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Arisa looked at herself in the mirror, fixing her out of control curls. Elserson said he would introduce her to the Queen, who ever that was. But it made her smile when he called her Lady Kayne. It had been a long time since anyone had called her that. She wondered when Elserson would come get her, it was very close to sunrise now.

She ran her tongue over her incisors, the sharp tips cutting into the soft flesh. They were longer now, since it had been a few days since she had last fed. It would be a wise idea for her to go hunting in a few days. Not that leaving sounded like a good plan. At least not on her own. There were too many dangerous things out there that would love to snack on a almost completely helpless vampire. Maybe that mean woman would be a good choice?

She smiled at the thought. She felt bad for going through the woman's things, but that was no reason to throw things at her and say such harsh words. She hadn't done any harm and had left everything there. Not that she wanted to. Those glittering gems were so pretty. They would have looked lovely around her throat.

She shook her head, those red curls sticking out on end. Her hair was hopeless, it had been that way long before she had been turned. It wasn't fair. Why couldn't she have had that gorgeous silver hair like that woman in the hall ways with the golden eyes. Why could she had been tall and beautiful instead of being a child for the rest of eternity? If only she could ask her sire that. Why had he done this to her and then left her to go back and destroy her family? Where was he when she was tricked by that stupid wolf? He made her so she was his responsibility.

Just thinking of everything that had been taken from her made her eyes flicker like flames, the heat seeping through her limbs, sparking at her fingertips. Maybe she should find him and show him just what his gift had given her. Can anyone say barbecue?

There was a knock at her door. "Lady Kayne?"

"Oh! Come in!" She brushed her hair the best she could, forcing back her anger.

Elserson opened the door slowly. "Are you ready to meet the Queen?" He smiled.

She nodded, a knot of nervous energy settling in her belly. "I guess."

"Well, come on."

She stepped out the door in front of him, twisting a ringlet around her finger. "What if she doesn't like me? Will she tell me to leave?" She looked up at Elserson. "Did you tell her about that lady already? Will she be mad?"

He chuckled. "I'm sure she won't tell you to leave." He nodded to the man guarding the door. He was so tall and those blue eyes, Arisa found herself starring. "Come on, Arisa."

He knocked on the door, waiting for the muffled call to enter.

Arisa stopped in her tracks. The woman with the silver hair, the one that had seen her in the fire. She was the Queen, she should have guessed.

"Lady Kayne, I would Like you to meet Atlas, Queen of Atlantis."

She was so beautiful, it made Arisa's heart sick with jealousy. All that silver hair that fell so perfectly, almost effortlessly, around her beautiful face, those golden eyes so bright and welcoming. She was so tall it seemed, but maybe that was because Arisa was just so very short. And those shimmering blue tattoos in her milky skin that seemed to fade and reappear when she moved were hypnotizing. But she could feel she was younger than the vampire, not by much but the queen was younger.

Arisa bowed her head, hiding her eyes. "Hi...."

"Your that girl, the one with the fire." Her voice was so pretty, it made Arisa's heart ache with guilt.

She nodded. "Dante saved me from a man and brought me here."

Atlas smiled. "It seems he is good at that."

"I'm sorry I tried to burn down your house, Elserson made me mad....." She gave him a playful glare.

The Queen laughed gently. "This isn't my home, my home is a long ways away from here."

Arisa looked up, meeting those pale gold eyes. "Still... I'm sorry... I may look like a girl, but I'm not. I'm a vampire... if um, you didn't catch my shouting when you first found me.... And I can't really control my power very well, it likes to flare up with my emotions...."

"I'll keep that in mind." The woman smiled. "What is your first name?"

"Arisa... my full name is Arisa Raye Kayne though... but um.. call me Arisa..." She brushed her hair back from her face. This woman seemed so nice towards a girl that almost burnt down her home.

"Arisa just introduced herself to Lady Oaken..." Elseron looked down at the little vampire, a scolding look in those blue eyes.

"I didn't take anything I swear!" She squeaked, her eyes on the woman. "I promise! I don't steal, I didn't take anything! Please don't send me away, I won't do it again!" Tears threatened to escape her eyes. Of course he had to tell her that. What would she say?

The woman laughed. "Calm down. Now what happened?"

"Arisa was found going through Elve's things. Her jewelry mostly."

"They caught my eye, they were sparkly...." She bowed her head. "But I am no thief, I promise."

"I found her throwing glass bottles at her." Elserson explained.

Arisa wasn't sure if she imagined it or what but she was pretty sure anger flashed through those honey colored eyes. "You should stay away from her, Arisa, she isn't someone to trust."

The little vampire nodded. She didn't dare disagree with the queen. "Ok, Atlas..." She yawned. "Sorry, I don't mean to be rude..." She leaned against Elserson. "I should go to sleep, its past day break now..." She rubbed her eyes. "Have a good day, your highness..." She smiled and waved before turning to walk out of the doors.

"Sleep well, Arisa..."

The End

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