Melody: WarningMature

After "close call"

Melody stood up and stretched before looking down at Dante's sleeping form. It seemed such a shame to wake him, but it wouldn't be long till sunrise.

Dante” she whispered by his ear and his pretty blue, yellow eyes fluttered open. He let out a small groan before standing up.

Come on, if we sneak in maybe no one will notice your erm, indisposed state” she said with a little grin. It didn't take them long to reach the mansion. Dante headed to his room. When he emerged he was fully dressed.

I have to go see Elseron, you should go sleep” He said, brushing a kiss over her lips before leaving. Melody headed to her room, a happy buzz bubbling through her body. But she felt it falter when she heard a familiar voice.

Melody dear!” Melody turned around and sure enough Lady Oaken stood there, a delighted glow on her face.

Hello Lady Oaken, Nice to see you again” Melody said, feeling her muscle's tense as she remembered Dante's warning.

You too. It is so lovely to meet someone with manners” She replied, a almost-motherly look crossing her face as she studied Melody.

Can I ask you something?” She asked when her gaze returned to Melody's careful blue eyes. Melody hesitated before giving a small nod.

How old were you when you turned?” She asked, genuine interest piquing in her voice.

I had my eighteenth birthday a few days before, why do you ask?” Melody answered, holding back the urge to gulp, there was something almost hysterical about the way this women was grinning.

Such a young age to turn” She murmured, then her eyes widened.

Oh! Silly me! I meant to tell you something” She said, smacking herself on the head as she did. She laughed at herself, looking at the floor. Melody felt a shiver run down her spine. Was there something manic about her laughing? Melody wondered.

It appears there are lycans approaching” Lady Oaken said suddenly, lifting her face from the floor. Her expression serious. Melody felt her insides twist, she had to hurry and tell the others. But before she could turn and run Lady Oaken gripped her wrist.

Also...One of them was a huge, terrifying, dark wolf” She said, her eyes beginning to water. Melody nodded at her before heading for Dante. Did she hear a small giggle from behind her? Melody shoved the idea aside when she saw Dante.

Fenrir” the word escaped her lips in a whisper, but Dante had heard it clearly.

Where?” he asked, his fists and jaw clenched.

Close, they've found us” Melody replied. She heard a growl escape Dante throat. Melody wrapped her arms around him for a few seconds, helping him calm down.

There's nothing I can do, the sun” she replied, the old useless feeling welling to the surface.

Go to your room. Make sure you lock the doors and windows. Everything will be fine” Dante reassured her. Melody nodded mutely before heading for her room. She did as Dante instructed before falling into a deep slumber. Melody thought she had escaped their grasp...

Melody took in her surrounding. This isn't my usual nightmare, she panicked. The room she was in was familiar. She scoured her memory and got her answer as the door opened. Melody looked over to the room's wooden bed. There she lay, her silver hair surrounding her like a halo. She was helpless as Lady Oaken approached her, an evil glint in her eye.

No! Atlas wake up!” Melody yelled, regardless of how useless it had proved in the past. To her surprise those golden eyes sprang open. Then Melody was shaken violently awake.

The End

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