A BetMature


Word Count: 938

                Before he knew it, Phaedos was gone. Lycan were everywhere, and he enjoyed cutting them down. ‘Dante,’ he looked around, ‘Dante, please.’ It sounded like Melody, but he was outside and she was, Inside. His eyes opened wide with horror. He had to get to her. Smelling the air, he could barely catching her scent, the wild vanilla scent that he had fallen deeply in love with. It was coming from a smashed open doorway near her room.

                Moving like a raging bull towards the door, he left a trail of carnage behind him. Not stopping to fight any of the lycans in the courtyard, he would do whatever damage he could while moving past; whether it was destroying a knee, ripping off a jaw, or slicing through their guts, he did it. A scream echoed out of the doorway, it was defiantly Melody.

                Stopping in the doorway, he filled it with his mass. The lycans were dragging Melody by her feet, they stopped in their tracks when the saw him. He knew Melody was sleeping when the attack began, and she slept in light clothes, but the lycans had torn them off of her. She was being drug through the mansion naked, and this enraged him. “What do you think you’re doing here?” Dante shoved his fists through both walls of the hallway, his bulk getting larger by the second. “Your kind has already taken one of my loves away from me. I will not allow it a second time.”

                “Who do you think you are to try and stop us, we are lieutenants of the Blood Claws.” The lycan on the left snarled.

                “Since you asked, we are going to perform a little experiment. We know Vampires don’t burst into flames, so we wanna know just how many times we can take turns before she dies.” The right one chuckled as he dropped her leg and transformed into a wolf.

                That was all Dante could stand to hear, he grabbed a piece of rebar in each hand that was in the wall and ripped it out of the cement. The wolf ducked, narrowly avoiding losing his head, but his friend wasn’t so lucky. Not being fast enough, the rebar snapped the lycan in half as the bars came together. Melody scrambled away from the door and down the hall. Dante transformed into his monstrous bear.

                “So you’re the bear,” the wolf growled to the bear. “Fenrir will promote me when I give him your head.”

                “Come and get it, I dare you,” Dante rumbled at the wolf.

                The lycan leaped and was met with a massive fist to the collar bone, sending him flying down the hall. Charging after him, Dante thundered past a huddled Melody in the corner of the chamber. Leaping from left to right, Dante caught him with a back handed swipe to the side of the head. Crumpling to the floor, the wolf’s last sight was the bottom of Dante’s foot, just as its head was flattened with a mighty stomp.

                Going back to his human form, Dante rushed to Melody, “Are you all right? Did they hurt you?” He removed her hair out of her face; she threw her arms around him.

                “Thank you for coming,” Melody sobbed into his thick neck.

                “I need to get you out of here, but how?” he asked more to himself than her. His room was just down the hall, ‘my coat, it should cover her.’ Picked her up in his arms, much to her disapproval, and sprinted to his room. Kicking the door open, he set her down long enough to wrap her in his coat, and stuff a shirt in there somewhere. Picking her back up, he sprinted out toward the exit of the estate. Hearing tires squealing and gun shots following, he moved towards where he knew the others must be.

                Coming around the corner of the mansion, Dante saw Elseron pull his axe out of the top of a SUV. Clearing ground faster than he thought possible, Dante came right up next to the rig with Melody screaming in his arms. Atlas pushed open the door so he could put the bundle in the back seat. Slamming the door he yelled, “Elseron, Phaedos get out of here, I’ll hold them off.”

                “Now that you’re here, we can go, get in the back Dante,” Phaedos told him.

                “You can’t out run a pack of blood hounds, no matter how hard you try. Get out of here.” Dante was circling the car to throw the demi-god into the driver’s seat.

                 “You’ll die alone,” Elseron’s voice cut through the air like ice. “Phaedos, take the girls and get to safety, Dante and I will hold the lycan here.”

                “Elseron, its suicide,” Phaedos tried to argue.

                “Someone needs to protect the Queen. I wouldn’t have it be anyone else.” Turning on Dante, “Your one hell of a fighter, but you’re not this good. We’ll both walk out of here.”

                “MOVE, we’ll find you no matter where you go.” Dante roared in Phaedos’ face. Slamming the door, he peeled out as he flipped around and left the grounds. “I hope you still have it in you to kill a few more mutts, old man.”

                Grinning at the jest, “I’ll bet you a bottle of the finest Atlantean wine I kill more than you.”

                “I’ll take that bet.” Dante watched as the Rover went around the corner of the house. “You know those girls will bring us back to life and kill us themselves if we die here right.” Elseron just nodded. “Let’s not disappoint them then.”

The End

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