Wolf at the DoorMature

 72 hours before 'Close Call'

It had been nearly a week since the vampire girl had come to him, his pawn had either been captured or was dead, Fenrir didn't particularly care which. She was a long shot chance of finding the Atlantean's, but it was still a blow, and even his pack were unable to find them. Not a single trace of their whereabouts anywhere in the city. So they were obviously somewhere outside of the city, but surrounding hills and mountains were littered with cave structures, hidden chalets and cabins. With the entire pack looking for them it would still take close to a month to search them all. I must think like a wolf. Fenrir thought sitting in his silent circular study with another rare first addition book perched in his hand, his eyes scanned the page quickly as his mind searched for ways to find the Atlantean’s. There is always Kato...he is a good bounty hunter and he has never missed a kill for me before. He thought turning the page, it was true Kato had talents, but the vampire was as likely to kill Fenrir as he was work with him, and Kato was expensive.

There must be something! He raged to himself silently. Several times he even thought of taking to the city himself and leading the search packs personally, but to do so would murder his reputation amongst his pack. The leader does not hunt with the followers just as the male Lion does not hunt with the females. To do so would be degrading. Erik was his best hope of finding them, his nose was the keenest Fenrir had ever seen more so than any another wolf in his pack, but the old man was losing his form. Maybe I should take to the field...Just as he turned the page the door to his study opened with the creak of rusted metal hinges. Looking to the door a cloaked figure entered, female, human by the smell of her with startlingly green eyes and flaming red hair. 'So you're the great Fenrir Black Wolf.' she said lowering her hood and smiling at him, flashing her gleaming white teeth. She'd make an attractive meal. He thought tracking the curves of her body as she removed her travel smock to reveal herself in a tight fitting black lace dress.

'You seem to have me at a disadvantage,' he said shutting the book and placing it on the small coffee table in front of the fire. 'You would be.'

'My name I will keep from you for the moment,' she smiled. Moving swiftly and confidently she crossed the length of the study to stop in front of the second arm chair. 'May I?' the beast inside him roared at her impudence but the gentleman in him smiled and nodded. And my mother always taught me never to play with my food. As she sat she crossed her long, enticing legs and stared at him with the polite and interested smile of a politician, something that must have taken years to master. 'You're smaller than I thought you would be.' she smiled. Anger bubbling now Fenrir had to fight harder and harder to keep his smile.

'A thought that passes through the minds of many people right before I kill them.' for a heartbeat her smile faltered.

'I wondered what I would say to you if we ever met, your reputation is legendary. Now I find myself at a loss, so many questions are burning through me.' This is boring.

'Really? The only question that is burning through me is whether I rape you before or after I kill you.' he dropped his smile just as her faltered for a moment. Then she began to laugh.

'Tut tut tut Fenrir, if you were to kill me, you would never know why I came here. And never find your way to Atlantis.' That silenced the wolf in his chest. 'Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Elvernoi, and I am a former citizen of Atlantis.' heart rate quickening Fenrir sat back into his chair. The wolf god smiles on me.

'Now I am impressed, you smell so human.'

'A side effect of living so close to those vile creatures for over a century.' Fenrir smiled.

'I will need more proof than my word Miss Elvernoi, because I am not a patient man, and the thought of killing you is becoming more and more appealing as this conversation goes on.' This time her smile remained solid. She quickly rose from her chair and turned, lifting her scarlet locks from her back to reveal her neck, unclipping her dress the two black silk strips fell away to reveal the pulsing blue rune of an Atlantean tattoo. Fenrir inhaled but the air got caught in his chest. 'Satisfied?' she asked looking at him over her shoulder, her seductive smile lingering on her face.

'How can I be of service Miss Elvernoi?' he smiled back to her, his heart jumping in his chest.

'Ah ah ah!' she said shaking her head as she redid her dress clip and sat back down. 'First, I want you to tell me why you want to get to Atlantis.' the beast roared but Fenrir quenched it.

'The plunder we get from that city will make my pack the most powerful in the world. I intend to take it for everything it's worth...'

'I don't believe that for a second Fenrir, I know what it is you seek. Why you call yourself Fenrir, why you lust for Atlantis, you want to be immortal and Atlantean magic can grant you this.' his smiled dropping Fenrir stared at the woman who just smiled back to him. 'Now I know what you're thinking, why not just torture me into taking you to a Gatekeeper,'

'The thought had crossed my mind.' he interrupted letting all his anger into the sentence, but she barely paused.

'I could do this of course, but you would only get half your prize. Atlantean magic only runs through the blood of the royal family, from them the Gatekeeper's get their magic and every Atlantean is granted the power of eternal life. Without one of them, your search for immortality would be sorely for naught.' something clicked in Fenrir's head.

'And you know where I can find the girl.'

'As a matter of fact I do, with her you will be able to enter Atlantis and make you immortal. Without her touch your tattoo would just be a pretty decoration.' her smile was venomous, a smile he'd only ever seen on his female pack sisters. She'd make a fine wolf. He thought despite his growing hatred for this woman, she was trying to make him her personal attack dog.

'What do you want from us?'

'Simple, kill them all. Save for me and the girl's Guardian,' she smiled sitting back into the chair. 'I will give you the address where you can find them when the time is right, I will hand the Queen over to you and you kill the rest of her entourage. You're little vampire spy is working for her now; she has also recruited another vampire. A strong male, so it would be best to attack during the day.'

'And all you want is for us to spare the Guardian.' he asked sensing there was a bigger catch to it than that.

'That's all.' the woman smiled rising to leave.

'How can I trust you Miss Elvernoi, how do I know you are not leading me into some elaborate trap?' turning she looked down at him and smiled.

'I will contact you when it is time, come Mr Fenrir and you will see my word is gold. And then when you have the girl...your dreams of immortality will finally come to fruition. And you will finally become a God, a God that every mortal soul will fear.'

The End

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