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'Elseron!' the cry came from Atlas almost instinctively, he turned at the scream just as she heard it, it was a tiny thing, the scream of a child. Arisa. Looking to Atlas her golden eyes met his with so much worry and fear he wanted nothing more than to just pick her up as she stood there in her half dressed state and run, and run, and run. Not stopping until they were somewhere safe. But he couldn't. Striding over to her he placed a hand onto her cheek and pressed his forehead against hers. The connection between their minds flaring in his skull, he'd told her about it when she saw him, she had felt it too he could tell. There was time to explain later, There will be time my Little Princess, time to tell you everything. As they broke apart from their small embrace her hand clasped his and pressed it deeper into her cheek.

'I will be back.' Sprinting from the room into corridors of the great mansion Elseron saw his guards fighting Lycan's that had managed to pour over the walls. He knew somewhere beyond the wall Phaedos and Dante were out there on their own, fighting against a foe of far greater numbers. They’ll be fine! He kept telling himself as his heavy footsteps shattered through the mansion. When Arisa's door appeared he barged through without thought, smashing the fine oak into nothing but dust and splinters. It was empty. But there had been a struggle. Her chairs were knocked over, her bed sheets torn and the pictures on the wall were slanted. Turning he bound into the main hall and up to the second floor, it was a hunch, a feeling that he couldn't explian, but his instincts were rewarded when he saw three guards stood outside Elve's bedroom door. The centremost holding a kicking and screaming Arisa in his arms. 'Shut her up!' spat one of them causing the middle one to press his hand hard over her mouth. Then they noticed him.

Elseron stood and stock still, shaking the leather jacket Atlas had given him off his body so he only stood in shirt and trousers. As he drew his axe Arisa opened her eyes, tears pouring down her gentle face, when she saw him the muted scream of his name shot between the guard’s fingers, those amber eyes gleaming with relief. The guards looked nervous as his axe handle extended outwards as if by magic until it was almost as tall as Elseron himself, the blue runes carved into its gleaming head seeming to glow with the anticipation of bloodshed. As Arisa stared at him in fear and desperation Elseron nodded to her, she didn't know if she understood, but she would soon enough. I'm sorry Arisa. 'Is this what it comes down to? Three grown men trying to kill a tiny little girl! A child! A child!' The mention of that sparked recognition in Arisa's eyes and she nodded as much as she could with the guards hand around her mouth. 'Three men attacking a weak, helpless, pathetic, pitiful little child!'

Slowly Arisa stopped kicking, her eyes burning with a primordial rage unlike anything Elseron had ever seen. The guard holding her fidgeted as her hair rose and her eyes flashed. Suddenly engulfed in bright crimson flames the guard tried to drop her but this time it was Arisa's turn to hold on, gripping his wrists with her tiny hands. Elseron heard the bones breaking from where he stood. Taking the surprise He charged the two remaining guards. Axe swinging in a deadly arc as the guard was cooked inside his armour he cut down the one on the left with a deft swipe to the exposed area of his neck. Slicing through throat and spine until his head hit the floor along with his body. Finally dead the burning Atlantean hit the floor and Arisa's tiny form crouched as she landed before bolting into Elve's bedroom. The third and least afraid looking guard drew his own weapon from his hip and swung clumsily. Elseron dodged the sword blade almost lackadaisically, easily stepping to the side to avoid the cutting slash.

Bringing his knee up with the momentum of the step he grabbed the guard by the back of the neck and pulled him onto the attack. Elseron's knee hit cheap human armour with a cacophony of screeching metal, pure bone denting and tearing metal until the entire chest plate eventually caved in, probably breaking every rib in the man’s chest. With a practiced spin Elseron stood to the man’s side with his back to the corridor, lifting his axe over his head preparing to deliver the kill stroke. A harsh sound came from behind him, like the ragged panting of a massive dog followed by the rhythmical thumps of paws hitting wood. Centuries of training made him move without thinking, jumping to the side and slamming into the wall just as a huge hairy Lycan smashed into the dying guard. Flying through the air the two bodies collided hard with the stone wall at the end of the hallway, breaking bricks and sending a vast amount of paint flickering from the wall, exposing the pure cinder blocks beneath. The Lycan stood and shook its head as if to clear it, the body of the now crushed guard dropping flaccidly to the floor, before turning it's dripping, snarling jowls to Elseron.

In the blink of an eye the Lycan jumped onto the cracked wall and pushed off it. Springing through the air like a missile towards him. Ducking the gleaming black claws of the wolf Elseron rolled, his axe scraping along the wall as he did. When his feet found purchase he spun almost immediately and swung his axe around with a single hand. The momentum of the attack made his axe blade nothing but a silver blur as it sliced cleanly through the air. It missed the wolf by nothing but an inch. The blade cutting just above it's skull. As it hit the wall the axe dug several inches into brick and wood. So much so he couldn't pull it out. Leaving it there the handle retracted as the Lycan spun and swiped with its claws. The gleaming blades of bone sliced the stomach of his shirt with a quick ripping sound. Punching the beast around the jaw it whimpered. Faltering for just long enough for him to launch itself onto its back. Wrapping his arms around its hairy throat Elseron's thick arms locked against each other. Starting to squeeze the life from the foul beast. The thick musty smell of its fur filling his nostrils as the course fibres brushed against him.

