spreading across his face.

                “You managed to take a beer from me, and a beer from Elseron. You should be proud of yourself, I don’t give up my beer that easily.” Reaching for another set of 25’s, he raised the weight to 505 lbs, this would be the second time he managed to get this much. He pushed it up, letting out a loud grunt as he did so.

                Pilot started to laugh hysterically. “What’s so funny?” Dante asked.

                Gasping for air, “Your face,” sucking in a huge lungful of air, “Your face, it was beat red, I think a tomato might have rivaled it.”

                Dante couldn’t help but chuckle a little, “I’ll make a deal with you.” Pilot’s eyebrows raised at the sound of a deal. “I’ll give you all my beer,” a smirk spread across the vampire’s face, “IF, you can do this once.”

                Pilot stuck out his hand, “Deal.”

                “Without your powers, all muscle, and all man.” The smile faded a bit on Pilots face. “I know when you tap into your powers, you stink to high heaven.” Flexing his arm, Dante couldn’t help but boast, “I do this all muscle, I don’t touch my lycan powers, not even an inch. This is how I have kept my humanity, by separating this.” Grasping Pilots hand firmly, “Deal?”

                “Fine, I can do this in my sleep.”

                “You might wanna be awake for this one.”

                Pilot got into position, pushing up on the weight; he couldn’t get it over the pins. “A little help over the pins,” Dante obliged him. Pilot slowly lowered the crushing weight to his chest, went to push up on it, and it sank into his chest. Grabbing the bar Dante pulled it up off of Pilot, barely getting it racked. “What was that for? I could have gotten it.” Pilot fumed in Dante’s face.

                “When? After it popped you in two?”

                Pilot let out a large breath, “Fine, you win this time.”

                Putting away the weights, he asked, “How about them beers?”

                “Sounds good to me.”

                Leaving the gym, they headed back to the rooms. Slipping into his and getting his two 6 packs of bottles without waking Melody, he knocked on Atlas’ door before opening it. There was cloth and people everywhere. Locating the two men in the room, “Elseron, Phaedos, let’s go.” As he held up one of the packs to get his point across, they excused themselves from the ladies and headed for the roof.

                Getting up there, Elseron and Pilot stared holes through each other. “Hey guys,” he passed out a bottle to everyone, “This is a good friend of mine’s recipe. Drink up, enjoy it,” he looked right at Elseron when he said that. “Now then, let’s make this mission quick, I wanna kill a few more wolves.” Taking his first swig of beer, he tried to mend the tension in the air. They spent the next hour drinking and going over the plan for this trip underwater.

                “We should get back to the women.” Elseron said, “We’ve been away too long now. They’re almost finished.”

                The sun was just about to set, tossing his last bottle over the side of the building towards some bushes, “Can’t keep em waiting, can we boys.” Dante looked at the two men who hated each other with so much venom, he could feel it between them. “I just wanna clear something up before we go into enemy territory.” Looking between the warrior and the vampire, “Shake hands and put this behind you, at least until we get back from there,” Dante told them.

                “Only out of respect for you,” Pilot said to Dante.

                “We can’t have anything happen that might put us at risk.” Elseron said. Putting out his hand, “Until we breath surface air again.” Pilot took his hand, the pact had been made.

                “Good, now if either one of you decides to break this rule, I’ll personally see to it, that your left arm is of no use to you for a month.” Dante let it be known that he wasn’t fooling around.


The End

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