Melody: No NightmaresMature

*From the end of The Nightwalkers*

Melody made a face to Pilot that clearly conveyed her dislike of smoking. She leaned against the wall for a few moments catching her breath. She had no idea what those things were but she was glad she managed to escape severe injury. One had managed to nip her upper right thigh, at the time she hadn't noticed but she did now. The stinging wasn't too bad. She'd certainly experienced worse in the training sessions with Dante. They quickly drank and Melody couldn't help but notice her wound healing up almost instantly as she did. She noted that piece of information for later when she may need it and then returned to the mansion. Pilot had gone to wherever he was staying with his wife, leaving Melody on her own. Pilot may not be the best of company, but it was better than her staring at the darkness outside the parlour window. The fireplace was roaring and she happily sat before it on the thick carpet, soaking up it's warmth. She could feel her eyelids grow heavy as the fire danced before her, creating soothing shadows within the room.


Melody?” Dante's voice woke her up. She opened her eyes and realised she was curled up on the soft pale carpet before the dying fire. She blinked the sleep out of her eyes as she sat up. Dante walked over to the window pulling the curtains.

You realise how close it is to sunrise?” he commented, he sounded angry.

Sorry, I...” She trailed off as she realised something, “I didn't have a nightmare” She whispered, to herself. Her blue eyes grew wide with shock and relief. She stood up and wrapped her arms around Dante with a happy squeal.

What the-” She interrupted him with her soft, red lips. She had no idea where the impulse to do it had emerged from, She didn't want to care or analyse it. She just wanted to revel in the moment. She heard a low growl erupt from his throat as he kissed her back with a passion she had never expected. His calloused hands found the back of her neck and her waist, tugging and melding their bodies closer still. When they finally pulled apart they leaned against each other, both trying to catch their breaths. Melody rested her head on his shoulder, savouring the musky smell of him.

I didn't have a nightmare” She murmured against his warm skin, “And I think we should do that again” she added.

He didn't respond, he just placed a hand under her chin and brought their lips together once more. This time when they broke apart Melody stared into his blue, yellow speckled eyes, burning them into her retina to remain in her memory forever.

Wow” she finally said, ending the silence and making them both laugh a little. Dante pulled her into a one-armed hug.

Don't think this means I'll go easy on you in training” He said with a grin.

Melody feigned hurt, pushing her mouth into a pout with her lips quivering, a small squeak escaping her throat, stopping Dante's grin. Melody laughed at his unsure expression and pecked him on the cheek.

That wasn't very nice” He murmured

Sorry, does this make you feel better?” Melody asked, and kiss number three began.

Very” he growled against her lips.


Melody tried not to grin from the thought of his lips, she felt like a schoolgirl high on her latest crush. One of the guards had dragged Dante away a few minutes ago and now Melody was trying to figure out what to occupy her time with. When a angry women walked past, her breathing was laboured and her eyes clearly burned with fury.

Are you okay?” Melody asked, causing the women to turn and study her.

Who the hell are you?!” she yelled, closing the distance between them and holding her gaze. Melody stood there completely stunned by the vehemence with which this stranger spoke to her.

Erm, I'm Melody” She replied simply with a small voice.

Great, another person residing in my home, without my knowledge” She said, her whole body shaking with emotion.

I'm sorry, I hadn't been told this was your house...”

Lady Oaken to you” she supplied bitterly

Lady Oaken” Melody continued, holding back the urge to yell at this women herself, “Had I known this was your home, I would've sought you out and thanked you for the privilege of staying here” Melody finished calmly, hoping to soothe this women's anger. It worked and her expressions softened.

Melody was it?” She asked with a small smile, a smile Melody suspected held a mischievous glint.

The End

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