The beast beneath him tried to claw at his arms but found its claws cutting its own throat. Unable to grip with its padded hands. Arms filling with lactic acid Elseron squeezed ever harder. The wolf's airway cut off it was slowly suffocating. But he had no idea how long they could last without oxygen. Almost as in desperation it reached back, its long claws trying to rip across his back but the sharpened jet black claws found only the touch of his armour. Slowly he found himself sinking closer to the floor as the beast shrunk, its hair slipping into his skin, becoming a naked man. When its neck was human Elseron snapped it, double checking it was dead. Panting hard as his arms relaxed he dropped the dead man at his feet before tearing off what remained of his shirt to reveal his gleaming Atlantean chest plate. His vambraces, pouldrons and shoulder guards were back in Atlas's room, but ever since her first attack he had always worn his chest plate. Ripping his sacred weapon from the wall with a harsh yank Elseron held it in his hand as he flew into Elve's room.

'Arisa!' he shouted into the empty room. Running around the four poster bed Elseron booted open the door to the en-suite bathroom but found that empty too. The window was shut. 'Arisa!' he shouted again giving a second brief glance around the room. If I were a twelve year old...where would I...The answer seemed obvious. Hitting the floor Elseron looked under the bed to see a set of gleaming amber eyes staring at him from the darkness, her skin covered in soot, the remnants of her dress clinging to her tiny frame. Putting his axe down Elseron held his arms out before him towards the small vampire. 'Lady Kayne it's time for us to go.' She stared at him, hard faced and silent, fear evident in nothing but her eyes. 'Come now; don't be scared I'll protect you.'

'Promise?' she whispered. Despite the danger and the fear and his worry, Elseron smiled.

'I promise Lady Kayne, now come, quickly!' army crawling on her arms and belly Elseron grabbed her and his axe, holding her in one arm and his axe in the other she pressed her face into his chest plate and wrapped her arms around his neck. Bolting from the room Elseron heard three gun shots. That came from the mansion...Atlas! Sprinting now he jumped from the balcony, over the carved stone buster straight into the main hall skipping all the stairs and smashing nearly every one of the marble floor tiles with the harsh impact. Wolf stink was everywhere, guards were nothing but smorgasbords wrapped in gleaming silver armour. About to run down to the east wing to Atlas Elseron tapped into their connection but the mental tug between them wasn't pointing him to the east, it was pointing him outside the mansion. The harsh smashing of glass stunted him from his thoughts as three Lycan's burst in. Ducking one Elseron swiped with his shortened axe at the leg of the second, cutting the limb from its hip. It roared in pain and changed into human form because of it, a naked woman left in the wolfs place.

Arisa screamed in his arms as he rolled forward, dodging a swipe of the third Lycan only to slice its face in half as he stood, bringing his axe straight upwards under its long muzzle. The third crashed through the bay doors and before it could rise Elseron ran and jumped. Bringing his heavy boot down onto its skull not once, not twice but three times until finally the thick skull gave way and cracked, its brains shooting from its ears and scalp like a thick pink jelly. Hiding Arisa in his shadow Elseron dropped down to pick up a dead guards cloak before covering her with. 'Don't take this off.' he told her. Running down the steps five wolves turned to him, but not for long. A huge blacked out Land-rover spun from around the west wing, crushing two Lycan's beneath its wheels as it ran them over before skidding to a halt behind the marble fountain. Before it even fully stopped Phaedos bound out the driver’s seat, twin guns blazing, dropping three Lycan's before he had to turn to deal with ones approaching from the east and west. Leaping down the last of the steps Elseron blocked an attack from the first Lycan on his axe handle before looping the curved blade around the back of its neck and pulling as he moved. Severing its spinal column.

'We need to go!' shouted Phaedos dropping Lycan's before reloading his weapons within the blink of an eye. The warning roar of the second Lycan was cut short as Elseron sliced its bottom jawbone clean off. As he watched he felt Atlas's relief and joy of seeing him, No no no! He shouted but he couldn't stop it. She opened the door and looked straight at him.

'Elseron!' she bellowed. A wolf snuck up past Phaedos and lunged at her. Throwing his axe with a mighty yell he watched as it spun head over handle before colliding with the wolfs skull, splitting it in half and pinning it to the side of the car. Atlas's scream cut through the growls and roars of the Lycan's as he bound through the fountain towards her. When he reached the car he passed Arisa to her and pulled his axe from the car roof the Lycan dropping onto his feet as he did. 

'Keep her safe and keep the door shut!' slamming it on her before she could protest he grabbed the expanding handle and dropped a charging Lycan. 'Where's Dante and Melody!' he yelled.

'I don't know! Elseron we need to go!'

'Not without them. When they get here put Melody in the back and go! Get Atlas safe me and Dante will handle ourselves.'

'Elseron no...'

'That's an order boy!' bending over backwards Elseron watched the claws of the Lycan swing over his head. Please Dante, hurry!

The End

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