He had been tracking her since she left the bar, some poor human on her arm. It wasn't hard to follow her to this dark side street. She was properly the sloppy vampire who'd left the recent string of bodies. Most vampires are smart enough to clean up their kills. This and the fact that all his eyes can notice are her dark curls, reaching her waist. Had lead Will to consider the possibility that at last he's found her. He watches as the human gives in to her kisses and the way she presses herself against him. Then her head ducks beneath his jawline, pressing into his neck. Will knows when she's bitten by the look of shock on the man's face. Will doesn't hesitate in his next movement. He walks swiftly from his hiding spot and drives the stake through her back with a sickening sound. He hears a small yelp of pain and astonishment before she falls to the ground.

Dead wight” he murmurs, holding back the urge to laugh at his own dark joke. The human lets out a small gasp of pain, causing Will to immediately examine his bite wound.

A venom vamp” he says, meeting the other man's wide and scared eyes.

Sorry about this” Will says, retching the stake from the vampires back and aiming at the man. Before the man can attempt any form of defence, the stake is rammed in his ribcage with a loud crunch.

Will walks over the vampire and rolls over the body with a booted foot. Not caring that mud covers her exposed arms. He has to see her eyes, has to confirm if he's finally managed it. But when he flicks open the eyelids, all he finds are dulled, brown eyes. They'd long lost their light. Will stood up quickly, grunting as he kicked the body. Yet again he had failed to kill her. Will kicked and punched the nearby brick walls a few times before letting out a weak sigh and heading back to the bar. He needed more than a stiff drink tonight.


Melody burrowed into Dante's chest just enjoying the calm moment. She had almost died she realised with startling clarity. And she didn't want to waste her life. She stood up and closed the doors and blinds. Dante gave her a questioning look. One which quickly faded as her hips strandled his. She didn't wait to hear any objections and pressed her lips and body into his. She could feel the vibrations from his low growls. Telling her he was more than ready for this. She started undoing his shirt buttons but before she could reach the third she was ripping it off. She knew they were short on cloths but that escaped her mind as cloth teared and they were finally skin on sweet skin. She trailed kisses over his chest until they could no longer resist the pent-up energy within.


Will threw back his last drink before walking back to the hotel, his senses a little fuzzy from the alcohol. He noticed that some of the staff were rushing around in panic.

What's going on?” he asked to the passing staff. One of them yelled nothing, it didn't look like nothing to Will. He followed the staff to a small room. It was filled with small screens and other technical equipment. Equipment that Will could see had been destroyed. Will wanted to shrug it off but he always had a anxious feeling that the reason he never found her was because she was following him. 

Will pushed away the paranoia as he overheard sounds from the room above his. He'd specifically wanted this room because this corridor had been empty. Now it sounded like some big party had moved in right over his head. He opened his window to get some fresh air, leaning his head out. A shape caught his eye, but when he tilted his head back to see the window on top of his, nothing was there. He swore someone had climbed into that window. If they had then they moved fast. Vampire fast. Will might have to start spying on his neighbours.

The End

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