Close CallMature


                Wow, not only does she look good. She’s a dynamite kisser. Dante thought to himself, slightly dazed by the young vampire’s sudden action.

                Walking down the hall to his room, he heard a light voice coming from the end of the hall. “Melody was it?” Shit, not her again. “I am sorry for snapping on you like that, I have had an unfortunate evening. For all my guests, you must the best mannered of them all.” Dante could hear the deceit in her voice.

                “Why thank you Lady Oaken.” He could hear that sweat voice of Melody’s from just around the corner.

                Dante strode around the corner, “Good morning Lady Oaken, I hate to interrupt you two lovely ladies, but Miss Melody needs to get to her room and get some sleep. She has a very big evening ahead of her.” If looks could kill, Lady Oaken shot a glare that could have ripped a lesser man in half.

                “Oh yes of course, I had forgotten that she was a vampire,” she turned to leave. Stopping quickly, “By the way, you wouldn’t happen to know what happened to my side door? It was opened the wrong way, but of course you wouldn’t. My house is just falling part around me.” With that said, Oaken walked down the hall and out of their wing of the house.

                “You didn’t have to save me, we were just talking.”

                “First thing Elseron taught me when we got here, don’t trust her. She will try to rip you away from the rest of us. There is a reason she isn’t in Atlantis anymore; but anyway, you do need to get to bed. You have an intense training tonight.” He leaned down and kissed her gently on the forehead. Dante was pretty sure he was falling in love with this girl, Oh Serena, how I miss you. Should I pursue something with this girl?

                They walked together in silence to Melody’s room. “Would you keep me company till I fall asleep,” she blushed, “You know, the nightmares, I don’t seem to have them when you’re around.”


                The sun had just gone down when they left the estate, “Where are we going Dante?” The young vampire stretched and yawned at the same time. She looked like an angel when he had snuck out of her room after she had fallen asleep.

                “The mountain, we have done hand to hand combat, and you have improved dramatically; but tonight, let’s take a break from me trying to break your bones and do some endurance training. We are going for a run.” He started off at a trot and motioned her to follow. “As you know, there are some obstacles we have to clear. How fast can you climb a wall?” Like a bat out of hell, he took off toward the parameter of the estate.

                Not stopping at the wall, he leaped up catching the edge, swung himself up and on top of the wall. Looking down to see if Melody could make it over the wall, she jumped up and landed on her feet right next to him, “I’m a vampire remember, although your training has helped me harness my abilities better.” She grinned up at him, “Nice try though.” With that she stepped off the edge and landed like a cat on the forest floor and took off toward the mountain. Grinning to himself, he followed, although when he landed, it shook the ground like a small earthquake.

                After several minutes of jogging and pulling tricks on one another, the breeze shifted so that it was blowing directly in their faces. Dante stopped suddenly, “Do you smell that,” his voice was barely a whisper.

                “What’s the matter?” Melody thought he was trying to pull something on her, then she saw the look in his eyes, he was dead serious. She sniffed the air, There. She whispered, “I smell a bloody wet dog.” She looked at him with fear in her eyes.

                “Lycans, they are in wolf form,” he turned around; they were just up the path from them. The part of the wall they had crosses was easily in sight of them. “They know we are coming, it’s a trap.” A shit-eating grin spread across his face, “Wanna play bait?”

                She was dumb struck, “Um, why, what do you have in mind?”

                “I’m going to climb up the hill higher than they are, you run right into the middle of them, act like you don’t know they are there. When they make a move on you, I’ll move on them. Now I’m not going to lie, our sparring matches have been far more intense than you will most likely ever encounter. I fought you like their best tends to fight. These few mutts should be easy enough for you.” He started to turn then stopped, “Don’t kill them all, I want one alive, I’m sure Elseron would love to question one.”

                She reached up and pulled him in for a passionate, good luck kiss, “I better not get hurt with you here.”

                “Give me a minute before you go, 60 seconds, that’s all.” Dante turned and disappeared into the shadows, he didn’t make a sound as he circled up to flank them. Counting the seconds by in his head, Sixty, she should be moving now. Scanning the trees, he picked them out easily, there were five. Melody came jogging around the corner of the path, one of the lycans let out a soft howl.

                Just as Melody reached the ambush point, the wind shifted directions. Dante was now up wind of them, the nearest lycan turned and looked straight at him. Now or never, I guess. Erupting from the brush in his bear form, he charged the nearest lycan. This wolf was no push over, they traded slash after slash, until he made a fatal mistake; Dante had backed him into a tree. Grabbing his head, Dante snapped the wolf’s neck. Looking down the hill side, he saw Melody fighting with one. There was a corpse already at her feet, and one circling behind her.

                The bear charged down the hill, a lycan stepped out from behind a tree. Dante didn’t play around with this one like the other. Pointing his fingers into a cone, he plunged his hand into the lycans chest, bursting out of its back. Just as he pulled his hand out, he saw Melody deliver a deadly kick to the lycans chin, snapping its neck. The last lycan that had gotten around behind her slashed across her back, Melody fell to her knees in pain. Dante lost control; his form became even larger, standing at nearly 17 ft tall and about 9 ft wide at the shoulders.

                Bulldozing down the hill, clearing trees that had stood for decades out of his way, Dante towered over the tiny lycan. Reaching down, he grabbed the wolf by his arms and tore them clean off the body. Letting out a screaming howl, the lycan shifted back into his human form just as a massive foot crushed the life out of him, caving in his chest. Letting out a challenging roar, he turned in circles, looking for a new enemy.

                “Dante,” the beast noticed a small creature near his foot, yelling at him. “Dante, I’m fine.” A monstrous hand plucked the creature up in a crushing grip. It screamed in pain, “You’re hurting me, please, come back to me.” He opened his massive mouth, ready to bite the tiny creature in two, “Stop Dante, it’s me, Melody.”

                He shut his mouth, realization flooding his eyes. Shrinking down in size, Dante returned to his human form, on his knees, sobbing into the front of Melody’s shirt. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to, I had become the beast I try so hard to hide.” All Dante could do was cry and beg for forgiveness.

                “Shhhh, shhhhh,” Melody comforted him. “It’s alright, you didn’t hurt me too bad,” she stroked his short matted hair. “Well, so much for leaving one alive,” she said, looking around with a slight smile.

                Dante couldn’t help but let out a small laugh, “That is true, Elseron is not going to like this, lycan’s so close to the compound. We should get back to the estate right away.”

                “Hmm, your naked again mister, and you don’t have any clothes to change back into.”

The End

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